Beneath the Surface by inlovewithLife101
Beneath the Surfaceby Halie Morris
Percy Jackson Fanfic(All characters are mortal) To his friends he is a carefree, troublemaker who when he actually gets angry is not someone to mess with. Little do they...
  • gabe
  • percyjackson
The New Kid by The___Asian
The New Kidby The___Asian
Being called The New Kid is just another nickname for Percy. He may not like it, but almost every other month, he has either gotten kicked out of school or his step-fath...
  • connorstoll
  • pipermclean
  • jasongrace
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Sabriel One Shots (The Destiel One Shots Are Now In Their Own Collection) by 69ExtraSmokeyFlavour
Sabriel One Shots (The Destiel I am a woman with a smile on...
SABRIELLLLL Smut and fluff I have an obsession because who the fuck wouldn't There's a lot of the butt fuckies Do I stop at 100 or what like shit, I delete chapters and...
  • supernatural
  • hot
  • wattys2018
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Finding Your True Loves by wraithprincess
Finding Your True Lovesby wraithprincess
Can Emmalynn Find love after Being In a Terrible Relationship with her Ex Boyfriend Is 14 her lucky number , Follow her journey #ghostbird #blackbourneteam #tomateam #...
  • north
  • axel
  • sean
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Gabriel X Reader by todabarricade
Gabriel X Readerby Murdoch in the TARDIS
Ah, yes. Gabriel. Loki. The Trickster. The Archangel Who Is Not Dead. My favourite, as proven by how many damn fanfics I've written about him. So here they are for your...
  • readerinsert
  • imagines
  • supernatural
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Anti-Academy by Bookworm7216
Anti-Academyby Bookworm7216
What if Sang has two siblings instead of one? A set of twins a brother and a sister. What if they're a part of the Academy? What happens when tragedy strikes their smal...
  • ghostbird
  • marie
  • sean
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Faithfully Yours [Dominantly Yours Sequel] by DumDumPops4
Faithfully Yours [Dominantly Cayleigh
Stories don't always end at the happily ever after. Claire Masters is not usually one to give up in a battle. She's strong, loyal, and protective of what's hers. As the...
  • princess
  • paranormal
  • omega
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Transmission from the Trickster by KittyHazelnut
Transmission from the Tricksterby KittyHazelnut
Sam had nearly forgotten about the trickster. It had been almost eight years since the last time they met, after all. Meeting the Scooby gang changed all that. That wa...
  • gabriel
  • gabe
  • supernatural
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The Bucket List >> Sabriel ✔️ by tricksterlarry
The Bucket List >> Sabriel ✔️by XX
In which Sam Winchester develops cancer and is placed in hospital with a roommate by the name of Gabriel Novak, who has a bucket list. ~If you like causing trouble up in...
  • novak
  • romance
  • lgbt
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Sean Lew and Gabe de Guzman Imagines | heartfelix | COMPLETED by heartfelix
Sean Lew and Gabe de Guzman hyped ⋆ hoshi
Multiple imagines of two amazing dancers
  • gdg
  • gabedeguzman
  • gabedeguzmanimagines
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Sean Lew Imagines \\ ON HOLD by bee-tea-ass
Sean Lew Imagines \\ ON HOLDby ☁️ 지민의 공주 ☁️
© 2016 softsean Started; Nov/23/2016 Ended; ⭐️ Highest Ranking // #1 in 'Sean Lew Imagines'
  • boysquad
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Surviving Sang by Callabunny
Surviving Sangby Callabunny (Maggie Lynn)
Sang Sorenson entered the boys' lives in a whirlwind. She's brought them joy, innocence, kindness, a fair amount of lustful thoughts, and more than enough trouble. As th...
  • rh
  • kota
  • luke
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Never Let You Go by Fan_Fictionator3000
Never Let You Goby Fan_Fictionator3000
Dean has had just about enough of Sam. Yeah, sure, he went through a break-up, but he's twenty-three for crying out loud! Sam has been driving Dean crazy, he never leave...
  • gabriel
  • supernatural
  • gabe
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The Walking Dead Game One-shot (Males Characters x Reader)  by frafantoTWDG
The Walking Dead Game One-shot ( _Libertalia_
A one-shot collection for any male character of The Walking Dead. Requests are open.
  • alvin
  • luke
  • carlos
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Wasteland // Vic Fuentes by eternityinyourarms
Wasteland // Vic Fuentesby eternityinyourarms
Kendall Bostwick. She suffered from her parents rage a lot more than her brother Kellin did- after all he was on tour. After being fed up of being abused and shouted at...
  • justin
  • quinn
  • mike
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multifandom ⏩ gif series by http_trixie
multifandom ⏩ gif seriesby • Trixie •
as the story titel says.
  • liamdunbar
  • lydiamartin
  • theoraeken
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Speak Up by Cadence1o1
Speak Upby Lilly <3
In an AU world, where gods and demigods are only fantasy and fiction, Percy Jackson is hiding a secret. Maybe a bit too well. He's mute and in highschool. Will anyone f...
  • mute
  • hoo
  • gabe
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Teen Wolf Preferences/Imagines by MrsRaeken2020
Teen Wolf Preferences/Imaginesby _Fandom._.Crazy_
Here are some Teen Wolf preferences which will include: •Scott •Stiles •Derek •Liam •Theo •Isaac •Brett •Aiden •Jackson •Jordan •Nolan •Gabe •Garrett •Peter •Lydia *Th...
  • teenwolf
  • jordanparrish
  • derekhale
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{COMPLETED}I am NOT in love [A Dipcifica Fan Fiction] by RyxxCium
{COMPLETED}I am NOT in love [A Because I Can
Dipper Pines is the new kid at Falls High School. He, along with his sister Mabel, move to Gravity Falls due to some issues back at home. Having to abandon their old fri...
  • pacífica
  • highschool
  • gabe
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Stronger With You by Hope_4life
Stronger With Youby Alyssa ✨
Clementine never wanted to get attached. But she did. She promised getting attached to him would get him killed. But what she didn't know was that could never happen. Be...
  • gabentine
  • gabe
  • clem
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