You make me feel low

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Nikki pov

We were in  L.A and I was standing outside a fancy sushi restaurant where Danny  said to meet. I was wearing my black tights with my  red Toms and  Brandy Melville bralette with a  tank.  I left my hair long and wavy and my make up light. I was not letting him think I would get all dressed up for him, even thought It took me  2 hours of staring at  my luggage and the  help of my friends to pick out the perfect outfit.

I tapped my  foot impatiently and raised my sunglasses to check the time on my phone.

“Late as always”  I said out loud to myself.

“Ah  love, I'm a rock star it comes with the package”  Danny  spoke  scaring the crap out of me. I had no idea he was standing there. I took a  deep breath and turned to face  him.

“Well if you plan on meeting someone. you show  up at the time you gave.”

He backed away and raised  his hands up in defence.

“Sorry babe.  I couldn’t find a parking spot. Honestly”   

I sighed  rolling my eyes behind my glasses.

“Lets go eat" I snapped

He nodded and  went over to grab the door for me.

I gave him a small thanks and  went in. Danny told the host his name and  we both  followed him through the restaurant and out to the back patio.

We both sat down and  thanked the  host when he handed us our menus as a  waiter came  by and  poured green tea into our cups.

It was an awkward silence and I was  glad we had two menus blocking out faces. Danny  flipped through the  pages swiftly. I knew he wasn’t concentrating either.

“How have you been Dan?” deciding to take action. I lowered my  menu enough to meet his blue orbs across from me. He had taken off his sunglasses when we sat down, knowing how much it bothered me when i couldnt see someones eyes when talking to them.

“Ive been good, the guys are good too. Just touring really”

I nodded and  we went  back to looking at our menus.

10 minutes later the waiter came to our rescues. We still hadn’t said much except for “What are you thinking of getting?”  followed by  an “I don't know yet”

We placed our  order and the  waiter  bowed his head and walked away quickly, he  probably felt how awkward it was too.

Now we were left to talk.

I looked around sipping my tea as Danny fiddled with his chop sticks.

“So”  he started. I looked over to him. 

Wow he was nervous.  Danny  had been ripping apart his napkin and making tiny balls out of the pieces of paper.

“You want to know if you can see him?” I spoke. 

He stopped and  looked up at me.

“You can see him. But, we cant drop this all on him at once.”

Danny's face  lite up , I had never seen him so happy since we started dating , before the drugs, before the drinking.

“Thank you Nikki, I.. you don’t know how happy I am to hear that”

“What made you want to see him? You never wanted us before”

His face fell a bit making my stomach twist slightly.

“I did,  trust me when I say that I did. I just. The  music was my life and I wasn’t  ready to step down, to take on more responsibility. Nikki you know I was in a bad place”

I nodded remembering exactly where we were at that  point in life.

“You didn’t have to kick us out”

He  rubbed his face with his hand and let  is slid down. 

“Im really sorry, from the bottom of my heart im sorry for what I did to you.”

“You kicked me out, left me on the street” I could start to feel tears surface.I really couldn’t be here anymore. I got up from the table and ran inside. I needed to find the bathroom or better  yet. The front door.

Kellin pov.

The bus stopped. Thank god we were here. The guys and I all ran out of the  bus over joyed to be outside.

“Air, I have clean air!” Justin yelled.

“Sweet baby Jesus!” Jesse screamed as he ran around the bus

We all laughed. It was always exciting when we could finally stretch out legs and not be stuck on a moving bus no matter how long the trip was.

My eyes lingered away from the guys and over to the Ptv bus. They had arrived earlier then us and  Nikki had said she was going out with Vicky and Mike for a bit. Sadly  I really didn’t believe it but I told her to have fun I also  found  it  odd the Mike and  vicky were  hanging together now but  Justin seemed okay with it.

“guys, im going to go venture.”

“Ill come with!” Justin shouted and jogged over to catch up.

"Where are we headed? Foood?”

My stomach growled and I nodded.

We were walking around town until we decided to stop at a  pub for a drink and  some food. We sat on the patio as we waited for our order to arrive.

"Hey, Kell. Don’t make it obvious but turn around?”  he was looking behind me with his sun glasses raised and  his face scrunched up. I looked back behind me and almost dropped my beer.

“What the..”

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