Fate works in funny ways

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Chapter 3

Kellin Pov
Leaving Nikki, I quickly glanced at my phone. Shit I have to get ready . I began to run back to the bus, I had to shower quickly and warm up. When I got there the guys where all sitting around practising and joking.

“ Whoa! what were you doing Mr. Quinn?” Justin said with a wink.  I forgot I still had no shitr on.

“ long story, I met this girl and shes coming out with up after the show.”  The guys all broke out in howls

“ I didn’t sleep with her, she punched me in the face” I took my shirt from my back pocket and opened it up to display the drying blood.  Their faces where priceless but there was no time to explain the story. I just laughed and hopped into the shower.

After the show we all came back to the bus still buzzing with excitement. All I wanted to do was check my phone to see if she txted.

Nikki: Hey , mind if I bring a friend?

Kellin: Sure, as long as it doesn’t have hairy legs.

Nikki: Lol I promise you , its hairless and has nice boobs.

Kellin: Ha I think the guys will enjoy that. Be here in 20?

Nikki: See you soon :)

Nikki pov
My best friend honked her horn as she pulled up to my apartment. So glad the concert was close to home tonight, or I wouldn’t have my sidekick with me tonight. 

“ Hey love”   I said as I got in, the car smelted of Victoria’s Vera Wang perfume. 

“Hey boo, ready ?”  she said with a massive grin, obviously Vicky was excited as I was.  She loved parties and loved it when I took her out to chill with bands.  Tonight she sported a blue strapless dress, it was skin tight to show off her curves to her  model like body.  She was bleach blonde with blue at the tips.  Could you guess what her favourite colour was?  She was a classy rock and roll gal. Very daring and always had my back.  I had a black dress, it was a strapless as well. Only I had on my favourite combat boots. My hair was very plain, it was my natural red. I liked my colour and never did anything to it. Vicky always has different hair colours.

We arrived at the bus, she parked at the side of the venue.

“ I'm kind of nervous”

“ Oh my god , why ? You know how many bands we’ve gone drinking with?”

“ yeah but no one ever stood out like him.”  she obviously knew who I was talking about. I had called her the moment Kellin left, with my problem.

“ Just breath”  she whispered to me as we stood in front of the bus. I took a deep breath and was about to knock, but she beat me to it.I tunred and gave her a look.

“ Sorry you took too big of a breath”
Just then the door opened and Kellin stood there.

He had black skinnys, a white V neck with a black vest. He was adorable. But I couldn’t let myself fall for him. It was that awkward silence again.

“ Hi, im Victoria but you can call me Viky”  Thank you vicky.   He smiled.

“ Hey, im Kellin. Come on in.”   Vicky winked at me as she walked in the bus, Kellin held the door for us and came in behind me.

“ Hey, you look nice” he whispered behind me.

“ Thanks, so do you” I said back.
“ So guys , this is Nikki and her friend Vicky. Girls this is Justin , Jesse , Gabe and Jack”   The guys all said hi and made room for us to sit.    

Vicky being a talkative and loveable person jumped right in and made conversation. I was seated beside Kellin who came back with some beers.

“ So where are we headed?” I asked taking the beer from him.

“ This place called ballroom bowl”

“ I love that place” His face lite up as if he has been nervous if I approved of the locationed.

“ That’s great, we heard it was good.”

“ So Kellin since the boxer is here, you could tell us the story on how you came running on the bus shirtless.” jesse interrupted

I almost spit out my beer “ Boxer?"   Kellin had turned red at the cheeks.

“ Really? “ he asked

“ YES” everyone said at the same time, leaving Kellin and I to look at each other.

“ Ok well I went to go look for water…”   We ended up telling the story to them both taking turns and laughing. By the end everyone was laughing. It was pretty ridiculous if you thought of it. 
“ Well I guess it was fate” Justin said

“ Fate?” jesse asked

“ Yeah I really didn’t like that shirt.”   We all laughed.

“ Hey what was wrong with my shirt?”   Justin just gave Kellin this look. It was really cute.

“ I think we should go play some drunken bowling!”  Vicky yelled with excitement.Next thing we knew we were all getting into taxis.

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