The Alpha's Mermaid [COMPLETE] by AshlyNikkii
The Alpha's Mermaid [COMPLETE]by ♕ a s h ♕
Do you know what mermaids love? The open water, swimming with their fish friends, laughing all day long.... You know what they hate? Being caught. Especially by someone...
  • romance
  • alphasmermaid
  • fantasy
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A Pirates Dream. by RoseCallisto
A Pirates Rose Callisto
Captain Emmeret Caspian, the pirate devil of the sea stumbles upon the legend of the sirens treasure but when he gets to sirens cove he leaves with something more then...
  • gay
  • sailor
  • manxboy
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Just Add Water by Stormi_faithhope
Just Add Waterby Faith_Hope
In which a teenage mermaid finds it harder to keep her secret when she moves to the supernatural infested Beacon Hills. "Y-you're a m-mermaid?" "Oh, what...
  • argent
  • martin
  • hale
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The Hybrid Queen by Issyrrose
The Hybrid Queenby Isobel
I felt his breath tickle my ear as he leaned in close, his knee beginning to push it's way between my legs. "Why don't you sing me a song, little bird?" ...
  • assassins
  • protective
  • assassin
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The Water and The Sky  by Eli_Winters
The Water and The Sky by Timeless Idiot
Draco is a veela whom, with every step he takes is in pain without his mate. He doesn't even know who his mate is. Harry is a mess. Then again who wouldn't be when you f...
  • wattys2017
  • sirens
  • romeoandjuliet
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Sea Of Treason (Pirate's Bluff #1) by Trombolii
Sea Of Treason (Pirate's Bluff #1)by Stacey Trombley
When Whitley winds up on the top of a pirate hit-list thanks to her con-artist father, she must hide her identity and board another pirate ship, trusting in one shape-sh...
  • love
  • piratesofthecaribbean
  • fantasy
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Devil In A Dress by 0leahrenee
Devil In A Dressby Leah Reneé
"P-please....n-no!" My little six year old self screamed. I watched as an older man hold my mother's neck with a dagger on my father's throat. His men walking...
  • violence
  • death
  • villains
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You Smile Brighter Than You Should (Kellic) Boyxboy by collidewiththemadnss
You Smile Brighter Than You Em
Kellin doesn't exactly live an easy life. His Mom is an alcoholic, he self-harms and on top of all that he gets bullied daily. All Vic wants to do is help but Kellin doe...
  • quinn
  • abuse
  • vic
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Serene Of The Sea by 39jenjen
Serene Of The Seaby Jenna Cook
[COMPLETED] When a mysterious stranger turns up in the small town of Mullion, Serena is desperate not to make an impression. She has enough things to worry about with a...
  • merfolk
  • underthesea
  • adventure
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Your mine! by _maskyproxy1102_
Your mine!by Masked
Ok this is my first billdip AU Dipper is a siren Bill is a ruthless pirate What happens when the two meet? Will they fall in love Or die loving each other
  • wattys2017
  • billdip
  • bill
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daburu hime no itami { ace | 1 } by lady_shogun
daburu hime no itami { ace | 1 }by RM’s Jagiya
Enter:Lucifer D Roza Itami, the daughter of two royal families:The Shinigami & The Roza. Itami comes from the Underworld, where all Death gods live & breed. Her Father i...
  • fanfiction
  • missotakuprincess
  • shinigami
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Sirens Love by Billdip_stories
Sirens Loveby Billdip_stories
Billdip, because why not. Dipper pines is the siren in this story. He's one in a few male sirens. Bill cipher is the most feared pirate in the 7seas, he kills anyone who...
  • sirenfalls
  • gravityfalls
  • billdip
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In love with a Siren- Tomtord- Slow updates by xXsugarbeatxx
In love with a Siren- Tomtord- Ms.Nerd Alert
Tord was the master of the seas with nothing but his crew, ships, and gold he thought nothing mattered in the world. This was until he met Tom. Tom was a siren. Trained...
  • pirate
  • tomtord
  • eddmatt
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Tails (Transformations: Book 1) by JessicaGraceWrites
Tails (Transformations: Book 1)by Jessica Grace
Aria is a professional mermaid at an aquarium. She wears a fake tail and performs for visitors. All her life, she has been in love with the mythical creatures, but her w...
  • merman
  • mermaids
  • ya
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Siren Brothers by RandomStoriesIWrite
Siren Brothersby Cecil
Selkie Salt lives with his three brothers in the small coastal town of Starbridge Cove, New England. The four boys have come to rely on each other for almost everything...
  • merman
  • scifi-fantasy
  • love
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Free now ( K.Q ) by bands4eva
Free now ( K.Q )by Chelseaaa
" is that k-k-kellin Quinn! " a girl behind me screamed. I turn around to see a tall, beautiful young man standing in front of me. " hi I'm kellin Quinn f...
  • sws
  • die
  • kellinquinn
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The sirens of the sea (completed) by _pokemon1o_advanced
The sirens of the sea (completed)by _pokemon1o_advanced
Lucy and Juvia are explorers uncovering the secrets the land of flora has to offer This was until two of the most well known pirates capture them and force them to help...
  • adventure
  • nalu
  • completed
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Fins (Transformations: Book 2) by JessicaGraceWrites
Fins (Transformations: Book 2)by Jessica Grace
Aria discovers what it's like to have a real mermaid tail, but the deep-sea cities are not the fairytale wonders she dreamed of and she quickly finds herself falling dee...
  • merfolk
  • mermaids
  • mermaid
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Friend From The Ocean (Sciles) by FanFicForTheFace
Friend From The Ocean (Sciles)by FanFicForTheFace
Stiles is caught between a rock and a hard place when the magic ink in his tattoo wears off.
  • stiles
  • sciles
  • wolf
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Escape From The Alpha (ON HOLD) by AshlyNikkii
Escape From The Alpha (ON HOLD)by ♕ a s h ♕
*you don't need to read the first book although it will help you with the hints in the book and the ending ;)* ***SEQUEL TO "THE ALPHA'S MERMAID"*** ...
  • mermaids
  • mystery
  • mermaidmate
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