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Meet your son

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“Dean is at work today. Sadly hes been on call for the past few nights so we havnt had time to do much. Trevor will be excited to see you. Would you like something to eat or drink?” Josie walked us in to the kitchen.

“no, we actually just ate”

 She smiled and  poured a  glass of apple juice into one of Trevor's cups.

Handing it to me.

“Hes in the play room”  

Leaving Danny  in the  kitchen to go see our son, I stood in the door way and watched him play with his action figures. Making  batman drive around in the bat mobile as he made car  noises. He was perfect, he most   beautiful boy I had ever seen. He had  Danny's blue eyes and my nose.  I wish I could show the world how beautiful my son was, call him mine and have him with me everyday.

“Mommy?”  his voice broke me from my thoughts

I looked down to see him frozen with with toys around him. I smiled and crouched down, letting him jump up and run into my arms.

Tears invaded my eyes, just like they did every time  I heard his voice.

“Trevor, I missed you so much”

“Me too mommy”  god, he broke my heart.

“mommy, come play with me!”  he  wiggled in my grasp so I let him down, he grabbed my hand and pulled me over to play. 

He made me play the joker and  obviously bat man had to trap him and throw him in jail. I let him narrate the story as I played along in aw  because  of the imagination he had.

“So listen”  I started. 

“remember  how  you have another  mommy and daddy?”

He nodded  still playing with his toys.

“Well you know how im your mommy too”

“You’re my real one still, right?”  he looked up at me.

“yes, and I wouldn’t change it for the world” I was glad  Josie and dean allowed him to know  I was his real mom even if he didn’t fully understand it yet.

“Well, you have a real daddy too”

Trevor didn’t say anything or act like he cared.

“He wants to meet you”

“Well why did he come play with me first?”  he stopped looking down at his batman toy

“Mommy didn’t think it was okay for a stranger to come and play you before explaining who they were”

“Well if hes daddy then hes not a stranger”  I smiled. My boy was a smart one

“That’s true, did you want to meet him?”

Trevor nodded. I lightly  squeezed his hand and got up to get Danny.

Danny walked in and sat  cross legged on the floor as  Josie and I stood in the door way.

“How did this happen?” she whispered to me.

“He found me in Vegas and asked to see his son. I..Kellin..” was all I could say before I choked on my words as tears invaded my eyes. She pulled me into a hug.

“I understand. How much do you care about  him?”



I looked at her, my head was so full of feelings and things I couldn’t  pin point who I had feelings for. I just wanted to run and hide. I wanted my son and no one else. He was the only man in my life.

“You need to think this though. When are you leaving?”


“Go up staires, your spending the night”  I knew I couldn’t get out of this so I nodded want went upstaires.

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