Chapter 24

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As they approached the kitchen, Oliver slowed down until Vinny could feel him pulling softly on his hand. He turned to see if he was okay.

"I'm just um, preparing myself." He took a deep breath and glanced at the floor. Vinny could feel his grip getting tighter.

"We don't have to eat here, we can have our date somewhere else?"

"No, no it's okay. I'm just not used to the attention, that's all," Oliver smiled.

The vampire understood. He has had the attention all his life, so it's nothing new for him to be stared at.

"If it gets too much for you, we can go at any time." His voice was soft as he spoke. It was unusual for him to be this way but he couldn't bring himself to talk to Oliver with anything other than kindness.

His soulmate nodded.

"Okay, I'm sure I'll be fine." He stood closer to the vampire for reassurance.

"Are you ready?"


Vinny gently squeezed his hand and headed into the kitchen.

The staff were rushing around as usual but things seemed to slow down when they saw the Master and Oliver coming into the kitchen. Smiles were passed their way. Oliver knew people were staring at their intertwined hands, it must be unusual for them to see someone so familiar as Vinny's soulmate.

They made their way through the kitchen and towards the doors to the restaurant. When they stepped through, nobody noticed, at first, everyone was too busy eating and chatting among themselves.

"Shall we sit over there?" Vinny asked while pointing to a booth in the corner of the room.

"Sure," Oliver smiled before they headed in that direction.

This, of course, turned some heads as they made their way through busy tables. Vinny knew nobody would speak to them if he was around, most people are put off by his cold glares.

The booth was a semi-circle and when Oliver sat in the middle, Vinny didn't hesitate to sit right next to him. When they looked up, most of the restaurant were glancing at them, secretly taking pictures and talking about them.

"This is so weird," Oliver mumbled and chewed the inside of his lip.

"They're staring at you," Vinny watched his soulmate glance at him like he couldn't have said anything more obvious. "Because you're cute when you look flustered."

Oliver's ear drums burst at this point. His heart melted and he felt the blush rise to his cheek. Did he just get called cute by the master of the Vanderwood family? He was so surprised.

It took him a moment until he smiled.

"Um... um t-thanks," He stuttered and covered his cheeks with his hands. "I'm blushing so hard."

Vinny actually showed a smile in public. How could he not smile at something so pure and innocent?

"I know," He whispered, just as a waitress came up to the table.

The vampire's heart was thumping hard in his chest. It took all of his courage to say that. He thought Oliver needed to hear it when he was clearly nervous. And also, it was true. Vinny has begun to admit that he does find Oliver attractive. And the fact that he doesn't have a filter and says what he is thinking helps towards his confidence.

If he finds his soulmate cute, he'll tell him.

"Master, Oliver," She said politely but smiled wider at Oliver. "Can I get you something to drink?"

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