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Cant just walk into my life and expect the best

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There was a knock at the door before the  knob  twisted and the door opened slowly. I already knew who it was by the sound of his foot steps coming down the hall.

"May  I?" he spoke softly. I nodded watching him cross the floor to the end of the bed were he sat down

"Our son." he started. "He's very bright. " I smiled, knowing how  true it was. "Like his mother"

"Maybe true, but hes as witty as his father" I added. Danny laughed. He knew what i meant.

"Im sorry for kicking both of you out. I wish i could go back and do it all over again. I dont want him to grow up without a father" Danny's head was  down as he played with his fingers. I shuffled forward and sat cross legged beside him resting my head on his shoulder.

"He wont" was all i could say.  

we sat in silence for awhile. 

"Are you going to tell him Kellin is his father as well?"

jerking my head up to stare at Danny. I was shocked. 


"Are you going to drop it on Trevor that Kellin is his father too?" he repeated with a  bit of annoyance in his voice.

"I..umm..I dont"

"I think it'll be really hard for him"

"So what are you saying?"

"Well i know your dating Kell, but is he really going to be around for long? Long enough to be considered a father to our son?"

Was Danny actually mad? Was he actually saying he wants me to get rid of kellin?

"Listen im not dumping Kellin, just because you decided to walk into our lives." 

I could see the fire behind his crystal blue eyes. This was his plan.

"Well I dont want him around out son. Im his father"

"And im his mother! You just showed up here so i have say in Trevor's life, not you.  I have say as in who can come and go in his life"

" He hasn't even met him!"

"I dont care Danny. If your going to come in here and want to be a part of his life.."

"I want you back Nikki.I want to be in both of your lives again. Im clean, im sober and im ready to be here 110%"

I jumped up and away from him. How can he do this? How can he just show up after years of wanting to be away and wanting nothing to do with Trevor or me. To wanting to be here, this was to unreal. I was so confused.

"Get out" 


"Get out  get out GET OUT!!" I screamed over and over until he was gone.  I  was hot and flustered. How dare he.

suddenly my phone went off. Great a text from Kellin.  taking a deep breath i slid it open. Feeling my stomach drop.

Kellin: Its nice to know that the girl i gave everything to is  out on a date with the one man that took everything away" 

shit he saw us. I knew this would get out, I knew i was going to get caught. Danny was ruining everything. or was it me who ruins everything.? 

A tear drop fell on my phone and soon i felt the stream of warm tears run down my cheeks. Feeling weak i fell against the wall and slid down to the ground, holding my knees to my chest.

I wanted this to end, i wanted to run away.

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