Those Mexicans

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Chapter 17 

Kellin POV

I sat there blind folded,  I had  giving up trying to struggle my way out.  

*Flash back*

AHHHH”  I heard Nikki scared and jolted up, hitting my head on the top  of the bunk.   Rubbing my head, it had gone quiet again.

GET HER!”   somebody screamed. Followed by a  whole bunch of  bodies moving.

I jumped out of my  bunk to find  4 guys all  dressed in  black with  ski masks on and guitar cables.  

“What the fuck?” was the only thing  I could say before someone was  on top of me, pinning me down.  A bandanna was  wrapped around my mouth so I couldn’t scream to Nikki as they  carried her out with a pillow case over her face.   Wincing when I saw the guy  carrying her smack her head into the wall just before exiting. 


The guys weren't back yet so I don’t think I was out for too long.

Just then  I heard a bunch of laughing and  talking coming close to the bus.

“Whoa, what do we have here?  Some bondage?”  Justin teased and the guys all laughed.

“No, now get me out of this” there was no time to joke around, someone kidnnaped  Nikki.

“Naw, I think that’s Nikki's job”

“Justin shes been kidnapped!.”  instantly I felt the  cords loosen from around my  wrist, I angrily ripped off my blind fold. Nothing was out of place. 

“Shes  kidnapped?” Jesse said with concerne in his voice, the  rest of them looked to me for answers about what was  going on .

“I was sleeping and she  screamed, then there was four guys  in here, I got jumped and they ran out with her.  I was blindfolded and tied to the chair with guitar cords.”  I knew I was talking fast, but there was no time to waste.

“ Wait , hold up. Four  guys?”  Gabe asked. 

“ Yes”

“Where they speaking another language?”

“What? How am I suppose to know, I was  jumped!”  why was he asking me stupid questions.

“They  used  guitar cables to tie you up?”

“Gabe what are you getting at?

“OK one more, was there a short  one?”  

I was about to hit him in the head when it hit me. I ran to the window.

“ Goddamn, those Mexicans!”  

The guys followed my gaze out the window. The Pierce the Veil  bus wasnt  parked beside us anymore.

“ this calls for pay back” Jesse said. We all nodded.

Justin pov

It was early morning and we  were still on the road, I knew we wouldn’t be in Detroit for another hour or so. So I just laid in my bunk.  The guys and I stayed up most of the night planning pay back on  PTV guys. I laughed to myself just thinking about it, just as my phone went off.

Vicky :

Hey J!!


Hey cutie , hows it going?


Its good  , I miss you


Imu too:3 


Oh yeah? How much?  


Enough to buy you a  train ticket to Detroit to be with me. :)

Vicky :

Well I don’t think that'll be necessary ;)


What do you mean?


Idk ;)  I g2g   *hugs & kisses*

Vicky and I have been talking every since that night in Toronto.  I never felt like I could  click with anyone the way I did with her.  Shes was gorgeous and funny.  Im so glad  Nikki brought her along.     It would be awhile till I saw her next.  She'd probably  forget all about me. i let out a sigh trying to get the thought  out of my head.

With that I decided to  go get something to eat.

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