And I'll push you away I get so afraid

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Chapter 9

“Oh my god, Vic I think im going to barf."   I said as I was trying to not hyperventilate. My stomach was so twisted I swear my organs where all upside down. I hated the waiting part of going on stage. I knew I would barf maybe 3 times ,cry,down 2 water bottles and pee like 10 times. This was one of the very reasons why I couldn’t be a performer.

Worst of all Kellin was going to be here, and I knew he would be watching. The only ones who saw me sing earlier at sound was Justin and Gabe. I felt like a mess. I was pacing around while the rest of PTV warmed up. Vic sat there handing me my water every now and then and followed me to the bathroom when I had to.. you  know.

“ Nikki you do this every time, and you know you’ll be ok. Just breath.”  Mike called from the back corner as he wamred up with his  drum stick, making a rythimic patteren on the table.

I couldn’t make myself tell them the reason why I was so nervous this time. Just then the guys were called on stage, I was left to take care of myself.

Fianlly leaving the room i went to go watch from the side of the stage. Kellin had joined the boys on stage for the song King for a day. I felt myself becoming a fan girl and cheering. What has gotten into me?

“ You seem ok now” Justin said as he and the rest of the guys came up beside me. They were followed by a guy with a camera who was making a funny voice.

“Who is this fox?” said the guy who began to stick the camera in my face. I smiled.

“ Im moxie , and im from Tennessee" I said in an southern accent. tossing my hair from side to side like a ditsy blonde.

“ Sam not now, shes about to go on” Justin budded in.  He was right, the song had finished . My nerves came back but I felt them change to adrenalin. Someone handed me a mic and I waited for my cue.

“ Thanks Kellin, everyone give it up!” Vic said into the mic but was drowned out by the fans scareaming.
The next song began to start and Vic began to sing. I knew I was going to be introduced soon.
Before my part the guys per longed the music leaving Vic to introduce me.

“ For those who have seen us before you’ll remember this sexy lady. Shes my best friend and its not often we get to tour with her.” The fans cheered just as loud. I felt a shiver go down my back.
The guys all patted my back as I ran on stage.

“ Whats up Monteral! How is everyone doing?!” the crowd screamed.  The music continued and I began to sing.

"If you were me, you'd do the same.'Cause I can't take anymore.I'll draw the shades and close the door.Everything's not alright, and I would rather..."

The crowd went crazy. As we jumped around stage. I glanced over to the side stage and Kellin had a huge smile on his face, he gave me a thumbs up. While the guys danced around behind him. Sam recoding still.

And as the sun went down, we ended up on the ground.I heard the train shake the windows,you screamed over the sound.And as we own this night,I put your body to the test with mine.This love was out of control...Tell me, where did it go? 

Vic and I finished up together.
Before leaving the stage I thanked the guys, fans and hugged Vic.

Kellin pov.
I had just come off stage when the next song came off. My throat was so dry, I was glad when someone handed me some water.

Shit! Im on the wrong side of the stage.

Quickly I ran back stage and had to figure out what hallway lead to the other side. After about 3 doors and a flight of stairs, I figured out I was going the wrong way. By th time I reached the guys, Nikki had ran on stage and began to sing.

Her voice was so beautiful, I felt butterflies in my stomach and goosebumps form on my arms. The rest of the guys where whistling and yelling behind me. It was crazy but I think I was starstuck. She looked over at me, and I knew I had a stupid grin plastered on my face. All I could do was give her a thumbs up.

"Kellin, Kellin, Kellin... What is that grin for??" Sam had the camera in my face speaking in the voice that would normally make me laugh but all my attention was on the girl on stage.
"Ouuu, somebody has a crush i see" i was still ignoring him as the song ended. I could feel my heart beating hard as she walked over.

“That was awesome Nikki, you should sing a song with us at the next venue!” Gabe yelled over the music. Sam was now reocrding Nikki while everyone was going ecstatic. Then came my turn to congradulate.

I don’t know if it was because I was still on my high from preforming or I was completely turned on but when she walked over to me I couldn’t control myself. I cupped her face with my hand and leaned down for a kiss. It lingered for what felt like forever. Everything around me went away. Untill she placed her hands on my chest and pulled away.

My heart sank when I opened my eyes to see her face. I looked up at the guys who all had shocked looks on their face. But before I could do anything she ran away. I tempted to go after her but Jesse stopped me.

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