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Maybe punching Strangers isnt a bad thing?

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sorry the  first one was super short .

Nikki POV
Ugh, these boys are so annoying, why couldn’t I have a contract with people who actually knew how to work. Oh well, as long as all this stuff is inside, I taking my break and the rest is left up to them. Jerks!

Lost in thought about how I hated this tour so far. Not that I didn’t like doing what I do. Which is deal with bands equipment and set up stage. This job had its perks and I met a lot of new people and saw a lot of free shows. But I just so happened to be put on a tour with a bunch of noobs for the next 6 months.None of these stage guys wanted to work and were fresh out of school.

I heard someone coming but didn’t bother to look up, I was too pissed with my coworkers to even think of something to say to them. Just then I felt this cold stringing sensation on the back of my neck. Thinking it was nothing I quickly smacked it away thinking it was a bug. But my hand hit something cold, solid and wet. With not even thinking using my quick reflexives that I learned in self defence, I turned and punched the person in the face. 

“ OOUU what the fuck!” Standing there in shock that I just punched some guy in the face. The boy was holding his nose and blinking like crazy , checking his hand if there was blood.

“ Oh My God! Are you ok? I am so so sorry. Are you hurt? Did I hurt you? “ instant guilt.
He stopped and started laughing. Yes laughing.

“ whats so funny?” I just punched this guy in the face and he found it funny?

“ You have a good punch. Im ok, I don’t think its broken”  Omg if I had broken his nose, that perfect nose.I blushed

“ Thanks, I learned it in self defence. I guess it came in handy”  i said in a small voice. He smiled. This stranger had a sexy smile. Great now I don’t know if im smiling back cause hes cute or cause Im embarrassed for punching him.

“ I'm sorry I...."

DUDE your bleeding!”

I cut him off after noticing the blood dripping from his nose on to his white shirt. He touched his nose.

“ I am too”   In panic I grabbed him and dragged him to the nearest bathroom.


“ ok you, just sit right there and ill get tissues”  Talking very fast and kicking open the stall door  to grab a roll of toilet paper. When I turned around I was expecting the boy to be where I left him. Standing by the sink. But instead he had taken off his shit and used it to soak up the blood.

“ What are you doing!? you’ll ruin your shirt” not even taking in he was topless.

“its ok, I have plenty more. I just figured it was better then what you have”

“ NO, clothing is not better. Now stick this up your nose"

He laughed but listened.I grabbed his shirt and started washing it with soap under the tap as he sat on the counter watching me with toilet paper pressed to his nose.

“ Are you ok? I honestly don’t care that its ruined.”

“ Im fine, why wouldn’t I be fine? I just punched some guy out and ruined his top. Im just fine”He grabbed my hand to stop.

“ Listen im ok. Its just a nose bleed. Im Kellin Quinn. Im the lead singer of the band Sleeping with Sirens” he said with the widest grin.
My eyes widen and my mouth dropped

.“ No, your kidding me?”  

“ I kid you not” He laughed

“ I just punched the singing of the band.” my anxiety just sky rocketed. I started pacing in circles with my hands on my head.

“ Im sorry I touched you with the water bottle. I figured you were working so hard, you wanted something refreshing”  I stopped  takingin who was in front of me. He sat there topless with bloody toilet paper to his nose. This guy was pretty cute. Also the lead singing of the band that I was setting up for. But it was his fault.  this was all his fault.

“ It was your fault! “ I yelled but started laughing.
I came and sat beside him letting out a big breath.

.“ See , feel better? Now I didn’t catch your name?”Jokingly nudging my shoulder.

“ Im Nikki. Im just your advage stage crew.”

“ Well its nice to meet you, would you like some water?” We both broke out laughing.His nose later stopped bleeding and we talked for a bit in the bathroom

“ I should really get back to work, I bet nothing was been done since I left.”

“ I noticed your co workers lack motivation.”

“ They lack brains” He laughed at me.We kind of stood out side the bathroom for a moment, it was an awkard silence. I wasn’t sure if he was going to leave.
“ Mind if I help?”

“ if you want to, im not saying no to help”
Next thing I knew he was helping me unload the drums from the bus and rolling them to the stage. It was labour work and it was hot out. Most times id be bitching but watching him get all sweating was kind of hot. Not like i wanted anything to happen, i dont date musicians...anymore.
We finished up in no time and it was now up to sound crew to get everything perfect for tonight.
“ thanks for the help Kellin, I appreciate it.”

“ it was nothing, im glad I could help. So listen, theres an after party after the show if you wanted to come.”

Whoa he was asking me to chill.

“ Yeah sure, where is it?” acting like this wasnt a big thing.  and it wasnt i was use to parting with rock stars.

“ I forget what the place is called but come to the bus.  Here ill txt you.”   He handed me his phone, I put in my number and called my cell. Hurray for Lazy people way of adding contact.

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