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Phun's POV

I'm on my way to meet up with my former classmate and friends, I guess me coming back home was a big news to them. So, they (Fi, especially) technically pestered me with calls for a get-together. It's not that I don't want to see them but it's because being with them reminds me of Noh.

Eventually, I gave in. I missed them too. I missed the good old days. You know what they say, high- school days is one the best moments of your life.

I was already late (Jeez, traffic is a nightmare).The place of our meet up is a newly opened restaurant in the center of Siam Square. It's still quite early yet the tables were almost occupied. Customers range from young adults to professionals. The ambiance is very relaxing despite the fact that it's pack with patrons. Food is definitely great here. I was about to call Fi when suddenly a booming voice from somewhere interrupted me.

 I was about to call Fi when suddenly a booming voice from somewhere interrupted me

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"Ladies and gentleman, our long lost Master Phun has finally arrived. A round of applause everyone"

I heard my name echoed through the whole place followed by the sea of applause.

I turn to look where it's coming.

That bastard Fi is at the center stage grinning sheepishly at me. So, this restaurant also has a live band, no wonder it's popular. Delicious foods and great music definitely is the best match. And what the heck!!! He is even holding a microphone and a guitar hanged over his body. What does he think this is? a high school life throws back??. Did this stupid person just had a concert? Poor audience...

"Hey, Phun...Here", they all called unto me in chorus... (really guys?)

I merely shook my head to hide my embarrassment as I ushered my way to where they are and found our table right in front of the stage. ( That damn Fi .I'll get you for this.)

"Hey guys", I waved at them as soon as I approached our table. Bank motions me to sit next to him so I did.

We're basically the largest group here (not to mention the loudest).There are about 20 people here so five tables were joined together just to accommodate all of us. Friends from the students' councils and the rest of the Mafia band have all ganged up here.

The entire table is already swimming with hot pot, grilled-meat, spicy noodle salad and a whole lot of other dishes plus a truckload of alcohol (phew! This is going to be a long night!).

" how'd you been doing man?" Fi blurted out as he pulled a chair and sit right next to me, his cheeks a little bit flustered already.

I just gave him an okay sign and smiled.

"Glad you finally came back to Earth, smartass. You literally vanished without a trace", Rodkeng butted in. "You had us all worried man"

A pang of guilt crawled within me. What Rodkeng said was the truth. At that time, I felt so alone...I'm in so much I took the cowardly route and runaway. Run away from everything and everyone.

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