Chapter 67

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Vinny connected his fingers and leaned back in the chair. He tilted his head at Oliver's red face. They were sitting in the library. Well, Vinny was. Oliver was performing a handstand against the wall. It was safe to say that they were bored, but tried to keep each other entertained.

"Are you going to pass out?" Vinny asked.

"Has my face gone purple yet?" To Oliver, the world seemed extremely different from upside down.


Oliver dropped his feet back to the ground, but he shouldn't have tried to stand up so quickly. He fell straight over, feeling like he was on a roundabout. He laid on his back, trying to focus. "Your ceiling is nice," he said, staring at the Victorian patterns and the massive chandelier hanging effortlessly in the middle of the room.

Vinny shook his head in amusement. "You appreciate strange things."

"I'm used to low ceilings that have little holes, light bulbs that break every week, and bad paint jobs. Not this." The light from the chandelier reflected all around the room, giving the walls an illusion of being covered by gems.

The boys have come from entirely different backgrounds yet, they're both the same. Oliver realised how modest Vinny is for a Vampire who lives in a huge mansion and has the city drooling at his power and his authority. He's hardly big-headed and has a very humble heart.

Vinny watched his soulmate prop himself down on the arm of his chair.

"I bet one chandelier costs more than my old house."

"Maybe two," Vinny smirked, and Oliver rolled his eyes before falling onto his lap. He laid down, so his head rested against the arm of the chair and his legs dangled over the other side.

"Do you think Jed is still our bodyguard after the interview I gave him?" he chuckled.

They did eventually find Jed. When you can't see him, he was tough to find even though he was always very close.

"You mean, your interrogation?"

Oliver threw up question after question to Jed about his life, though Jed didn't mind. It was something to pass the time, and Oliver was a very witty and funny person to be around, even when he barely stopped to take a breath.

Vinny played with the strings from his soulmates hoody, not minding being bored if it meant he could spend the day with his human.

"He secretly enjoyed it; I can tell," Oliver smiled.

"He did."

They both settled into comfortable silence. When the room fell quiet enough to sink into thoughts, yesterday sprung to mind. How could so much mayhem and chaos happen in so little time? One minute everything was okay, and the next minute, Vinny was shot by Desmond who aimed to kill him.

They still couldn't believe it. Desmond's mind was a little unhinged to be so cruel to innocent people all the time, but they didn't think he was capable of murder. Oliver didn't know his mum was crazy, and neither did Vinny, with his sister.

"Do you think this has all happened because of me?" Ever since he became Vinny's soulmate, violence around the mansion has increased.

Vinny stared at him, and Oliver knew he understood what he meant, judging by the dejection in his eyes.

"Don't you ever think that," he said sternly. "It's not the first time our lives have been in danger like this, and it won't be the last. The same thing happened when Scarlet found Kyran." It made him shiver with disgust as he said his sister's name, but he carried on. "I think some humans get jealous. But they don't realise that they might have received a better way of living." He had to pause for a moment. "They get to travel the world, live anywhere, do whatever they want while we are looking after their cities and giving them safe and comfortable places to live. I wish humans didn't take us for granted; we're just trying to look after them."

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