Stay for tonight,If you want toI can show you What my dreams are made of

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Chapter 13

"Well arent you going to come sit down?” she patted a spot for me next to her. She sat there in those booty shorts and a pierce the veil tank with a sports bra under. Her hair still wet.  My heart was pounding in my chest as I walked over and took a seat. I hope she couldn’t hear.

There was an awkward silence, where we just kind of looked at each other.

“ I think your voice is beautiful.” she smiled. I wasn’t expecting that from her mouth. I felt myself blush.

“Thanks, I could listen to you sing all night.” Great, That sounded so lame.

She giggled

“ Im sorry I ran off. I just.. I wasn’t expecting it.” making the  last part a whisper.

“ Listen, im going to be truthfully honest and say Im not sorry."  she looked at me wish surprise.

“ I like you, I think your really amazing and after hearing you preform. I let my heart take over and kissed you.”

She opened her mouth to speak but then closed it. I had nothing to loose, I had said this much I might aswell do what I do best and lay everything out on the line.

“I admit, I fall for girls easily and always end up heart broken but with you I feel different.”

“ Wait stop” she cut me off. Takeing in a deep breath she continued.

“I like you too, I just . I always push guys away when they get close. Especially musicians. Your all the same. You date a girl and then leave. You shower them with gifts, buy a house. 6 months down the road you come back and want nothing to do with them ” she said this all in one breath. Her eyes became glossy.

“What happened that made you think this?” thinking back to what Jesse had told me earlier.

"Everyone has a story"

she looked down and took another breath.

“ when I was younger, on my first tour contract, i was working a merch stand. Thats when i met and fell in love with Danny worsnop. We were young, both party animals and loved music. It was a match made in heaven. After the tour he asked me to move in , so I did. We were inseparable, he was everything to me. He had left for tour again this time when he retured  he was different.  He began to  drink heavier and we always fought, eventully he wanted nothing to do with me and  kicked me out. i had nothing"

At this point her head was down and she was sobbing into her hands. I pulled her into my chest and hugged her tight.

“ I would never leave.” I whispered.

She sat up straight looking at me. It pained me to see how badly she had been broken.

“ How do you know?”  

“ I don’t.  you just have to give me a chance and trust me.” I leaned in closer and put a strand of hair behind her ear. She closed her eyes and placed her hand on mine. Bringing it closer so it cupped her cheek.

“Kiss me Kellin” she whispered.

She opened her eyes and leaned even closer. Their where full of hunger and lust. This time every part of me gave in.

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