Sometimes they say it should feel something like fire ( Kellin Quinn)

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Hey, if your reading this.  Im not a writer, but i like to write. so if you like it thats awesome , if not.  please no hateing. Ive never really posted anything that ive written before so  here goes nothing. :)

“See you in the bus Kell”

“Later guys” I said as I walked off stage. I didn’t really feel like going out to get McDonalds with the guys. This tour food is making me feel like a fat ass. We're always getting take out.

At the beginning of touring its always great and convenient when your starving after a show but you get sick of it fast. I decided to take a look around the venue we where playing at tonight. I had just finished sound check with the guys and was on the hunt for water.

There was staff walking around but I didn’t feel like asking.  I was bored and wanted to explore. Finally I came to the Sleeping with Sirens change room. “ this would be loaded with stuff”.

Using my V.IP card I got in. scanning the place it wasn’t too shabby.We had a decent couch and a nice flat screen. I quickly found the mini fridge and let out a sigh of relief. 


Walking out of the change room, I watched as the sound crew unloading the rest of  our equipment from the bus into the back of the stage. Well mainly this one girl worked while everyone else stood around on stage talking and laughing. I cant stand people who did a half ass job. I had an idea.

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