Chapter 16

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Vinny and Oliver headed back to the cloakroom. Charles watched them walk down the corridor before he unlocked the door.

"Are you feeling better young Oliver?" He asked as he took his coat.

"Much better thanks," He smiled.

Vinny crossed his arms and ignored the stares he was getting from some of the staff. They probably didn't even mean to stare, it was just interesting for them to see him with his soulmate. It was extra exciting for them because they knew Oliver.

Oliver started unlacing his winter boots but the vampire had a better idea. One that would benefit his soulmate.

"Would you like to go back to your home and wait for your dad to get in from work?" He asked. He wanted peace and quiet to be with Oliver and he also thought he would like home comforts after this crazy day.

"Yeah, that sounds like a good idea," Oliver noticed the stares from other members of staff. It wasn't negative but he didn't feel like he could do anything because they were judging his every move.

"I guess you'll be needing your coat back then?" Charles chuckled before handing it over. "Vinny, A coat?"

The vampire only had his shirt and waistcoat on. Even though he doesn't really feel the cold, he would rather not get wet from the snow.

"Yes. Thanks, Charles," He said and watched Oliver put on his gloves.

When they were both ready, Charles said he would inform Vinny's parents about where they have gone if they asked.

When they left, they were thankful to see that any news reporters or photographers were down the street and not paying attention to who was leaving the mansion. They both kept their heads down and carefully walked on the icy steps.

When they were away from the main roads, They both felt themselves relax. Nobody was around in this weather, thankfully.

"My house isn't too far away," Oliver said and stuck his cold hands into his pockets.

"I know," Vinny replied but the human gave him an unusual look. "Oh, I followed you home last night." It shouldn't have sounded so casual coming out of his mouth.

"What?" Oliver chuckled. "Wait... is that because you couldn't spend more than two hours away from me?"

"Yes. But, When I say I couldn't be away from you, I literally couldn't be away from you."

Oliver narrowed his eyes when he realised what he meant.

"You broke into my house didn't you?"


Vinny didn't know what his reaction would be but he knew they couldn't be upset with each other, it was physically impossible.

"That's why the window was open. And I'm guessing you were in my bedroom too?" He asked.

"Yes, all night." He knew this didn't sound great.

"That's kind of creepy," Oliver laughed. He understood why he had to do what he did, though.

"I know," Vinny sighed. He couldn't help but show a little smile. He was glad Oliver was more amused and feeling a little more comfortable in his presence.

When they approached his house, Vinny realised how small it was compared to his huge mansion.

Oliver unlocked the door before taking off his boots. Vinny also took off his shoes and entered his home. They both took off their coats and Oliver lead him into the living-room. It was warm in his home and the atmosphere was very calm and inviting.

"Make yourself at home, I'm just going to get changed," Oliver smiled. He quickly turned and headed upstairs.

Vinny watched until he was out of sight. He then took his gaze to the small living-room. There was a couch against the back wall which he decided to go and sit down on. Even though his house was little, it had a lot of characteristics and a very homely feel to it.

Oliver entered his bedroom and started pulling out clothes.

When he got some jeans and a warm jumper, he quickly changed and headed to the bathroom. He took a minute to compose himself.

The Master of the Vanderwood family was sitting in his living-room. He could barely believe what was happening to him.

He turned on the cold tap and splashed his face with some water before looking in the mirror. He shook his head and chuckled at himself. How did this happen? It was so surreal.

Vinny was looking at a record player which was sitting on the windowsill, it looked like it was used a lot.

When his eye's searched for vinyl's, Oliver re-entered the living-room.

Their eyes immediately locked on one another. This was the first time Vinny had seen Oliver in clothes other than his work stuff. He dressed very casual, unlike him.

Oliver walked over and sat next to him on the couch. He decided to sit closer this time, but it made him a little nervous.

Vinny felt his knee touch him and it sent shivers down his spine. He stared at it for a moment. How can something as simple as touch feel like such an important thing? he then moved his gaze to Oliver's hand. He wanted to hold it so badly. He has done it once today, he could do it again. He craved the smoothness of his skin and he loved to share the warmth of the contact.

Oliver saw the concentration appear on the vampires face so he knew not to move.

Slowly, Vinny reached over and hovered his fingers above Oliver's hand. The atmosphere was still and tranquil as the heat rose in his palm. He kept moving until his fingers traced delicately over the back of Oliver's hand. He didn't realise how much he longed for the feeling.

He then wrapped his fingers gently around it and held it softly. His heart was beating very hard in his chest. But he was happy with himself that he found the courage. He knows he shouldn't find it so difficult to deal with touching his soulmate.

This was day one. He would find the confidence in time.

Oliver smiled and turned Vinny's hand around so he could intertwine their fingers. Vinny liked the feel of that. He liked feeling connected by physical touch. It's a very important thing between soulmates who have a strong bond.

Oliver never thought he'd do that to someone so powerful and dominant but he was learning to understand that the master doesn't mind. They're soulmate's now and this relationship that is forming is definitely not one-sided.

The vampire then shuffled a little closer so their shoulders lightly touched. This was enough to send warmth right through them. No words were needed. Not when their senses are so full of each other.

Vinny was still pleased that his parents are okay with it. Now he can fully relax and concentrate on living a life with someone special by his side.

Their eyes connected once more. They knew that they felt the same affection, the same happiness,

And the same love.

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