Old friends, new beginning

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Chapter 7

We arrived back at the hotel, the elevator ride was quiet. Most of the time coming back we didn’t say much. Im not sure if we were just tired or he was thinking what I was thinking. How close we were to kissing.

I really couldnt have this.

We had said goodbye and went to our rooms. I quickly showered and slipped on my Asking Alexandria tee and my purple booty shorts. Immediately I ran and jumped on my queen size bed. It was so comfortable and all I wanted to do was sleep.

“HEYYY OPEN UPP” someond called  from  behind the front door.

Ugh, why couldn’t I just have a moments peace. 

My body didn’t want to get up. Maybe they’ll leave..

The knocking started and it did not stop. It went in a musical rhythm, a rhythm that sparked a memory from my past. Then it hit me. I jumped up and ran to the door.

“VIC FUENTES!” I screamed. 

“NIKKI SKYLER!” he screamed back mocking me in a high girly voice.

I jumped in his arms and he squeezed me in return. 

“ Oh my god, Vic what are you doing here?!

I managed to breath out while the air in my lungs where being squeezed out.

He sat me down.

“ We got added to this tour. It was a last minute thing, so no one really knows yet.”

“ The other bands don’t know yet?”

“ Nope , just got here. I heard you were working and had to surprise you”.

Vic was so sweet, we had been best friends since we were in grade school. 

i  pulled  him into another hug.

“ Do you have a room yet?”

“ Not really, the hotel is booked apparently so the guys are all in one room. Trying to figure out how we're going to sleep tonight”

“ Well they can figure it out. For now your sleeping in my room. I have this queen size bed and no one to have a pillow fight with”

I gave him my puppy dog eyes, knowing Vic could never turn me down. We use to have sleep overs all the time. 

“ You really like loosing don’t you?”

“ What are you talking about ? Im always victorious.”

With that I ran to the bed and grabbed a pillow and threw it at him. Vic caught it but before he could get momentum I had already started swinging.

We fought, and swung at each other till we were out of breath and had red cheeks from being hit with pillows.

“ Ok I give up, im exhausted” I flopped down on the bed trying to catch my breath, he did the same.

“ See I always win”.   i stuck my tounge out at  him.

Just then another knock was at the door. I smacked Vic in the face with my pillow leaving him lying there as I jumped up to answer the door.

“ Oh hey guys, what's up?” 

“ whos there?” I hear Vic call from behind me.

Gabe and Justin both smirked when they heard a males voice from my room.

“ busy?” Justin teased. 

I rolled my eyes. 

“ No its just Vic.”

“ No fucking way!” Gabe yelled. Both of them pushed past me and ran over to Vic tackling him back to the bed. It was cute. 

The four of us sat on my bed talking. Gabe and Justin both decided since vic and I were having a slumber party they would go down to their boxes to fit in. I wasn’t complaining. Who doesn’t like half naked cute boys in their bed. 

“ We brought you some cake from this café we found” Gabe brought over this container and sat back down on my bed. I opened and started to drool. 

“ My favourite! Thanks guys. I loveee caramel crunch”I saw both of them turn a bit red at the cheeks.

“ Please have some with me”

With out a hesitation I had all of them talking turns eating my cake. Since we only had one fork.

“ So where's Kellin? Vic asked. I felt a ping in my stomach.

“ I think hes in an interview, we didn’t really get to see him today. Thanks to a certain someone.” Justin said making a funny face at me. I blushed.

“ Not my fault, I just wanted to sleep”

“ Sure sweetheart, you two are all over the internet now.”  Vic raised an eye brown at me.

“ Did you kiss my lover!?"

“ lover? Kiss? Wait what!”  I felt so lost.

Justin pulled out his phone and googled Kellin. Pictures of us at the café today where all over the internet. There was tons of comments saying we were dating and stuff.

Vic took the phone and laughed.

“ Well you don’t waste anytime.” 

“ Vic we arent dating , we didn’t do anything.”

“ I know im just playing and Kellin is like my bestfriend”

I gave Vic cut eye.

“ Obviously second to you, your much higher”

The other guys rolled their eyes and made a whip sound. Vic stuck his tongue out at them.

I gave a cocky smile. No one replaced me.

We continued to talk and joke around for a bit more, till the guys saw how tired I was getting. It was just Vic and I lying in bed like the old times . Only we weren’t kids and I didn’t have my nightlight that made blue moons on my walls.

“ So do you?” Vic asked, I knew what he was asking. I had no idea what to say.

“ Don’t hurt him Nik.” I still had nothing to say to that. I don’t and I cant date musicians. Not after what happened. 

Vic sighed , I felt him roll over. 

“ Hes a good guy. Hes different then most.” Vic stopped. Which was good. I didn’t want to spend the rest of the night wide awake thinking about this. I had a wall.

Not too long after I could hear Vic start to snore, and I slowly drifted off too.

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