Chapter 22

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Vinny watched Oliver from the other side of the dining-room. After their kiss, they realised just how cold it was to lay in the snow and came inside when Oliver started to shiver. Vinny ordered some hot chocolate to be made for him, So he was currently waiting for it to arrive.

Oliver was talking with his dad as they sat on the couch.

Vinny brought his fingers up to his lips. He could still feel the warmth of his soulmate, lingering on them. He couldn't quite believe that the kiss happened. Yesterday, he was so nervous and thought it would, at least, take him a week to find the courage. But he underestimated the strengths of their bond.

It was hard for him to believe that when he connected with his soulmate, he really was in love.

"How's it going with the house?" Oliver asked and pulled his hoody sleeves over his hands.

"A lot smoother than I thought," John leant back against the couch. "The Vanderwood's can really pull some strings."

"Well yeah, they are in charge," Oliver smiled.

"That's true," John let out a big breath of air. "My mind still hasn't caught up with all of this."

Oliver knew exactly what he meant. It was so much change in such a little amount of time. But it was a good change and he knew he would adapt to it quickly because that's what he wanted.

After sharing the kiss with Vinny, everything became a lot more real. Their feelings were acknowledged as they both knew things would only become more committing from now on.

"So uh, that kiss huh," John grinned and nudged Oliver.

"What! You saw that?" He asked and felt warmth rise to his cheeks.

"We all did." 

Oliver mentally face palmed.

"That is so embarrassing," He mumbled.

"It was sweet, was that your first kiss with him?" He asked and his son nodded sheepishly.

"But I don't really want to talk about it with you," He said before John grinned and ruffled his hair. "Get off." Oliver tried to push his hand away.

"Your hot chocolate," They then heard Vinny's deep voice say, immediately capturing Oliver's attention.

"Oh, thank you," He smiled before taking the warm cup. Vinny took the opportunity to sit next to him as he watched him take a sip.

"The removal van has started packing up your home," He said.

"Already? Is there anything we can do to help?" Oliver asked, realising he hasn't helped with any of the moving plans.

"You don't need to help," Vinny could see that his soulmate was still shivering.

"We can help unpack everything when the van arrives."

Vinny shook his head.

"We have hired people for that. You don't need to help at all."

"Really, are you sure?" John asked.

"Of course, you would never see the Vanderwood's unpacking boxes and you two are part of this family now. You need to get used to having people do things for you."

Oliver thought for a minute. This morning, people made him breakfast and cleaned his dishes and just now, someone made him hot chocolate.

"This is so weird," He chuckled. "We're so used to doing everything ourselves."

Vinny nodded.

"If you walked into our kitchen," The vampire said because there's the kitchen for the restaurant that Oliver works in, and there's a personal kitchen for the Vanderwood's. "The staff would be insulted if you made some food or made yourself a drink. We pay them to do that and they like to do their job."

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