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Damn that K'd

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Chapter 37 

(Im so lame, i figured out what chapter im on lol) so this is a filler, i know i havnt been updating but i have  a shit load of homework and midterms... so sorry if this is short and sucks. 

The day went by and we still were driving, and  I was dying to  get out of this bus.  The  guys and I  just  lounged around.  Watching the three out of the eight Harry  potter  movies because Mike  won a game of rock paper  scissors with  Tony. No one really  questioned what happened  before we  left last night, I assume Mike had told the guys.  Which I was glad, I didn’t feel like  repeating it, especially because Kellin was just behind those doors. 

“Your quiet today?”  Vic  came over to where I was laying on the couch,  I lifted my legs up so he could sit, then laying them across his lap.

“Yeah, I guess I'm tired”    half lying. Even if there was  no use.

“We all are, but last night was fun.”

“Sureee,  you were  wasted before anyone else” trying not to laugh at his attempt to make me feel better by not bringing up the  subject.

“Okay  fair enough, but you were still having fun”

“Yeah, but that was before.  I knew  it wasn’t going to end well.  I cant  be happy Vic.”  giving in to what  was swarming around  my head. 

He  looked at me with sad eyes.  He knew what I meant, he knows what  I went through.

“Yes you can, and you are. Your just  letting this  scare you back into that hole.  Kellin makes  you happy”

He was right but I couldn’t live with that pain again. I couldnt  risk the,   what if

“Vic, I don’t want to get hurt again.”  my  vision was getting blurry from the tears forming. 

Vic  sighed  leaning down to give me a  hug.

“What are you doing to my girlfriend?”  Both  Vic and  I jerked back , Vic  sat up fast as we both looked over as Kellin standing in the door way.  You could tell he was  questioning the scene he just saw.

“Huging, she  agreed to make me food”  Vic  covered up with a  laugh. Scratching the back of his neck.   He has to stop doing that, its so obvious.

Kellin nodded  and put a smile on his face, to hide that anger that was  building up.   I knew he was a bit jealous  that Vic and I were close friends. It was cute to think he got  jealous easily.

“Sadly I do” making a pouting face and quickly  getting up from the couch and walking in to teh kitchen.  

Kellin followed me silently.

He stood there  leaning against the table watching me take out pots to make  K'd.

“Feeling better?” I asked  trying to break the  awkwardness that was  building. 

“A bit, thanks for getting me the water earlier”

“No problem”  answering him quickly without  looking.  My ears were burning,  I felt him watching my every move.

“Want  some when its ready?” my  voice a  bit shaky this time.  I was  beginning to get  nervous, anxious. I tried to get  the pot filled with water and  on the stove as quick as  possible so I could  make an excuse and run. 

The  pot  became  heavy and full , slipping  out of my hands as  I carelessly  picked it up to  put on the stove.  It slipped and fell from my hands, falling back in the sink splashing water up and over the counter.

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