Chapter 1

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Hello everyone, welcome to my story!

Before you get reading, I just want to say that this is book TWO of a SEVEN book series. You can still read this without getting confused, but if you want to follow the series, start with book 1 called: You Have Wings?' and at the end of that book, you'll find the name of book 2 (which is this one) etc.

This book is original, and everything you read is intended only to entertain. I hope you enjoy!


(Also, it is based in the U.K. and I am English. Please try your hardest not to correct my 'British' spelling if you're from another country because not everyone spells words the same! A classic example: Colour and Color)

- Sian

The dawn was quickly approaching as the sun shone brightly in the sky. Birds sang happily as they sat along the snow covered branches. The world outside was starting to wake, getting ready to start a new day.

Oliver Turner was among many of those who were just waking up. He groggily looked around as his alarm screeched through his room. When his eyes found it, he sleepily leant over and pushed it off the bedside table. When that failed to stop the noise, he sighed in defeat.

Slowly, he pulled himself out of bed. He switched his alarm off before yawning. It was half seven, but mornings are not really his thing. He picked his clothes up from the floor and headed towards the bathroom. The air was chilly, making him crave the warmth of a hot shower.

The shower as promised was very comforting. He stood for an extra few minutes, wishing he didn't have to work today.

Oliver works in the Mansion of the Vanderwood family. He is a waiter in the restaurant and helps out in the kitchen when days are quiet. Most people would think of it as an honour to work in a house of such importance. But many people would be a little fearful.

The reason for this is because the Vanderwood's are vampires.

From the birth of humans, vampires have existed too. But they have always had the higher authority. In the dark ages, vampires decided to take full charge. Each family would claim a city and they would run it however they wanted. Even though they have authority, Vampires are fair to humans and value their place in this world. The city has a human council, but nothing will be fully agreed without confirming it with the vampires.

So in this City, the Vanderwood's are in charge.

Once Oliver was changed. he cleaned his teeth and brushed through his hair before making his way downstairs. His house was small but homely. It's just him and his dad. There really isn't need for it to be any bigger.

Oliver's mum broke his dad's heart a few years ago by running off with another guy. To his dad, she was the love of his life so it took a long time for him to get over it.

Oliver doesn't hate his mum for what she did. She simply didn't love his dad anymore. But the way she broke up with him was unacceptable. She didn't have to be so cruel and break his heart. And for that, he will never forgive her.

As he made his way to the kitchen, his dad was already sitting with breakfast set at the table.

"I was worried you missed your alarm for a second there," John chuckled and watched his son take some toast.

"I was tired this morning," He mumbled while peeking through the blinds. It was snowing, hard. He narrowed his eyes at the thought of walking almost a mile in this freezing weather. But really, he doesn't mind snow. It's just the cold he hates.

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