Isabel Petrova  by Cennedixx
Isabel Petrova by Cennedi
Isabel Petrova is the worlds first Pureblood vampire. She was born to none other than Katerina Petrova AKA Katherine Pierce. How you may ask well lets just say that a ce...
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Luna by charmed2gether
Lunaby Sydney
Their whole world flipped when they met. He became kinder and she learned to stand up for herself more. The only thing to make them that way was each other. Over a mont...
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Katerina's Daughter  by JustinsLilShawty
Katerina's Daughter by Kira
• I do not own any Vampire Diaries characters, credit to L.J. Smith, Julie Plec and any others associated with the franchise. • I only own the storylines and character p...
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Tides •Kellic by TangledInKells
Tides •Kellicby TangledInKells
Kellin Quinn, the leather jacket obsessed, so charming he's intimidating, to die for beauty on Campus. Vic Fuentes? Vic is the stuttering outcast whose small crush on Ke...
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Alone. [Tony Perry] by ptvtonys
Alone. [Tony Perry]by ptvtonys
He definitely wasn't what I thought he would be. But I don't know what I was expecting exactly. Just a shy guitar player. That's all he was to everyone, but to me he was...
  • fiction
  • ptv
  • tony
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How can I resist you? by MiglutMigl
How can I resist you?by Miglutė Miglė
It is "Mamma Mia!" with a some changes and my take on it. I hope you like it :)
  • romance
  • greece
  • brosnan
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I'LL BE GOOD| the rewrite by fandomlover727
I'LL BE GOOD| the rewriteby fandomlover727
"i never meant to start a fire, i never meant to make you bleed. i'll be a better man today". in which we discover the life journey of a boy who lost his paren...
  • tvd
  • mysticfalls
  • supernatural
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Elena and The Originals by -KolxMikaelson-
Elena and The Originalsby -KolxMikaelson-
Description inside
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QUEENS▶ k.pierce  by chupacabrass
QUEENS▶ k.pierce by saTaN
" who needs kings, we're each other's queens!" Katherine Pierce X OC Social media au Chupacabrass © 2018
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SPEAK FOR ME by gayburnout
Kellin Quinn. Abused and traumatized by his adoptive parents has gone mute by choice. He will speak for no one, but can Vic Fuentes, the new kid at school break down Kel...
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  • gabebarham
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Noble Angst (Prince x Anxiety- Thomas Sanders)  -Prinxiety- by faceblur
Noble Angst (Prince x Anxiety- Tho...by sabina maria
Because I noticed that some people have started to ship Thomas Sanders' characters Anxiety and Prince (and so have I). Thomas is the college drop out who works at t...
  • fan
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Silence (Mateo Bowles story) by SavageSquadGoals
Silence (Mateo Bowles story)by Mateo's Wife
I am silent. Now one can break me, more like hate me. Don't get it twisted, no body ever insisted. I tried to cut to my bone, but I was never left alone. I make no sound...
  • bowles
  • dance
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Family  by charmed2gether
Family by Sydney
Third book of Eldred series (his mate, Luna, family) Now having five kids, Cordelia and Pierce have a lot on their hands. Especially when they have a teenage son with a...
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Donald Pierce x Reader by CrazyFreckledGinger
Donald Pierce x Readerby A Mystical Being Living In A...
Best ranking #5 In Donald, #1 In Laura Kinney A bunch of headcanons and (newly added) fics I made about Donald Pierce that can also be found on my Tumblr. (same URL) Thi...
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Hiding From Fate (Vic Fuentes) by clearly_delaney1245
Hiding From Fate (Vic Fuentes)by ♤ Delaney Dean ♤
**Please note there is some Alan Ashby love in this, however, it is mainly a Vic fan fiction** Hadley Marie Hadaway has spent nearly nine years avoiding her best friend...
  • pierce
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Vic Fuentes adopted me by kidcatastrophy15
Vic Fuentes adopted meby Amber Shadøws
At a orphanage in San Diego, a girl is told a man is coming to see here but she's completely clueless as to who was adopting her and if they were nice...
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So Sure✵ Elijah Mikaelson *ON HOLD* by KaitlynRae99
So Sure✵ Elijah Mikaelson *ON HOLD*by Kaitlyn
"You took away my right of choice when you turned me." "I didn't wish for Niklaus to hurt you so you were safer as a vampire." Niklaus Mikaelson wasn...
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Band Member One Shots: Requests Closed! by YDGN_Turtles
Band Member One Shots: Requests Cl...by Jessica
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Behind These Scars (a Faberry fanfic) by angel_reanee
Behind These Scars (a Faberry fanf...by Angel Reanee
Quinn Fabray isn't your normal teenager. Her father left when she was a baby and her mother is never around due to her job. She has been in and out of rehab for eating d...
  • brittana
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Falling Into Place (Jaime Preciado) (*PTV* Fanfic 1) by Owlinahround
Falling Into Place (Jaime Preciado...by Owlinahround
Jaime finally meets the girl of his dreams.... literally. Everything seems to be going fine and then the whole thing just crashed down into a million puzzle pieces. will...
  • tonyperry
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