Goodnight by z0mbies
Goodnightby z0mbies
Ethan's nightmares are terrifying. He hates falling asleep; he hates having to witness the twisted world that he's forced into when he closes his eyes. But when they beg...
  • z0mbies
  • kidnapping
  • scary
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The Bad-boy's leather jacket by Purple_Sky15
The Bad-boy's leather jacketby Purple_sky15
It all started with a dare. A dare that if caught, death could have been penalty. What was the dare? Simple, steal the Bad-boy's leather jacket. It led to the bad-boy's...
  • featured
  • kittens
  • food
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Kim Namjoon and Kim Seokjin are the king and queen of the BigHit kingdom.They are in happily marriage and they love eachother so much.But there was one thing that they b...
  • minyoongi
  • kimtaehyung
  • bottomtae
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Shortcuts (Kellic) BoyxBoy by collidewiththemadnss
Shortcuts (Kellic) BoyxBoyby Em
For years when Kellin has looked in the mirror, fat is all he sees and for years he's starved himself in hopes to drop off the excess weight, that only he can see exists...
  • anorexia
  • boyxboy
  • quentes
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Vampires Mate || Diabolik Lovers Harem by NeneTae
Vampires Mate || Diabolik Lovers HoneyTae
Himura Hinata was one of the laziest and indifferent people you will ever meet. He's usually found sleeping and finds most things in life "troublesome". In a w...
  • diaboliklovers
  • strong
  • troublesome
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Miracles And Flawless Tragedies (Sequel to BLBB) - Kellic - Mpreg - Boyxboy by collidewiththemadnss
Miracles And Flawless Tragedies ( Em
- Second book in the Unconditional trilogy - Sequel to Bleeding Little Blue Boy. If you haven't read that, go check it out. "You never truly understand life until i...
  • sequel
  • fanfiction
  • wattpride
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Book Recommendations by VictoriaConway1
Book Recommendationsby Victoria Conway
Some books that I love and keep on going back to, some are completed and some are ongoing. Lots of badboy stories :D I love badboy stories Feel free to recommend books t...
  • book
  • ranch
  • recommended
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Jezebel Winters (Teacher/student, lesbian, girlxgirl) by Purple-Candy
Jezebel Winters (Teacher/ Chloe
(Girlxgirl studentxteacher) Jezebel Winters is a seventeen year old girl, that doesn't have a care in the world. To most people her life only consists of skateboarding...
  • girlxgirl
  • skateboarding
  • lesbian
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Midnight Murder by Starry_Nights__
Midnight Murderby Maya
While on a camping trip in the middle of nowhere, 6 friends get separated while on a walk then they all
  • teens
  • teenromance
  • summer
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Cause I love you by Loonychild
Cause I love youby Loonychild
Just a bit of incest. Внимание! Предупреждения: нецензурная лексика, инцест.
  • love
  • owl
  • feelings
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Catastrophes & Cannabis | Kellic (Sequel to Heartbreaks & Heroin) by PsychoKellin
Catastrophes & Cannabis | Kellic ( a.c
{Sequel to Heartbreaks & Heroin} Kellin is a foolish drug dealer who sells drugs to his boyfriend Vic, a careless addict. Warning: Story contains substance abuse, addi...
  • quinn
  • gay
  • pierce
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SPEAK FOR ME by gayburnout
Kellin Quinn. Abused and traumatized by his adoptive parents has gone mute by choice. He will speak for no one, but can Vic Fuentes, the new kid at school break down Kel...
  • pierce
  • justinhills
  • piercetheveil
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Sleeping With An Ex Convict by AsToldBySyd_
Sleeping With An Ex Convictby Syd_B
Carter Williams is fresh out of prison. Being incarcerated for 2 years took away a lot from him. Now looking for a new start he takes over his mother's cleaning business...
  • convict
  • sleeping
  • ex
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Just The Two Of Us (Jimon) by CleosKink
Just The Two Of Us (Jimon)by CLEO
Jimon, Jimon and more Jimon. Oneshots and other ideas I happened to write.
  • cassandraclare
  • angst
  • heartbreak
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Captions/Night Thoughts by Elliot_ILY
Captions/Night Thoughtsby 🅱ENTAI 🅱OY
Some simple little things I came up with at night. What else can you do when you rarely sleep? #6 in nighttime
  • writing
  • aesthetic
  • dreams
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Rise Above BoyXboy by colorfuldays
Rise Above BoyXboyby Kysha
Sam Maximum just admitted to his two best friends Dylan and Blue that he is gay. They are fine with it even excited. So now everything seems great but what happens when...
  • short
  • tears
  • blue
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Blood For Blood - A Kellic Fanfiction by T_writing_
Blood For Blood - A Kellic T
Kellin has a secret. Twenty-eight years old, his secret was the reason he spent ten years in prison. Now that his sentence is over, he wants a clean slate. But controlli...
  • sleeping
  • pierce
  • fuentes
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just love me ( reddie. ) ✔️ by maxinesmayfield
just love me ( reddie. ) ✔️by ~ lo
❝ eddie just wants richie to love him, so badly that it's toxic. ❞ - [ short story ] - COMPLETED THIRD PLACE - THE GOLDEN AWARDS
  • fanfiction
  • soniakasprak
  • stalker
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Jinxed •Kellic (On Hold) by TangledInKells
Jinxed •Kellic (On Hold)by TangledInKells
Third and final installment in the HFAD series . . . Everything is back to normal, things feel at peace and at ease for Vic and Kellin. Except for one thing, Kellin doe...
  • sleeping
  • vic
  • fanfic
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Little Details by FluffNStuff_BTS
Little Detailsby Fluff N' Stuff
Taehyung and Yoongi have been sharing a room for a little while now. Taeyhung wakes up in the middle of the night to find Yoongi has not yet come to bed. Hurt, tired, an...
  • btsfanfic
  • taehyung
  • btsyoongi
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