Slept with the wrong best friend

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Chapter 34

The drive  back to the buses was quiet. Kellin and  Vic had  fallen asleep  on  each others shoulder. Jack,  Gabe and Jesse were whispering  quietly amongst themselves.  Vicky and  Justin  held hands has he slept on her shoulder,  Jaime  Mike and I sat across in silences.  We all knew  this wasn’t  good.  I knew they were scared  about  me,  how I was  reacting to this. How close we were to being  in Los Angele's, and they were right to be scared.  I was scared. 

Kellin Pov

“Nikki, move over a  bit”


“Nikki, your hogging all the blankets”


I was  slowly getting irritated, but I didn’t want to  turn over and take them from her, but why was she hogging at the blankets. My  head was killing me. I wasn’t even moving and  it was pounding. How much did I drink?

I was  trying my hardest  to  yank over some  of the blankets  but  they wouldn’t budge. This  girl was  strong, or maybe I was just  weak this morning.  Yeah we'll keep it to that. 

“Nikki, move over” 

Another  groan  came from behind me, and  I felt the  blanket loosen. Slowly  pulling it up and over my bare shoulder I deiced to risk the pain and turn  over to  cuddle with my girlfriend. 

Closeing my eyes to help bare witht the pounding  I flipped over, pain shot through my head like a knife. Squeezing my eyes untill it weakened  I then  relaxed and  slid my hand over her shoulder.  

It was more broad then I remember, I never had to reach that far to  get  my  arm around. Maybe she gained some weight and I hadn’t realized. 

Snuggling  in closer, my  head lay  next to the back of her  head,   breathing in the familiar scent  of  .. Man sweat?!  Why did  she smell like a dude? Where was the girly vanilla smell?.   My  stomach  turned.

Suddenly she  turned over and my  hand grazed her hairy  chest.   Hairy chest!  

My  eyes  shot wide open and came face to  face with Vic. 

“DUDE!! “    my  arm shot back. As  I screamed, scaring Vic  wide awake.

“WHAT WHAT WHAT?!!”   he was  in panic.


“I DON’T KNOW, DID YOU ?.. DID YOU JUST CUDDLE WITH ME?”   our faces were in both disgust.





“NO BUT YOUR HAIR  AND.. AND..”  I could feel my stomach turning and twisting as the  toxic liquids I put into it yesterday fought with my empty  stomach. Slowly  I could  feel it  coming up,  my  throat closing to try and stop it was causing me to gag. 

“ DON’T YOU DARE BARF ON ME MAN!”  Vic  was trapped, he backed into the corner, but I ran off the bunk and into the bathroom. Letting all my insides out. 

“Babe?”  I heard  a soft angelic voice  from behind me as a  hand landed gently on my back, slowly rubbing it in circular motion. It was calming but also made it easier for the junk to  come up. 

“Ill go  grabe you some water”  

Leaning over the toilet  I  nodded, when she left I slid down the wall and placed my  head in my hands. 

Ughh this was  terrible.

“Here , rinse”  she  came back,  gently  taking my hand away from my  face and  handing me a  glass of  water.  She was gorgeous, her red hair was up in a messy  bun as she  had just woken up. Her  face  held no make up from last night, it was flawless. She had on one of my tshirts and a  pair of  small shorts. Ones that  drove me crazy, but her  eyes.  Those hazel eyes that sometimes turned a hint of green depending on the how the  light shone on them. They lured me in, but this morning she looked sad.  The  bags under  those  beautiful eyes of hers. It looked as if she has  been crying all night. My heart broke.  What did I do last night ? Did I make her cry?  Is that why I woke up to Vic and not her this morning?  I had to.. Had too..

My  insides  flooded out once again,  it hurt so bad. I hadn’t eaten so now it was just acid in my stomach.  I hated hang  overs.   When it finished  I gurgled the water and  spit it out returning to my seat  against the wall.  She looked at me with concern.

“Did  I do something?”  I asked.  She looked at me funny and scrunched up her nose.

“Like what?”

“I don’t know, something stupid? Something that made you cry?  Her face turned a bit  red and she looked away.

“Baby , im sorry  what ever I did  I..”

“You  did do anything  Kellin.” her voice was small.  She looked at me  now smiling. I knew it was fake but I decided to take it. I had no strength to fight her on it.

“okay”  my body was weak, I felt exhausted and all I wanted to do was sleep but afraid to move from this spot.

She  moved  to sit  beside me as  I laid my head on her shoulder and  i slowly drifted to sleep.

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