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Chapter 20

Nikki POV

"Wakie wakie sleepy head”  I felt someone rock my body, but I was so tired all I could do was try and swat them away.

“Honestly get up, you’ve been asleep for the past  3 hours, we're going to be late!”

“ no, sleep”  I moaned.

“That’s it”  was all Vicky said before I landed on the floor. 

I was now awake.

“Oh my god!!  , what was that for?!”

“We have to go to the show, their one soon.”

“Oh crap! Really?  Did they come back to get us?”

“No I just saw a txt from Kellin on your phone.  I told him we were coming”

I eyed her to see if she was  telling me everything she said back to him, I didn’t always trust her but I had no choice,.I still needed to  shower and do my hair.

running in the  shower, the cool water hit my body waking me up from my lovely nap I was having.  I started thinking about tonight, I havnt seen Kellin all day. What was going to happen? I left like I was in high school having a boyfriend for the first time. I was nervous.  More so I just  felt bad for ignoring him. guilty almost.

Ugh i have to stop pushing him away!   I did like him, I liked him a lot to the point where it scared me.

Stepping out of the shower and  wrapping myself in a towel I walked out to find Vicky  laying clothes out on the bed.

“Your wearing this” she said smiling at me.  Knowing Id end up taking forever to decide.

“Thanks bitch, love you”

40 mins later  we were done and  looking ourselves over in the mirror one last time.

I had my  black skinnies with my navy blue  toms on with a white Sleeping with Sirens tank and a purple bandeau under and my  black beanie.  Victoria had on black tights and a off  shoulder stripped tee, that was lace in the back with combat boots. Being satisfied we  left.

“Breath love, breath”

I looked over at her and  laughed.

Im glad you’re here.” I gave her a small smile.

“Me too.  Now go kiss your boyfriend and tell him you missed him, cause I know you do.  Im going to find my man and make sure he knows how lucky he is”

We  both walked in through the door and headed to the back stage. Where Sleeping with Sirens were waiting to go on. Kellin spotted me and ran over.

“Nikki, you made it!” he hugged me tight then let go giving me a long kissed.  My stomach felt as thought a million butterflies just decided they wanted to fly.  We pulled away and I couldn’t help but smile up at him, loosing myself in his eyes. He smiled back moving my bangs from out of my eyes.

“I missed you” he whispered.   My words where caught in my throat, all I could do was pull him in for a kiss

“Get a room!” Jesse called making gagging noises from behind us.

“Oh shush! You wish you had this”  I said back with attitude,  snapping my fingers.

The rest of them laughed.  I had given them all hugs when I noticed Victoria wasn’t around , neither was Justin.

Just then we  heard empty water bottles being knocked on the floor. So we all walked over to the other side of the large amp  to find Vicky and  Justin on top of each other eating each others faces.   They stopped and looked up.

“Take a  picture why don’t you”  Vicky scowled.  I knew she was embarrassed. But we could stop laughing at them.

I felt Kellins hand reach for mine,  intertwining our fingers he quietly  pulled me away from the group.

“Where are we going? Your almost  on” I said confused.

“I know but I want to give you my surprise.”  we stood facing each other. He was  close enough I felt the heat  coming off his body. I could tell he was nervous, because he kept  playing with my fingers.

“Soo?”  I giggled.

“Oh right, sorry”  he breathed giving an embarrassed smile. 

He pulled something out of his back pocket. It was a  small back box.  I felt my heart start to beat faster.  What was this?

He opened it and held it out to me.

“ I wanted to ask you if you would be my girlfriend. I really like you and I think your this amazing person.  It took me forever to think of a way to show you how I feel, to show you that I am committed to you and only you.”   he stopped to take a breath only to hold it again  watching my reaction and waiting for an answer.

“  I mean, if you  don’t want to I can ”

My  lips crashed into his.  This time it felt right, they seemed to fit.   Kellin Quinn was my boyfriend.  The first guy I let in, in years. He was perfect.

“Kellin were on!” Justin called.

We  pulled away,

“You just made me the happiest guy alive”  he said slipping one of the matching rings on my thumb, then placing the other on his.  He kissed me one more time before running off.

I  just stood there with a smile on my face like an idiot.

“BOO!”   a  deep voice screamed into my ear making me jump and  spin around quickly letting my fist swing. 

“Whoa, calm down there ninja”  Mike  had blocked my fist , giving me a smirk then pulling my beanie down over my face.

“Hey that wasn’t nice Mikey”  pulling my hat back up and pouting. He  pulled me into a  hug and began to walk with me just as  I saw the other guys come jogging over with  huge grins behind his shoulder.

“You know you cant beat me up, I had a higher  belt them you” he let me spin around as we got closer to the stage to watch SWS.  Vicky turned around  hugging the guys  but avoiding Mike, who stood with his arms around me avoiding her too.

Vic  stood by Vicky not saying a word to me.

“So was  Kel glad to see you alive?” Mike asked.

“Yeah”  I blushed, then raised my hand up to show him the ring with the half heart on it. 

“Oh lookie here, so you two are official. Nikki is actually dating someone”  he joked.  Giving me a hug. 

“Guys look who isn’t single anymore!”    the guys circled around me taking turns looking at the ring, even Vicky  Aww'd and gave me the    I knew you two were perfect speech.   I felt as though I had just got engaged and everyone was congratulating me, except for  Vic. He had only looked over Jaime's shoulder.

“Well shit, there goes my hope of seeing you in that outfit” Jaime pouted. 

“What?!” I was horrified.  How did they know I … Vic!

“Yeah that sexy outfit  Vic said he saw you in. Right Vic?”

Vic just nodded and looked away.  What was with him?

“Aww well Jaime you know you can always join us. I mean the more the merrier”   I winked as he  stuck his tongue out like a dog and began to pant.

“Your such a tease”  Vicky laughed.

“So party tonight ?”

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