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Best friend to the rescue

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Nikk pov

I knew the next morning when I turned on my phone I was going to have a lot of texts and missed calls. To my knowledge i was right. Everyone had seem to call me or had been looking for me except Kellin. My heart sank. I knew I missed up. I did what I always did best. Broke hearts.

Sadly I had to face him.

I texted Vicky back, telling her I was fine and that I wanted to meet up in private. So she came over.

Sitting in the living room while Trevor watched cartoons on t.v she sat beside me giving me a huge hug.

"The boys came back last night pissed drunk. Justin's mad too." she told me what had happened, how hurt Kellin was and Justin at her.

"I guess It was bond to happen. Its not like I wanted to keep it a secret"

Tears where invading my eyes and I tried so hard to stay strong in front of Trevor but it was hard. Kellin was the first guy in a long time that I actually felt something for.

"I know, I told him that. But I think you should just talk to him. Maybe even tell him about Trevor?"

We both looked over to my son, who was in a state of trance with the show that was on. Its strange how kids could be so oblivious to their surrounds when their favorite show was on.

"I don't know"

"Nik, we both know that you have it bad for Kellin. You wouldn't have said no to Danny if you didn't. Eventually you have to tell him about your past and your son. He loves you and I don't see how he couldn't love Trevor. You have to stop being afraid  of love and live a little"

"Its not  love im afraid of. it's the heartbreak that comes with it. I don't want Trevor to love someone and then have to watch them leave. He is not going through what I went through"

My best friend looked at me and shook her head., I knew I was being over protective but I feared being hurt again , I feared kellin wouldn't accept this part of my life. He was famous, he doesn't have to put up with having a family. I wasn't even sure what was going to happen after the tour anyways.

"Talk to kellin." was all she said, I just nodded. Looking back at Trevor. He was playing around with his toy. He looked up at me and smiled.

"mommy, can we go to the park?"

A smile formed from my lips.

"Sure , go get ready"

I looked over at Vicky who looked just as excited as Trevor did.

"So what about you a Justin?"

Vicky and I sat on a bunch sipping on our coffees while Trevor ran around the playground with a few other kids.

"Im not sure, he was too drunk to talk to last night. So I just went with Mike. Which probably wasn't a good idea."

" Did you guys?"

"oh god no!"

I laughed. The thought of those two.

"Would you ever go for him again?"

Vicky choked on her drink and looked at me horrified.

"I..I don't ..No. Mike and I had our go and I think hes better as a friend then a boyfriend. I love him but I feel something with Justin that ive never felt before. He makes me happy, like extremely happy. That's why right now it kind of sucks."

"it sucks for the both of us"

"Speaking of ex's where is Danny?"

"Well after he confessed his intentions I think he went back to the hotel he was staying at. I really don't even want to think about him right now. All of this is giving me a headache"

"I think we need some shopping therapy"

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