Katerina's Daughter  by JustinsLilShawty
Katerina's Daughter by Kira
• I do not own any Vampire Diaries characters, credit to L.J. Smith, Julie Plec and any others associated with the franchise. • I only own the storylines and character p...
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Scott's Mate (Scott McCall)  by -voidbiles
Scott's Mate (Scott McCall) by -voidbiles
'You Must Realize, Danger Is Very Real, But Fear... Fear Is A Choice' * Ariana Pierce just moved from London to Beacon Hills. Yes, she may be a bad ass, crazy, sexy, fem...
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Her Humanity ⇒ Katherine Pierce (TVD) by Insanity69
Her Humanity ⇒ Katherine Pierce (T...by HIATUS
Natalie Makarov was Katherine Pierce's secret love. For obvious reasons they kept their love a secret. Katherine will do anything to protect Natalie and in order to do s...
  • katerina
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  • doppelgangers
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I'LL BE GOOD| the vampire diaries by fandomlover727
I'LL BE GOOD| the vampire diariesby fandomlover727
"i never meant to start a fire, i never meant to make you bleed. i'll be a better man today". in which we discover the life journey of a boy who lost his paren...
  • mikaelson
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  • wattpride
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I'm Your Father... (A Vic Fuentes Daughter Story) by NeverGiveIn2598
I'm Your Father... (A Vic Fuentes...by NeverGiveIn2598
**Currently Editing** 14 years ago, Vic Fuentes thought he wasn't quick enough to stop the "love of his life" from aborting his child, so for fourteen years...
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SUNFLOWER SWEETHEART | t.vampiredi...by ᴋᴀᴛɪᴇ !
" i'm not ready to leave you. you can't go. not yet. you promised me. " " i know, and for that i'm sorry. i never wanted to hurt you. " billie was an...
  • damonsalvatore
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Always Been You (Vic Fuentes) ✔️ by LexusRat
Always Been You (Vic Fuentes) ✔️by Mouse
As Vic Fuentes and his band Pierce The Veil climbed the ladder to stardom, a valued friendship was torn to shreds. Feelings that were hidden were now coming through the...
  • tony
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The Story of the Other Original Petrova (1) by Katherine101
The Story of the Other Original Pe...by ♔Mɪss Kᴀᴛʜᴇʀɪɴᴇ♔
What if Tatia Petrova , the woman who started it all , had a sister ? A sister that matched her beauty . A sister that was her rival for the hearts of the Orignal broth...
  • diaries
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DEAL ☞ S. ROGERS by deadrpses
DEAL ☞ S. ROGERSby nova
DEAL | " it would break your captain's heart " Marvel/TVD ...
  • avengers
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  • rogers
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Tides •Kellic by TangledInKells
Tides •Kellicby TangledInKells
Kellin Quinn, the leather jacket obsessed, so charming he's intimidating, to die for beauty on Campus. Vic Fuentes? Vic is the stuttering outcast whose small crush on Ke...
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The Mikaelson Angel (The Vampire Diaries/The Originals) by xlinnythepoohx
The Mikaelson Angel (The Vampire D...by lindsay rose
There was one a girl named Elenour Mikaelson; heart as pure as the sun and personality as vibrant as can be. Being the original hybrids twin or a member of the Mikaelson...
  • tylerlockwood
  • lockwood
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So Sure✵ Elijah Mikaelson *ON HOLD* by KaitlynRae99
So Sure✵ Elijah Mikaelson *ON HOLD*by Kaitlyn
"You took away my right of choice when you turned me." "I didn't wish for Niklaus to hurt you so you were safer as a vampire." Niklaus Mikaelson wasn...
  • rebekah
  • pierce
  • niklaus
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Meryl Streep & Pierce Brosnan, donde todo comenzó (peryl) by Meryl_Brosnan
Meryl Streep & Pierce Brosnan, don...by Pau_Streep
Fanfic escrita entre 2008 y 2009, donde surgió el amor incondicional a esta pareja epica que todo el mundo conoció en Mamma Mia! Pierce Brosnan y Meryl Streep se conocen...
  • mammamia
  • meryl
  • jamesbond
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Bookworm (Kellic) by xxpiercethejordynnxx
Bookworm (Kellic)by Viccy-Poo
Kellin Quinn, your average nerd, somehow manages to find himself tutoring the co-captain of the soccer team, Vic Fuentes. But what neither of them knows; the other is ga...
  • vic
  • sws
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Desire » Elena Gilbert (ON HOLD) by Argentmikaelson
Desire » Elena Gilbert (ON HOLD)by argentmikaelson
❝Wherever there is desire, there is a flame. And wherever there is a flame, someone is bound to get burned.❞ _____ [s e a s o n 1 - ?] [under construction]...
  • lesbian
  • vampire
  • tvd
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Kaitlynn Salvatore (Klaus Mikaelson) by whoninja
Kaitlynn Salvatore (Klaus Mikaelso...by whoninja
Kaitlynn Salvatore didn't expect to find her mate when she came back to Mystic Falls. All she expected to find were her idiot brothers and their little orphan Elena. K...
  • katherinepierce
  • pierce
  • salvatore
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Hail Hydra- B. Barnes (Under Editing) by SkadiLokison
Hail Hydra- B. Barnes (Under Editi...by Skadi
*currently being edited* She can't remember anything except a man who works with her and a machine that messes with her mind. Her right arm and left leg have been replac...
  • bucky
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❝ Because I could not stop for death, he kindly stopped for me ; The carriage held but just ourselves and immortality. ❞ [The Vampire Diaries] [female!OCxKat...
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Alone. Zayn Malik. [Vampire] by CaitlinHarryTVD
Alone. Zayn Malik. [Vampire]by idkstyles
Zayn Malik is the most feared vampire in the world. Ruthless. Stubborn. Heartless. Hateful. No Humanity. He tears through humans with no remorse, no gentleness. No one c...
  • malik
  • pierce
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The Other Petrova (TVD Fanfiction) by DiedT0Live
The Other Petrova (TVD Fanfiction)by Rose Thorns
Have you ever wonder what would happen if there was another doppelgänger? Would Elena still be the center of everyone's attention? What if Elena wasn't the center? What...
  • silas
  • petrova
  • rebekah
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