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Kellin pov 

I marched on the  bus and  headed straight for my  bunk. I didnt want to talk to anyone. I didnt even want to see anyone. Justin wasnt too far  behind me but he wasnt in a  good mood either. 

I laid there, fist clenched at  my  side and  just staring at the ceiling of my bunk.  Blinking away tears. How could she do that? How could she hurt me?   Just when I thought i was  breaking through her walls, she knocks me  down.    I was  furious, not at her  but at Danny. How  could he just walk back into her life and get her to fall for him, just like that.?  He wasnt good for her. He broke her heart.  I was good for her. I would of given her the world. Nikki made me  hurt like no other girl.

Tears were running down my cheeks. Faint voices  came from the front  room, i wan'ts deaf to know they were talking about me. Justin was explaining to the band what happened. I just choose not to listen. My heart  ached enough.

Deciding I had to let her know I was  hurt and  angry. Since I wasnt  going to be a dick and just ignore her without her  knowing what she did. I still cared. I sent her a text. Reading it over a  few  times  through a  blurry vision i hit send.

Kellin : Its nice to know the  girl i gave everything to is out on a date with the one man that took it all away.

Its not like i was  expecting a reply anytime soon so i decided to my  phone on vibrate.

"Hey man. You okay?" Gabe spoke softly. i could see the outline of him through my curtains. He stood before my bunk. 

"Im great, Just fucking great" I said in a sarcastic tone. he let out a sigh.

"Kell, Listen. i know you dont want to hear all the bull shit sympathy crap, so the guys and i are going out. I think you should come too."

He was right on so many levels. i didnt want to hear how sorry they were. Yeah  they were my best friends, brother. but no one could be sorry. no one could feel the pain, and it wasnt their fault so there was no reason to be sorry. 

"Justin is coming too" He added, since i was talking forever to reply. 

I sat up and  opened my  curtain. Gabe looked at me for a second trying to see if my  getting up was a yes or i was just going to bitch at him.But a smile soon found his lips.. I faked one too.

we had hit up a restaurant  before  going to a  bar. I couldn't stomach food so i pretty much sat there  playing with my  fries. Seeing as though  Justin and I drank all afternoon i wouldnt  normally want to go drinking again, but when you hurting it was the only solution to numb the pain. It was  defiantly  numbing it.

"Another  shot?" i walked over to Justin who was pretty much in the same state as myself, in the girl department. Though he still had no evidence of  Vicky was cheating as well.

"Do you .. Do you think she's cheating on me?" Justin slurred.

I felt bad for him. He was like my brother, he was the only one that felt the same as me right now.

i shrugged. i had no answers to give him. Justin nodded and we  both pounded back our shot.

An hour later Justin and  i left the bar, the guys had gone back awhile ago. Of course after  much begging for us to come and the settlement of us calling one of them to come get us. We left, no call no nothing.

We leaned on each other and  tried our  best to walk in a straight line. but failed. It was funny, we probably looked like a couple of bums. I bet Nikk i would of been pissed if she saw me now, i hope she does see me. So she can see what she did. How much i hurt enough to drink it away. God!  I love that girl. 

I managed to pull out my phone. No msg back. Great I was being ignored now. 

"Kellin look!" Justin pointed.

It was  Mike and  Vicky. What where they  doing  out late at night? With flashlights?

Without another moment to think Justin sped off into their direction.

"What the hell!"  He yelled and he  came crashing in the Mike, sending him backwards. Justin was on top of him waling punches. Vicky  yelled to stop as  I pulled him off.

"Justin chill" I yelled, I dont even know how i was able to hold him back.

Mike quickly pushed himself off the floor, whipping his nose to see if there was any blood. Lucky  for him Justin was drunk. Really drunk.

"Justin! What was that?" Vicky yelled at him. He  looked away.

"Why are you attacking Mike for? What is your problem? Oh my god your drunk! your both drunk! "  Vicky was yelling, she was pissed.

why was she pissed?

"Maybe if you didnt lie to me I wouldnt be like this" Justin  turned back to her. He pushed me away so he could stand up.

"ME? This is my fault"

"yeah it is, If you didn't  lie to cover up Nikki's date and your alone time with your ex. I ... Kellin and  I wouldnt be like this"

Justin was acting stupid, but I would  probably said the same thing. Vicky  looked  guilty, her eyes quickly  moved to Mikewho was standing there awkwardly but prepared if Justin were to swing again.

"Justin look. I think you should go and sleep.."

"No! Tell me, Tell me why you lied!"

Vicky sighed. She looked at me,  I didnt like the look in her eyes.

"I lied, because Danny showed up in Vegas. Now before you get all pissed off hear me out. He showed up and asked Nikki to meet up. She didnt want to. She came crying to Mike and  I  but we told her to go and see what he wanted. So we covered for her. You weren't suppose to find her, Im sorry we never told you but It wasnt my decision and If i told you, Justin you would of told Kellin. Its not my spot to tell you anymore. Its hers" She said back to me.


there's always a but.

"We have no idea were she is"

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