The New Kid by The___Asian
The New Kidby The___Asian
Being called The New Kid is just another nickname for Percy. He may not like it, but almost every other month, he has either gotten kicked out of school or his step-fath...
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Broken by shortstack-21
Brokenby Kailyn
Percy's life change when he was four as his mother Sally was murdered by his Step-Father Gabe and is abused for a few months until a neighbor called the police and Percy...
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Overwatch boyfriend scenerios/ preferences by ChocoBr0
Overwatch boyfriend scenerios/ Chocolate
Scenarios between you and Overwatch boys! Includes Genji, Hanzo, Jesse (McCree), Jack (Soldier), Gabe (Reaper), Zenyatta, Lucio, and Jamison (Junkrat) contains some smu...
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Twdg Male Characters x Readers  by InsanityLover828
Twdg Male Characters x Readers by ♡
A few Twdg characters x readers one-shots :) 💕 [No More Requests/Closed For Now, Until I Decide To Take Them Again]
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Faithfully Yours [Dominantly Yours Sequel] by DumDumPops4
Faithfully Yours [Dominantly Cayleigh
Stories don't always end at the happily ever after. Claire Masters is not usually one to give up in a battle. She's strong, loyal, and protective of what's hers. As the...
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Sang's Sins by nefelibata-mulher
Sang's Sinsby Kate
Sang never had a normal life. From abusive and neglectful parents to her only friend being a demon, she's always been abnormal. She never expected 8 other boys, though...
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seaycee imagines by kiraiono_234
seaycee imaginesby @QWEENOFCRINGE
seaycee thingssss
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Enemies With Benefits by Kurvpted
Enemies With Benefitsby Kurvpted
If there's one thing you should know about me, it's that I hate Gabe Smith. I really do. I hate how cocky he is and I hate that stupid smirk he wears when he sees me, li...
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Hidden Angels (Supernatural) by SammysMissingShoe
Hidden Angels (Supernatural)by SammysMissingShoe
28 year old Lily Jones has never had a good life and thinks the world has everything against her. This is until a 67 Chevy Impala show up outside her house and the world...
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Teen Wolf Preferences/Imagines by 20SarahPorter20
Teen Wolf Preferences/Imaginesby S☁️
Here are some Teen Wolf preferences which will include: •Scott •Stiles •Derek •Liam •Theo •Isaac •Brett •Aiden •Jackson •Jordan •Nolan •Gabe •Garrett •Peter •Lydia *Th...
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The Dance Part 2 by polaris1401
The Dance Part 2by polaris1401
This story is a continuation of the Dance. Because I reached the maximum numbers of chapters Wattpad can handle, we are continuing the Dance Part 2 in a new book.
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Percy Jackson story.He is betrayed from the camp and everyone follows Ray son of Hermes and Brother of Luke. He avenges his blood and takes away everything.The young her...
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The Bucket List >> Sabriel ✔️ by tricksterlarry
The Bucket List >> Sabriel ✔️by XX
In which Sam Winchester develops cancer and is placed in hospital with a roommate by the name of Gabriel Novak, who has a bucket list. ~If you like causing trouble up in...
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Chemistry  (clouis) (school AU) by ISHIPH20VANOSS
Chemistry (clouis) (school AU)by Nevaeh
the title says it all
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The Evils of Panties (Slow Updates) by savinggoddess
The Evils of Panties (Slow Updates)by Tay💜
Sang Sorenson has been enrolled in what is affectionately called "Hell" for three years now. The Academy has been watching the school for a while after they sa...
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The Countdown by nefelibata-mulher
The Countdownby Kate
In feudal Charleston, Sang lives in poverty as does the rest of the kingdom outside of royalty. They steal, sell themselves, and commit heinous crimes without a second t...
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Gabriel X Reader by todabarricade
Gabriel X Readerby Murdoch in the TARDIS
Ah, yes. Gabriel. Loki. The Trickster. The Archangel Who Is Not Dead. My favourite, as proven by how many damn fanfics I've written about him. So here they are for your...
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The Winchesters Son by Patnis
The Winchesters Sonby Love At First Klance
Stiles is a skinny, defenseless human dating a werewolf. Derek Hale, Stiles's boyfriend, is an alpha of a pack. Dean Winchester is the husband of Castiel Winchester, an...
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It started with a favor {WATTYS 2018} by xXHeyItsPhiaaaaXx
It started with a favor {WATTYS IWokeUpLikeThis
"Just leave me alone!" Before I could do anything, I get pinned against the lockers. "Oh, no you don't" "GET OFF ME!" Before I could say an...
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The broken and the muted boy(a Percabeth fanfic) *currently Under Edit* by Moondust1692
The broken and the muted boy(a WolfOfTheNight
Abused Bullied Starved Depressed Suicidal Misserable This was what his life was like after HE came into his life. He wasn't really happy anymore, because there was nothi...
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