Beneath the Surface by inlovewithLife101
Beneath the Surfaceby Halie Morris
Percy Jackson Fanfic(All characters are mortal) To his friends he is a carefree, troublemaker who when he actually gets angry is not someone to mess with. Little do they...
  • gabe
  • percyjackson
Wish You Were Mine by daphneezone
Wish You Were Mineby Daphnee Zone
How long can two hearts endure the desire that they feel? Kaycee Caitlin Rice and Sean Charles Lew first met in the starting line of tneir dreams and became competitors...
  • lewser
  • tahani
  • shamu
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Sang's Sins by nefelibata-mulher
Sang's Sinsby Kate
Sang never had a normal life. From abusive and neglectful parents to her only friend being a demon, she's always been abnormal. She never expected 8 other boys, though...
  • luke
  • owen
  • demons
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Broken by purplelittleninja
Brokenby Kailyn
Percy's life change when he was four as his mother Sally was murdered by his Step-Father Gabe and is abused for a few months until a neighbor called the police and Percy...
  • annabeth
  • percyjackson
  • percyabused
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Overwatch boyfriend scenerios/ preferences by ChocoBr0
Overwatch boyfriend scenerios/ Chocolate
Scenarios between you and Overwatch boys! Includes Genji, Hanzo, Jesse (McCree), Jack (Soldier), Gabe (Reaper), Zenyatta, Lucio, and Jamison (Junkrat) contains some smu...
  • reaper
  • overwatchprefrences
  • soldier76
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Sabriel One Shots by 69ExtraSmokeyFlavour
Sabriel One Shotsby I am a woman with a smile on...
SABRIELLLLL Smut and fluff I have an obsession because who the fuck wouldn't There's a lot of the butt fuckies Do I stop at 100 or what like shit, I delete chapters and...
  • hot
  • supernatural
  • cute
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{COMPLETED}I am NOT in love [A Dipcifica Fan Fiction] by RyxxCium
{COMPLETED}I am NOT in love [A Because I Can
Dipper Pines is the new kid at Falls High School. He, along with his sister Mabel, move to Gravity Falls due to some issues back at home. Having to abandon their old fri...
  • mysteryshack
  • billcipher
  • comedy
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The Ghost (The Academy Ghost Bird)  by INeedSleepzzz
The Ghost (The Academy Ghost Bird) by Krusty Krab VS. Chum Bucket
She is known throughout the academy as The Ghost. She is the deadliest assassin the world has ever seen. The Academy hired he to do the dirty jobs that they didn't want...
  • gabe
  • blackbourne
  • luke
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Finding Your True Loves by wraithprincess
Finding Your True Lovesby wraithprincess
Can Emmalynn Find love after Being In a Terrible Relationship with her Ex Boyfriend Is 14 her lucky number , Follow her journey #ghostbird #blackbourneteam #tomateam #...
  • marc
  • luke
  • north
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Perfect Strangers | The Walking Dead Louisintine (louis x clementine) by KyndallSmithBlog2018
Perfect Strangers | The Walking Kyndall Smith
What if Lee comes back and still chopped his arm but he never get infected? What if Lee go in Ericson School? (eeeeehhhh I dont know whats the spelling) What if Lee meet...
  • ship
  • louisxclementine
  • zombie
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Gabriel X Reader by todabarricade
Gabriel X Readerby Murdoch in the TARDIS
Ah, yes. Gabriel. Loki. The Trickster. The Archangel Who Is Not Dead. My favourite, as proven by how many damn fanfics I've written about him. So here they are for your...
  • oneshots
  • gabrielxreader
  • gabriel
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Percy Jackson story.He is betrayed from the camp and everyone follows Ray son of Hermes and Brother of Luke. He avenges his blood and takes away everything.The young her...
  • gabe
  • thalia
  • guardian
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Be My Bush Baby (Alaskan Bush People Fan Fiction) by TravyBearNLT
Be My Bush Baby (Alaskan Bush Ashlee
Book One - Matt's Story An Alaskan Bush People fan fiction
  • wattys2016
  • people
  • matt
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I'll Be There For You - A Gabentine Fanfiction by MaddieTheTrashPanda
I'll Be There For You - A hey dude, im omid
4 years.. It's been 4 years since Clementine left Richmond to find AJ. With another herd around, she wasn't able to return right away. Now, 4 years later, she returns wi...
  • thewalkingdeadgame
  • clementine
  • gabentine
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The Bucket List >> Sabriel ✔️ by tricksterlarry
The Bucket List >> Sabriel ✔️by XX
In which Sam Winchester develops cancer and is placed in hospital with a roommate by the name of Gabriel Novak, who has a bucket list. ~If you like causing trouble up in...
  • michifer
  • samwinchester
  • sam
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secrets (destiel & sabriel) by Castiel_Winchester22
secrets (destiel & sabriel)by Castiel Winchester
Dean and Castiel have liked each other but never told each other their feelings. When Dean finally tells Castiel they decide to keep it a secret. When Sam finally finds...
  • gabe
  • winchester
  • castiel
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Faithfully Yours [Dominantly Yours Sequel] by DumDumPops4
Faithfully Yours [Dominantly Cayleigh
Stories don't always end at the happily ever after. Claire Masters is not usually one to give up in a battle. She's strong, loyal, and protective of what's hers. As the...
  • witch
  • werewolves
  • boyfriend
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Supernatural BSM/DDM by MarvelMoose
Supernatural BSM/DDMby × _ Your _ Average _Assbutt_...
Characters Dean Winchester Sam Winchester Castiel Novack Gabriel Novack Crowley • DDM Bobby Singer * DDM Lucifer
  • gabe
  • sam
  • ddm
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Sweet Until It Gets Salty (Michifer/Sabriel/Destiel) by charlietaylor101
Sweet Until It Gets Salty ( ¿?《♢♡♢》?¿
♢~Highest Ranking: #2 Michifer~♢ After their Father's disappearance and Uncle's death, Michael, Sam and Dean Winchester are left parentless and forced to leave their hom...
  • winchester
  • spn
  • cas
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Gang leader  by im_a_notahuman
Gang leader by im_a_notahuman
Alexis - the gang leader of the blood killers You're a baddie who doesn't take shit from no body
  • gabe
  • girlleader
  • alexis
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