Stomach's tied in knots I'm afraid of what I'll find if you want to talk tonight

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Chap 11

Kellin pov

“ Jesse I messed up”   i was  pacing around outside. my  stomach was  in  knots and i could feel a lump growing in my throat.  Nikkis face as she pulled away and ran kept  replaying in my head. 

“ No, you just caught her by surprise, give her time” Jesse calming said for the millionth time.

“ She doesn’t even like me. Why did I have to kiss her”  That lump in my throat was getting bigger as  i kept tried to hold back tears.  I was so angry at myself. I do this all the time. Every girl I meet I fall for her too fast and always end up heart broken.

“Stop beating yourself up man, Vic is taking care of it. She likes you”

“ What do you mean?” i blurted out, not  feeling slight ly jealous.  Why was Vic always with her. Ever since he came those two have been unseprable.  

“ apparently Justin was talking..”

“ No I mean about her liking me?” I cut him off to cover up my jealousy. He gave me a  smirk.

“ Well,  if you count sleeping in the same bunk, the suffocating flirting that was going on when we were in Toronto. The way she blushes when you talk to her and how long that kiss lasted. Shes into you. Just breath. Your acting like it’s the end of the world”

“ All girls are the same, they lead you on and then tear your heart out. I figured she was different” Jesse just shook his head at me.

"Everyone has a story. Theres a reason why she ran. you shouldnt jump to conclusions unless you know all the details." He had a point. just then I felt my phone vibrate in my back pocket.

Vic:Could you come back to the hotel?

Kellin:I guess so. Why?

Vic:I want you guys to talk this out.

Kellin:Are you setting this up or is she agreeing to this?cause after what happened...

Vic:Get your ass over here.

“ Go talk to her.” Jesse said from behind. i just looked at him, nodded and walked away.

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