Chapter 56

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The Vanderwoods and Oliver were looking inside a small shop that sold very random things. The shelves sat covered in everything they could imagine, from regular beach items like a bucket and spade to crystals, puzzles, odd treasure boxes, fossils and many more.

Oliver picked up a massive shark tooth. He wondered how big the shark had been for that to fit in its mouth. The human glanced over to Vinny who looked at an unusual blue crystal. He seemed so intrigued, the human almost chuckled. He watched how his chocolate brown eyes gazed over the item before he put the shark tooth down and wandering over.

"That's beautiful," he spoke and looked closer at the crystal. The blue shined bright; he could see the cuts and the different layers, shimmering on the inside.

The vampire felt Oliver brush his fingers lightly over his, turning the crystal around.

"But not as beautiful as you," Vinny added, deliberately making his soulmate cringe.

Oliver shook his head and turned towards the shelf, knowing Vinny would make a fuss if he saw him blush. Controlling his flustered cheeks was getting very hard.

"You can't hide it from me." Vinny placed the crystal back with the others.

"I don't know what you're talking about." Oliver turned his back to him when the vampire pulled on his shoulder.

"Show me."

"Why do you like it so much?" he asked after giving in and turning around.

"Because it shows how innocent you are, and I like how I can make you feel that way," Vinny said truthfully. "And you look so cu-"

"No stop, don't say it," Oliver interrupted, knowing that his red cheeks would deepen.

"So cute," Vinny finished with a satisfied smile. Oliver groaned and walked away. Vinny watched, he couldn't understand why he would like someones flushed cheeks so much, but the vampire loved everything about the human, especially when he gets embarrassed at his compliments.

Oliver spotted Madison looking at some wind chimes, so he decided to go over and leave Vinny to entertain himself.

"Hello," he smiled when Madison turned.

"Oliver, what do you think of this?" she asked and held up a very elegant wind chime. It was wooden, with a silver sun in the middle. There were different patterns and beads embedded in the driftwood.

"I like it." he said, "It makes a nice sound." He remembered when he used to visit his grandma. She had a similar wind chime that hung above her front door. It reminded him of her.

"I think so too, although Duke might not like it," she said and looked around. "He doesn't have to know."

Oliver chuckled and watched her walk over to the counter. There was a very polite woman standing behind it. She looked honoured to have vampires in her shop.

"Darling, not another wind chime," Duke moaned, catching her trying to sneak it into a bag.

Oliver decided to leave them to it before walking down another aisle and stopping by some seashells. A lot of them were regular, and it would be easy to find the same ones scattered along the beach. He picked a big one up from the top shelf. It had an unusual colour to it and was big. He liked shells, but would much prefer to find them himself. So that way, they would have memories added to their purpose.

He put it back and turned to see what else this shop sold, but the vampire was standing right next to him. He didn't expect it and almost jumped out of his skin.

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