I swear that I will never leave Please stay forever with me

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"You have to move. Nikki! NIKKI!"

"Whaa., what? oh, OH God! Josie I'm so sorry!" My body started to function again and I quickly moved from the glass, blood spilled area. Taking a step to the side so I could safety kneel down to help.

"Nikki don't help. Go wash your feet." she demanded, shooing me away. It did seem logic that I should wash my bleeding foot.

Why did I wear sandals today?

I soon found a hand in my face. His palm was open and waiting for mine to connect. My breath caught in my throat. I didn't know of I should take it of not.  

"Mommy?" Trevor was beside me. Beside Kellin. His eyes held fear. Fear that his mom was hurt.

I'm awful, making my son watch all this.

"Kellin take Trevor " I said looking up at him. He didn't hesitate one bit . Just simply nodded and picked up my son.

I can't believe I just told him to hold my son. Trust him to take him away from this sad scene.

Josie looked over to me, raising an eye brow to my request.

Ignoring it ,I managed to stand up and waddle my way to the kitchen. Hopping on the counter and sticking my foot under the water.

It stung at first, but quickly faded.

Once the blood had washed off I cringed at the gash in my foot.

"Is there glass in it?" I jumped , not knowing he was there.

"I thought you had eyes in the back of your head" He laughed softly. I sat there frozen.

"May I?" Kellin took a step closer. I nodded slightly before he came to stand directly in front of me.

He held up my foot ever so gently and ran his finger over it. Trying so hard no to apply pressure,  to see if there was anything in there.

I winced at the pain. Just the slightly touched hurt. I guess I deserved it though.

"I don't think there's anything inside. Is there.."

"In the bathroom" I quickly answered. I needed him to leave the kitchen so I could breath.

Kellin merged from the door way with a green first I'd kit. He placed it on the counter and took out the things he needed. I sat in silence and watched him.

Keeping my eyes focused on my foot.

"Trevor is a smart kid." He said breaking the silence.

"Um, thanks"

"He looks like you two"

Why was he bringing up my son? Why can't he just say what he's thinking.

"He's got your sarcasm and.."

"Kellin" he stopped and looked at me.

My eyes found their way to his.

Gawd I missed them.

"Why are you here?"

He looked at me for a second before going back to bandaging my cut. His hands started to shake as they wrapped the gauze around.

"I....I" He stuttered.

Kellin took a deep breath and turned to face me, now done with my foot.

"I came to apologize. I didn't mean to leave like that but I was just so ..so.so scared. You never told me you had a son, or that it was Danny's son. You never tell me anything . There's so many secrets with you and it just scares me. It scares me because I don't think you trust me. That you feel like you can't tell me anything. I don't want you going behind my back and doing things. It's not what boyfriend, girlfriends do. I was scared you were going to go back with Danny. Im scared your son isn't going to my like me. I'm scared that your going to just leave because of it. I'm scared about how much I love you and how bad I want to be a family and I want to take care of you and Trevor. Nikki, I'm just scared and I'm so sorry I just left. but I swear I will never leave again."

He took my hand and clasped them together. making our matching thumb ring to form a heart.

"Your my missing piece and only when your around I feel complete. Im sorry for everything. Please forgive me?"

I couldn't speak. I couldn't even process what I was hearing. I knew he needed time to think but I didn't think he'd want to be with me after this. Having the kind of lifestyle and all.

Tear filled my eyes and rolled down my cheek.


"Please dont  run from me. Dont break my heart. I love you" He  looked into my eyes as he spoke. I felt mine fill with tears. 

"Kellin, I love you too."  I cried out. He instantly crashed his lips into mine.  They felt so right, he felt so right, just everything. 

I couldnt  tell you how happy I was that Kellin didnt leave. That he stayed and wanted to help me with Trevor.  He wasnt  like every other guy. I loved him and i couldnt  have asked for more.

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