Avengers and Spiderman Oneshots by DaemonsRain
Avengers and Spiderman Oneshotsby DaemonsRain
Just One Shots about Spiderman in Avengers life
  • spidey
  • spiderson
  • thor
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Growing Up 2 by shewritesall
Growing Up 2by Elizabeth
This is a continuation of my first one-shot book called 'Growing Up', but you don't really need to read it to read this. You might want to, though, so some chapters are...
  • tonystarksadad
  • dadtony
  • tony
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Peter and his Superfamily  by tacofunday2525
Peter and his Superfamily by tacofunday2525
This is a book of one shots about Peter's life living with the avengers! It will include all of the avengers and of course Spiderman! Just a warning to anyone sensitiv...
  • marvel
  • spiderman
  • hawkeye
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IronDad & Just Dumb Stuff  by late_to_the_party
IronDad & Just Dumb Stuff by late_to_the_party
Just a bunch of One-Shots in various locations/time-lines/pairings/story types/etc Hilarity ensues plz vote :))) ***I OWN NONE OF THE ART, IF IT'S YOURS AND YOU WANT ME...
  • peterparker
  • stark
  • spiderman
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Iron Dad and Spider Son by Fighting_French_Fry
Iron Dad and Spider Sonby Marquis-de-Lafayette
A bunch of Iron Dad and Spider Son Oneshots! Yay! Some of these chapters contain Infinity War spoilers, but each chapter with such will be labeled in the title Also requ...
  • wattys2018
  • ironstrange
  • spiderson
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Avengers  Imagines by Allergic_to_bullshit
Avengers Imaginesby Allergic_to_bullshit
  • clint
  • xreader
  • tony
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Tony Stark Imagines  by TonyStark156
Tony Stark Imagines by “I am Iron Man.”
I take Requests and do Smut Completed: ? Mature Content (Not My Cover! Cover art by @-VOUGEWILK) [Tony Stark Imagines Book 1]
  • imagines
  • blackwidow
  • natasharomanoff
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Crystal Stark Is Her Name by agent_stark
Crystal Stark Is Her Nameby Los(v)er
In 1996 May 29, Crystalline Andrea Stark was born. Tony Stark knew that his little girl will be the princess of everything and him being king with his lovely wife, Monic...
  • tonystark
  • captainamerica
  • tony
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NEW // PETER PARKER  by theburninglilac
NEW // PETER PARKER by « h r »
"I may be assuming Ezra, but you're not a normal girl." "I may be assuming, too, but being a friendly neighborhood Spider-Man isn't exactly normal either...
  • stark
  • doctorstrange
  • avengers
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No More Lonely by shewritesall
No More Lonelyby Elizabeth
When Tony finds a young kid alone on the streets of New York, he can't just do nothing. As it turned out, taking Peter in wasn't the worst thing he could do. Another cu...
  • dad
  • spiderman
  • peter
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Captain's Daughter//Peter Parker by alpaca_twin
Captain's Daughter//Peter Parkerby alpaca_twin
In which a young girl, Elenora, finds her father. And a curly haired boy with a totally rockin' suit. DISCLAIMER:I DONT OWN MARVEL. not my characters. If they were, I'...
  • bucky
  • tony
  • spiderman
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//IRON DAD//SPIDER SON// ONE SHOTS by alleykat0718
//IRON DAD//SPIDER SON// ONE SHOTSby goddessoffidelity
Random shots of Tony Stark being the #Dad!Tony that Peter deserves WARNING- possible triggers- panic attacks, injuries, illness (will update with story) Cover drawn my y...
  • oneshot
  • infinitywar
  • peterparker
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Growing Up by shewritesall
Growing Upby Elizabeth
These are just a bunch of one shots condensed into one book about Peter growing up being raised by Tony Stark. You can read them in order or not. *no longer accepting r...
  • peterparker
  • tonystarksadad
  • spider-man
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Tony Stark and Peter Parker Oneshots by petermcstark
Tony Stark and Peter Parker Peter McStarkling
Fluffy and angsty Dad!Tony and Son!Peter one-shots.
  • peter
  • shortstories
  • tony
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Spider-man, Spider-man, does whatever a Spider can... by -aloe-vera-
Spider-man, Spider-man, does om nom nom
Small doses, large doses, medium dose, just enough doses of Peter. Because he is a child and we all must join PPPS(peter parker protection squad) Although he may be smal...
  • pepper
  • peterisamazing
  • romanoger
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The Adventures of Loki, Peter Parker Shuri, Harley, PART TWO  by Nerdtastical
The Adventures of Loki, Peter Because Why Not
Well so basically I have too many chapters on the other one and will be continuing it on this one *rubs neck nervously* Please read it? -#1 in friends
  • loki
  • irondad
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No sex for a month || starker ❃ by sexyjima-
No sex for a month || starker ❃by sᴛᴀʀkᴇʀ ❃
❝I bet your slutty ass cannot last for a month without my dick inside it.❞ ❝Is that a challenge, Daddy?❞ In which Tony thinks that Peter can't survive for a month withou...
  • peter
  • tony
  • thor
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Marvel Lemons/Smut by ArliPhoenix
Marvel Lemons/Smutby ArliPhoenix
Just a bunch of Lemons I threw together. Please leave a comment and tell me what you think, or a private message if you don't want people to know you read these. I hope...
  • steve
  • peterparker
  • thor
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I'm Fine, Mr. Stark by coninatji_scriptoer
I'm Fine, Mr. Starkby Cöninatji Scriptœr
A story in which Peter Parker thinks and says that he's fine, but really isn't. Tony notices. TRIGGER WARNING: Panic attacks and possibly other mental health issues- ma...
  • peterparkerpanic
  • hurtpeter
  • tonystark
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Home by DrStrange_007
Homeby DrStrange_007
When Peter Parker's Aunt dies, Tony decides to take Peter under his wing. After Spider-Man: Homecoming, The Avengers are back to normal. Enjoy! Chapter 30 is published!
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