Escape Route

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Kellin  pov

What the hell did I just do? What did I just get myself into? I was not expecting to hear that. Frankly I had no idea what I was excepting. I wasn't even sure what I wanted to hear. Or how to feel. 

A child is a big responsibility. Yes, he has foster parents but how was I suppose to get him to like me? What if he doesn't like me at all? What If I'm not a good parent ? Nikki wouldn't want me.  

What was I saying? Why am I worried if her child would like me or not or if I'm parent material? 

I'm a rock star, I have fans to worry about not if there's monsters under the bed. Right?  

I slumped down on the grass and buried my head in my hands.  

This was so messed up. My head was everywhere. I had this ultimatium..  

My heart tugged at the fact I had just walked out but I needed to think before I made up my mind.

"Kellin?" I jumped. I literally felt my bones jump as I whipped around to see Vicky standing there. 

"Shit you scared me" 

"Sorry" she mumbled and came to sit beside me on the grass  

"I thought you left?" 

"If you thought I left why did you think to check?"  

" smart one. Okay you got me. I over heard what happened and knew you wouldn't leave"

"How'd you know I wouldnt?" 

"Because your not that type of guy, you wouldn't walk out on her."

It was nice to hear that but it wasn't helping my situation  

"Thanks" was all I could conjure up 

"Listen, I know you have alot to process and your torn for her not telling you. But hear me out. She's had alot to deal with, she hides him only to protect him from having to feel what she went through and partly because she doesn't want to feel that way again. Trevor is a great kid, he is smart and loving and might I add really funny. As her best friend and because I think your perfect for her I'm telling you to go home and sleep on it. I don't want you thinking you have to make a decision now because that's just going to back fire. She knows an I've told her you needed to think"

I looked up at Vicky. This was probably the most heart to heart we have ever had. And I was greatful, it was no wonder why she was Nikki's best friend and Justin had fallen for her. She might of came off a bit of a bitch and a wild party animal but she was really smart and knew how to keep people grounded.

"Thank you, I . I don't know what to say" 

"Just say you'll think about it?" She smiled. I nodded and got up. Holding my hand out to help her. She smiled and took it. 

"One question" I said before I filed a cab. 

She looked at my tilting her head to the side awaiting my question. 

"You never cheated on Justin, right? You and Mike have nothing going on."

She looked at me long and hard. I was afraid to hear what was braking my best friends heart. 


She started but I rose my hand up to stop her, cause I really didn't want to hear it. 

"Talk to him, it's for the best" 

She nodded and looked down at her feet. I turned around when the taxi man picked up the phone and asked for a cab back to the bus

Im going to end this soon, Ive dragged it on  for a long time. any thoughts?

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