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Sleeping Romance (GxG)  by Dreamondreamer96
Sleeping Romance (GxG) by Dreamondreamer96
Every year, Drew makes her friends choose a girl for her to date and if she keeps that through the year she wins the game. This year is different, the challenge will be...
  • lgbt
  • girlxgirl
  • love
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No Movement by Blafasdas
No Movementby Blafasdas
Sleep paralysis effects everybody once in a while, that's a fact of life. It's a normal condition caused by your brain. Completely normal.
  • creepypasta
  • hag
  • multi-part
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Demons and Roses Don't Mix by DestielHeadquarters
Demons and Roses Don't Mixby Terry
Sam does the frickles frackles with Cas. Dean walks in with flowers and flips his shit. This is a Destiel fanfiction, not Sastiel.
  • fluff
  • sleeping
  • demon
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Sleeping Valley by AbdurrahmanAderinto
Sleeping Valleyby Abdurrahman Aderinto
Imagine waking up one day and paying a visit to your uncle, the next thing you're the demi-god king of the seven demons of yaksha. Greg decides to avenge his b...
  • grimreaper
  • valley
  • sleepingvalley
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Forever Poison by hankwyborney
Forever Poisonby hankwyborney
A slightly eerie modern take on an old fairy tale. Warning: most of the mystery is left to you, the reader.
  • kidnapped
  • danger
  • beauty
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Insomnia by _ninja
Insomniaby Maria
Wren Aurora Godson has suffered of insomnia. She has golden blond Hair and bright blue eyes but just always has violet contacts in to be like her favorite princess. Prin...
  • payne
  • sleeping
  • insomnia
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Float. - Chapter One by birdycage
Float. - Chapter Oneby birdycage
When Heidi Zido's identical twin sister drowns, she thinks her world is falling apart. She wants nothing more to die, and is haunted by the memories and guilt she feels...
  • girl
  • drowning
  • sleeping
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A Origem de Malévola - O Mundo das Fadas by Amedkiller
A Origem de Malévola - O Mundo Amed killer
Havia um mundo oculto nas profundezas da floresta, próximo a um reino muito próspero, lá viviam as fadas. Os humanos não podiam vê-las porém elas viviam graças a energia...
  • fadas
  • reinos
  • contos
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Take My Breath Away by Maddies16
Take My Breath Awayby Maddies16
  • horan
  • message
  • waterfall
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Phoebe's Bio by Fallen_Angels1214
Phoebe's Bioby Fallen_Angels1214
Hello Every account has a psycho, and I'm the psycho on this one I fucking swear a lot I fucking kill people, well, either kill or torture and feast on their flesh until...
  • last14
  • phoebe
  • sleeping
What My Dreams Are Made Of. by justapretttyboy
What My Dreams Are Made Isaac A.
  • shouldyouwishto
  • one
  • kellin
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Sleeping With Sirens Lyrics by BuryTheCastle
Sleeping With Sirens Lyricsby BuryTheCastle
Lyrics to Sleeping With Sirens songs.
  • gabe
  • kellin
  • jesse
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It's all for the sake of love by Cheelss
It's all for the sake of loveby Cheelss
  • bands
  • sirens
  • friends
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It's getting late by _--daydreamer--_
It's getting lateby Holly
Do you ever have trouble sleeping? Too many thoughts whirling and twirling round your head? I do too.
  • insomnia
  • sleep
  • sleeping
my dreams. by fiercefemina
my basic mad girl
This is going to be my dream journal! I hope you enjoy but this is more for myself :)
  • sleeping
  • sleep
  • dreamjournal
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The Slumber Party! by liz_the_skeleton
The Slumber Party!by liz
  • winner
  • soft
  • sleeping
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