This could be anywhere in the world

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Vicky pov

“I wonder how the  lunch thing is going?” I asked mike for maybe the  hundredth time.  He groaned, I knew he was getting annoyed  because  I wasn’t focusing on anything, but I couldn’t help it. She was my best friend and she was with the guy who destroyed her. Much like I was with the guy who destroyed me.  At least I knew  mike would ever throw me out if I was pregnant with his child.

“I bet their having a good time and catching up on all the good times they had together”  

I looked at him raising my  eye brow.


“Do you not recall the state she was in? do you not recall the time and effort we took to take care of her? I have a  gut feeling it is the opposite of what you just said.”

“How do you know? You always look at things in the negative”

“Do not! She my  best friend, I have this sixth sense”

 He let out a snort.

“And also  im not always negative.” 

Mike shrugged and walked over to the door of the arcade and held it open for me. I huffed my way in.  I was  never negative.

We decided to take a look around town while Nikki had lunch with Danny. I was nervous spending it with Mike, ands wish we weren’t actually covering for her.  We were bond to get caught and  Mike made me nervous.  There was still feelings there, and its not  like  we could push back everything and just be friends. 

“Play some air hockey with me?”  I turned to see Mike already at the air hockey table with the  slider already in hand.

“You  still haven't given up have you?” I smirked .

"Given up?,Babe we never finished”

I let out a snort.

“Sure okay” and  walked over to join him.

After a few games of me kicking Mikes butt we got bored and decided it was time to go and find Nikki. There was no sign of her in a few hours  and  I was starting to worry she was dead  or she killed Danny. So we left.

“So how did Justin take it when you told him you were spending the day with me?” 

My stomach twisted, thanks to mike  reminding me.

“I told him it was us three.”

Mike nodded and  kept quiet.

“So you think im a liar?”

“What, no. I didn’t say that”

“you thought it”

  Why did he always have to ruin good moments. I started to walk a bit fast. Not even knowing where I was headed.

“Im sorry, I really didn’t mean that. I  just don’t see how he would feel comfortable with this”

“Well, he isn’t  like you” I spat. Mike stopped.  I turned around to see him looked else were. 

"Mike, I..I didn’t mean that” I said as I approached him.

He shook his head. "I m fine. Im glad hes not. You  deserve so much more”

He was tugging at my heart string.

“Mike it was you who deserved better. You were perfect for me.”  Letting the words slip out of my mouth.  I had no idea what I was doing.


I pulled him into a  hug. Realizing he was perfect for me, but  it was me who wasn’t for him. We were too different and that’s why we  couldn’t  make it work. 

Suddenly I gasp, letting go of mike really fast  I grabbed him my the shirt and dragged him behind a  near by  car.

“what that…..” he yelled.

“Shhh!! Look!”  I pointed to across the street. Mike followed where  i was   pointing.

Kellin and  Justin were sitting on a patio  looking at something. Following their  gaze  we looked over and  found  Nikki and  Danny  walking to the sidewalk. Danny's hand was on the Small of her  back.

This wasn’t good.

Kellin pov

Watching my girl hug another  guy was  like taking a bullet to the chest. Not only was it another  man, but  her  ex and  Danny  Worsnop.  I knew very little  about their  relationship, only that  it was  bad and his history of drinking and such.  How could she  let him in after  they had  broken up but for me  she took for ever till I was allowed to touch her? 

I honestly  felt like crying.  I liked her, a lot. To the point where  I was falling in love but  I would  stop myself  because  I knew she wouldn’t  let herself love. Somehow I knew she  wouldn’t love me at all. 

I turned back around and slumped back into my chair.

“Dude, maybe its not what  it seems?”

“Its exactly what is seems” I mumbled.

Justin gave me a small smile.

“It makes so much sense”  shooting my hands  up. I groaned and slammed my hand  down on the table.

“She was acting so  funny after Vegas, he was there! They probably did something and then she  felt  guilty. Its why she wouldn't come near me, and had a panic attack. Why didn’t I see this before! Justin what do you know?!”

“What? Know what?”

“you  date her best friend, you must know something”

He shook his head. “I don’t. Vicky said that the three of them were  going out to…”  I guess it hit Justin too, that his girlfriend was with her ex as well. Justin slumped back and  took a big  gulp of his beer.

I think we were going to need a lot more beer today.

Nikki pov.


Danny  nodded. I walked forward up the path leading to a giant  stone house. My  heart was in my throat and my hands were  shaking at my sides. I felt Danny slip his hand in mine. It felt comforting and  I knew he was scare himself.

“Let me talk to him first. Its going to be a lot” 

 I turned and rang the door bell.

“Nikki?”  a girl around my age opened the door with shock in her voice. Normally I would of called before I came over but today was different. I wasn’t  sure what I was doing.

“Hey Josie” I smiled. She smiled wildly and  smothered me with a hug.

“I havnt heard from you in forever. You  never told me you were  coming by”

“Im sorry I didn’t know either” I said into her hair. 

She let me go and looked me over.

“you  look good”  I smiled. Danny  cleared his throat behind me

“Oh, umm this is  Danny” .  her face fell a bit. She knew about Danny but  obviously never met him. But her smile found  its way to her face again and she pulled him into a hug.

“Danny, nice to meet you”

She  pulled away and stuck out her hand

“Im Josie. By paper the mother of your son”  

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