My Ghost

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Chapter 31

Nikki Pov

My  body was  shaking, my  heart  hammered away behind my ribs. I  felt as though I just saw a ghost.  And  I did,  a ghost from My past. A  ghost  I locked away after  years  of hunting and  torment  I had finally shut it  out. But  he  was here.  In  Vegas.  He  saw me and  I saw him.  He touched me and  I … I .. I kissed him. 

“Nikki! Who's here”  my  best Friend  slapped my  face.

“ Danny!” I spit. 

They both gasped. I could feel my  eyes fill with tears.  This was not happening. Not now. Not with Kellin here. 

“where  did you see  him?  Did  he see you ? Maybe you  just thought you saw him”  Vicky started to just  talk.  Most of what she said  faded out of my  head. I couldn’t hear anything but my heart pounding in my  head, the sound of his voice when he spoke to me. 

Flash back..

The  stranger touched my  arm as I reached for the  drinks, I felt goosebumps form under  his warm hand.

“Its been  time  love” the man said in a  deep British accent.

Slowly  those  words echoed into my head as  those goosebumps  spread throughout my body, sending shivers down my spine.  Just like old  times. 

I raised my eyes up and  locked them with those lovely  blue eyes ones that  I once  use to  loose myself in.

He smiled that sexy toothy smile of him that  made it harder to breath.  He came  closer and pushed a  strand of hair  behind my ear. 

I froze.

“Don’t you look lovely tonight Nikki”  he stepped back a bit to look me over.  

Nothing was working,  no thoughts in my  head , no air in my lungs.   I even think I stopped blinking. 

How was it, that I was staring at ghost I locked away?.

“Are you alright love? I don’t think you’ve taken a breath”

He  placed his hand  on my shoulder. Suddenly  my  eyes  blinked.  Sucking in a  breath, I backed away.

“Danny”  my voice  came as a hash whisper.

“Danny, what are you doing here?” pushing my voice to a normal level

“Its Vegas love. The boys and I came here to  gamble. Question is, why are you here?”

“Im with friends”  

He smirked.

“Where are they ?”

“I went to get drinks”   pointing to my tray  of drinks.

“They can wait, have a drink with me.  I missed you”  

He  missed me?  How could he  miss me?  He kicked me out. 

Danny  sat down on one  of the stool and  patted the  other  beside him. I wanted to run away every ting screamed to run but  my  legs moved towards the seat.

“How have you been?”   he asked me while  nodding at the bartender. Who returned the nob and  went to work making two drinks.  I had  grabbed my mojitio in the meantime. 


He  laughed at my one word answer, he  hated when I use to do that.

“That was  some kiss you gave me.  Almost had forgotten what you  tasted like” 

My  heart contracted. He still remembered

“Im sorry about that. I didn’t  know you where there.”

“So you rather it had  been a stranger?” he words where teasing.

“ No.. I mean yes.. I mean.  Listen that guy was..”

He put his finger  to my  lips making me shut up.

“I know, I saw him looking at you and decided to come over just in case you needed assistance. I guess I came in handy”

He placed his hand back down. 

“Thank you” I said looking down at my  empty  glass.  

“Your drinks sir”  the  bartender placed two drinks down.  For me a  Mai tai a  drink  Danny  knew I loved. For him just Jack's on the rocks.

We  both  took our  drinks and sipped  on them in silence. 

“How's  Trevor ?”   he asked making me choke on my drink.  He just had to.

“Maybe if you called him , you’d  know”   Danny didn’t  look at  me.

He didn’t care,. He never did. What was  I doing here?  I had to leave. All my  anger , my  pain  rose up within me.

I got up from my  chair  and turned to leave but  he grabbed a hold of my arm.

“Where are you  going?”

Tearing my arm our  of his grasp I took a step back.

“To my  boyfriend”

I ran.   God, did  I run.  I didn’t know where  I was running to.  Tears filled my eyes.  I couldn’t  believe  Danny was here ,I just couldn’t catch a break. He was the love of my life, he gave me my life back. Saved me. Loved me when no one else  did. Then he destroyed me. Kicked me to the curb all because  of that one mistake. One we both made , but one I would never regret making. My  only  regret was  being too blind to noticed there's always an end to everything pure. Love comes with a  price and  it always ends.

I ran  out of the  building no  longer wanting to  be around people, having them stare at me.  My hair was plastered to my  face from the humid night air.  I stopped. 

On the  other side  I could see two figures huddled close together. 

One I noticed right away.


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