Too close for comfort

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Chapter 6

Nikki pov

I left my phone vibrate on my side. I tried to ignore it but it was kind of hitting my ticklish spot.
I noticed I couldn’t move. Finally I decided to open my eyes. 
Crap Kellin
This guy was cute, even more so when he was sleeping. A thousand times more because I was in his arms. I really hated my life at this moment. i hated that i had to leave. 

After 10 minutes of wiggeling out of his arms I managed to slid myself over him and out of the bunk. Trying to get Vicky was another story. She wouldn’t wake. So I deced to just leave. What am I saying I didn’t even bother to wake her after noticing both of them where naked.

It was about  noon when I felt my phone vibrate. It was a txt from Vicky, asking how the sex the fake was last night and how Justin is a babe, ect. I decided to txt her later, i was too tired to listen to her  talk about  Justin.  However I did feel a bit playful and knowing that the band would be leaveing for monteral very soon I decided to txt Kellin.

Thanks for the sex last night, it was amazing ;)

Glad you enjoyed it babe. :P

I couldn’t help but blush. I knew he was joking but being called Babe was so cute. 
“ What are you so happy about ?” Kevin asked peeking over my shoulder at my phone.

“ None of your bussiness” 
He gave me a smirk , winked and walked away leaving me dumbfounded. Then I heard a foot step.

“ Don’t even try it Kell.” 

“ Aw man, how did you know?”  I turned to see him with a cold water bottle ready to place it on my back

“ Im a girl and I know these things. "Elephant feet.”

“ Hey I don’t have elephant feet” he pouted.
I just laughed and walked over the the trolly of guitar cases.

“ Need help? I did promise I would” Kellin ran over to me and help push it up the ramp and on to the truck.

“ Thanks, and you did but that was kind of the last of it. You slept while Ive been working since 930 this morning.” 
He looked down. I didn’t mean to make him feel bad but I was kind of tired and grumpy. Everything I said this morning came out kind of rude.

“ Sorry , but see here if you didn’t replace yourself with a pillow that your smelt like your hair I wouldn’t have slept in” 
He  looked up at me and I felt butterflies fly into the side of my stomach. He knew we slept like that.

“ listen, I have to go. Txt me when you get to monteral. If the company doesn’t give you a hotel room. Your more then welcome to bunk with us. The guys think your cool” 
With that he left.
I stood there as I watch the tour bus drive off.

“ How do you do it?” 
I looked over at Kevin. He was the oldest and probably the only one other then me who actually worked.

“ Every tour we go on, I watch you let them fall for you.” 

“ He isn’t falling for me. we’re friends”

“ You may want friends, but he doesn’t see that. Listen ive been on tour with them before. Don’t do what you do.”I hated Kevin sometimes. 

“ Are we ready to go? Im tired”
Kevin gave a smile and messed up my hair. He was like a dad to me.


“ Hey, Nikki wake up” I left my body being rocked slowly.
I moaned “ What?”

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