Chapter 23

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"So... uh, what's your favourite colour?"




"Second favourite colour?"

"Dark black."

Oliver chuckled.

"You need to be serious."

"I am being serious." Vinny watched him in amusement.

"Fine, third favourite colour?"


Oliver closed his book and put it on the floor next to him.

"I see a theme here," He chuckled. They were sitting in the grand library. Vinny was in a red velvet armchair as Oliver sat on the floor next to it.

"What's your favourite colour?" The vampire asked and also put his book down. He was never really reading it, to begin with, not when his soulmate was too much of a distraction.

"I'm not sure actually," Oliver sighed and sat up straight. "Probably turquoise or something, I don't know." He scooted closer to the chair and leant his back on it, next to Vinny's leg. He felt a weird pulling sensation in his chest to be closer.

He picked his book back up and tried reading it again. He had no idea what it was, or what it was about. The cover was leather blue and completely blank.

Vinny didn't touch his book, instead, he chose to watch his soulmate.

Over the course of the day, he has started to notice things about him that he hadn't noticed before. He noticed the little dimples that would show at both sides of Oliver's lower lip when he smiled. He noticed that his eye colour was a mix of different shades of green. He noticed that Oliver could be extremely sarcastic, clumsy and maybe a tiny bit stubborn, like him. But he loved that about him and having a joke and a laugh with someone who understood his humour was great. Most people don't detect his sarcasm and think he's being annoying or rude, but Oliver just seems to know.

They can understand each other incredibly well.

Vinny watched him for a few seconds more until he moved his leg and nudged him in the shoulder. Oliver turned, only to see him giving him a blank expression before he turned back to his book. Vinny waited a few more seconds until he did it again. He wanted Oliver's attention. He wanted to talk to him and stare into his big and beautiful eyes.

He is still getting used to this but he's gaining his confidence, slowly.

Oliver ignored him the second time. He knew he was trying to get his attention and he was trying his hardest not to smile. However, when he did it again, He couldn't resist.

He put his book down before standing up.

"You're quite annoying aren't you?" He grinned as Vinny stood up too.

"Yes," He sighed and stepped closer. He felt so open with him. He didn't have to worry about what he says or does, he makes him feel comfortable to be himself. It's very unusual to put all of that trust into someone he has only known for a few days. But it feels right.

Oliver never thought that someone like Vinny Vanderwood could make him laugh so much. He found his blunt and dry sense of humour quite amusing.

The vampire slowly reached up and rested both hands gently on his shoulders. He instantly felt the heat rise through his palms as Oliver felt his warmth rush into his arms. It almost took his breath away every time they made that physical touch.

"Would you like to get some dinner?" He asked.

"Oh, yeah sure," Oliver smiled.

"Would you like to go to the restaurant?" Vinny also knew it would give the newspapers something to write about before they start making stuff up.

"That sounds great."

Vinny took his hands down from his shoulders and dared to take his hand. He has become brave enough to take it whenever they're walking anywhere, but it still causes his senses to go utterly crazy.

As they walked out of the library door, Duke and Madison were walking past. They stopped when they saw the boys and their smiles grew wide when they saw them holding hands.

"What have you two been up to?" Madison asked and linked arms with her husband.

"What do you think a library is used for?" Vinny mumbled coldly. Oliver intertwined their finger's before squeezing his hand. "Too much?" He noticed Oliver's face when he spoke with that tone but he couldn't control it.

"Well... I mean you um, you know, a little," He said quietly. It was still exceptionally daunting that the vampire talked to him, let alone asked for his opinion.


Oliver's big eyes connected with his.

"You don't have to apologise, I know you can't help it."

Vinny glanced down to his mouth when his scent became stronger. A realisation made him stare for a little longer. How did he get so fortunate? How did he get given someone who just understands him?

His parents have noticed that Vinny and Oliver have started to talk like they've known each other for much longer than a few days.

"So um, what're you boys up to now then?" Madison asked, snapping Vinny out of the intense stare.

Oliver's cheeks were burning pink. He could see him clearly staring at his mouth.

"We're uh, going to dinner."

"Oh lovely," Madison beamed while Vinny's gaze still stayed on Oliver. He shouldn't be ashamed to simply stare, this was his soulmate. Surely it was only normal for him to look at him with passion? But it was still new and a little awkward with his parents.

But then again, he is trying to embrace it.

"We're going on a date," He announced without a single change of emotion. Although, his stomach filled with butterflies. He shouldn't care, he was proud that he could go on a 'date' with his soulmate.

Oliver's heart almost ripped out of his chest at how open Vinny is about their relationship and how easy it was for him to just say that. He isn't a single bit ashamed and it was very comforting.

The thought of him going on a date with Vinny Vanderwood was enough to make him literally fall head over heels. The Vampire noticed how he squeezed his hand a little harder.

"Are you really? That's so sweet!" Madison hardened her grip on Duke's arm, trying to hide her excitement.

Vinny sighed. He could see right through her actions.

"We're going," He pulled Oliver down the corridor.

They watched them both leave as they walked close with their hands intertwined.

Vinny's parents were surprised to see how fast their feelings for each other developed. But with a strong bond, it was hard to ignore one another's emotions. Seeing Vinny kiss another guy earlier was surprisingly really sweet for his parents to watch. The teen vampire was tall and broad and Oliver wasn't that far behind him, so to see two boys being so gentle with one another was quite endearing.

"I hope the restaurant isn't too busy," Oliver said as they continued down the hallway.

"We'll find somewhere quiet."

They both felt excitement at the thought of going on a date. Of course, it wasn't needed as those feelings were already there and they have grown to know each other over the past couple of days.

But doing things that Oliver would normally do to progress a relationship makes this whole soulmates thing, a little less weird.

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