Best friend to the rescue

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Chapter 10

Vic pov

The show ended the guys and I all went to our change room to get some water and towel off.

“ Mike you smell so bad” I told my brother.

“ I guess it runs in the family cause you don’t smell too pleasant either” I was about to pour my water over his head when I heard my phone go off.

Nikki:Can we talk?

Vic:Yeah sure, where are you?

Nikki: A block away, im at a bar.

“ Whos texting?” Tony asked, looking over my shoulder.

“ I have to go , something happened to Nikki.” 

Thank god someone always had spray or something for after the show. You never know what was going to happen to who would show up. Just then I got another txt.

Justin: Hey , do you know where Nikki went?

Vic: What happened? Im going to her now.

Justin: Kellin might of scared her off.

Vic: Ok , ill take care of it.

God damn.

She was sitting at the bar when I arrived. A few shot glasses and empty glasses sat around her.  If i knew one thing about  my best friend, it was that she drank alone. It wasnt a good sign.

“ Hey, How are you?” I said, talking a seat beside her. She didn’t look up.

“ He kissed me... and I ran.” she mumbled.

“So thats what happened.?  Do you want to exaplin why you ran?” I said while getting the bar tenders attention “ Two rum and cokes please”

“ I wasn’t expecting it. I don’t know. I got scared.”

“ How can you say that? I know you like him, and its obviously he feels the same. You cant keep pushing guys away because of what happened. Not everyone is like your ex.”

“Don’t start” she moaned and put head in her arms. Untill the drinks arrived that is.

“ No we're going to start. You called me here. We are going to get this out. Kellin isn’t like any other guy. He would never do what Danny did to you.”

“ What if your wrong?! SAY we dated SAY I give in and end up falling for him. Hes going to leave for 6 months. He'll come back and I become pregnate. He'll be gone again leaving me to take care of myself. Then returns and wants nothing to do with me or the child!". She started to raise her  voice.

“ He wouldn’t do that. Danny may of left you and broke your heart. Made you give up that child. Things wouldn’t be like that. You two where younge and he had problems.” trying to keep my voice to a calmer level. she wasnt the easiest person to get through to.

“ I need another drink. WAITER!”  she was tshe sighed after calling for the waiter, i could tell she was strating to thinking about it.  

Another drink arrived for us.

“ don’t hurt him” breaking the silence.

“ I think that’s a bit too late for that” she looked at me while taking a sip.

“Just go talk to him. Listen If he ever did anything to you, id cut off his balls”  I got to her, she started to laugh.

"Vic, i dont want to be broken again. I dont.."

"I wont let you get hurt again.  Just  give it a chance."  cutting her off before she had a chance to talk herself out of it.

“ Fine” she rolled her eyes.

We both hugged each other and got up to leave. Obviously I had to half carry her back to the hotel.

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