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I stood at the railings of the boat looking down admiring the fishes below. The pristine clear sea water mirrors the beautiful fishes swimming happily underneath us. I never get to see such things in Bangkok or even in Massachusetts.

I still enjoy sitting on the beach. Occasionally I drive myself to a beach. It somehow relaxes me but it is different when I'm this close to it. I still admire its beauty though. I know how it gives life and shelter to a different world underneath us. But I also know that it can take a split second, it can wash away everything you held precious.

I slight tugged at my hand brought me back from my deep thoughts

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I slight tugged at my hand brought me back from my deep thoughts. I turn around and found a cute little girl about six or seven years old with big round eyes looking up at me. Her wide smile is so innocently cute.

"Excuse me Mister ", her tiny voice matches her sweet face tugging my hand once more.

I got down on my knees and look fondly at her. "What is it, little girl?", I asked her with a smile.

"Sawasdee Kha. My name is Love. What's yours?", she asks with the cutest voice I've ever heard. I laughed at how cute she wai at me.

I return the wai to her. "Sawasdee krap. You can call me P'Phun. Nice to meet you Nong' Love". I offered her a handshake to which she gladly receives.

"You are very handsome.Are you an actor P", she chats while casually taking her seat next to me.

"Oh. Thank you very much but, I am not an actor. I'm actually a doctor.", I told this little miss as I help her in her seat. Her straightforwardness is really cute." I came here with them", I point her to where the others are seated.

"You're a doctor", she exclaimed in amazement. "Can you treat my Tsuyoi then? Please.....please...please....".she's begging like a cute little puppy now


"Hmm...Tsuyoi is my pet puppy. He's a golden retriever. P' Night bought him for me.He is really cute", she chatted animatedly.

He is really cute", she chatted animatedly

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"Well, I'm not really a vet...but I'll see what I can do"

"yehey!!", she shouted with glee, clapping her hands and wiggling her toes. "So, what kind of a doctor are you, P?"

"I'm actually a pediatrician"

"Ohhh you treat children like me?"

"Yes, that is right. You're a very smart girl". I ruffled her hair fondly.

"Yes, I am. My daddy said so and my P' says people should be careful of my brain. I don't really understand him"

"Maybe he just means that you're extremely cute and smart".

"Ohhh." She made that cute expression with her mouth." Are you on a vacation?"

"No. we'll be having a medical mission here."

"Ohhh.....medical ....mission.....", she exclaimed with widened eyes while seemingly looking like someone taking a mental note.( should I be scared???) "How long is that?"

"About 3 days".

She nodded her head and glanced at my back as if looking for something or someone..."Hmm...are you married?".

I was taken by surprise at her question. My! my little girl what are you up to?

"no, I am not married", I chuckled at my answer.

"Girlfriend??" she pried, even more, looking at me intently like a reporter or something.

"UHmmm... No, I do not have", I don't usually answer a personal question but hearing it from this little mouth is actually entertaining. Besides, what harm can it do?

She displayed that wide smile again. You know that look when an archaeologist finds a hidden treasure. Or when you passed a very hard exam. I don't know, it is cute but its scary at the same time. haha

"Ok P'Phun. Thank you". she cheerfully said, getting out of her seat and waved me goodbye.

Though a bit confused, I bid her goodbye as well. My eyes followed her and saw her walked towards a group of young ladies ( I guess they are tourists judging by large backpacks on their seats)and cheerfully make a conversation with them. She sure is friendly, I guess. I felt a bit awkward though when they happily chatted with her while looking at me. What's with those smiles? Are they talking about me?

My jaw dropped when I saw each of these ladies give some things to this cute girl. She then looks back at me and waved happily. I awkwardly wave back to them. I was in agape when I realized both her hands holding some candies and chocolates and wait...what is that?? money???

I was shocked.

Did I just get sold? 


Author's Note

Isn't Nong Love Cute? (thanks @TinaTaste for the name suggestion)


XEE yah ^_^

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