Your forever is all that I need (END)

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Kellin  Pov.

Nikki and  i walked back into the  living room hand in hand. I was happy that she forgave me and  didnt run when I told her  i wanted to stay.  But now I was more nervous then ever. It was Trevor who i had to get the, okay from.  We had been playing before. But Trevor just  thought  i was a friend.

"Hey rev?" Nikki said as she  kneeled down beside  him. I followed suit and sat cross legged. Trevor  stopped playing with his toys and looked up at us with a  questionable look.

"Hey mom?" He mocked.  she let out a giggle at his smart ass respond.

"I want to introduce you to a  very special person in my life" Nikki  looked over to me.

"This is  Kellin and he and  mommy are dating." 

 Everyone was silent. Trevor looked from Nikki over to me with no expression on his face, then looked back down at his toy Batman.

I had never felt this nervous before, not even before going up on stage  in front of  millions.

Trevor  picked up his batman toy and walked over to me. He held  it out to me in his small hands.

"If your going to be my second daddy, then you have to make the batman voice"  His blue eyes stared directly into mine and this kid was dead serious.  Gingerly i took the toy from his hand and  look down at it. Conjuring  up the best Batman impression i could.

Simply turning  Batman around to face Trevor  I gave it a shot.

"Im batman" i said in the lowest voice.  Trevor's serious stare broke and he began to laugh hysterically at me. While  holding his belly for a dramatic scene.  Nikki laughed as well and i couldnt help myself either. 

I swear it was the worst impression ever but the fact that Trevor found it amusing  was the only hing that mattered.

"He's a funny one, mommy. i think we can keep him" Trevor sat down in  Nikki's lap and smiled at me.

"that's good to know" she laughed.

"So if im a keeper. Do I get a hug?" I asked.  Trevor hid his face  behind his hands and giggled.

"Batman wants a hug" i held  up batman and  made my  lame  impression again. 

Trevor squealed with joy and ran over.

I had never felt a better feeling in my life.  To think he was  now part of my life, this small child. So full of life, and  innocence was now part of everything I did.  I knew  I loved  Nikki the moment i saw her but  Trevor also had a place in my heart.

The evening flew by and  Trevor finally fell asleep. After  watching  a movie, he had fallen asleep in my lap and Nikki and  i both brought him up stairs and  tucked him in.

"Thank you" She whispered and pecked my cheek. "thank you for everything."

i turned and  pulled her  into a hug as we stood near Trevor's door.

"No thank you for staying and  letting me be apart of your life"  i kissed her and  watched a smile grow on her  lips.

"i have one  question though"

"What is it?" She asked.

My  hands  traveled  from her lower back to her hands and  I took on step back and went  down on one knee.

"Nikki, you are everything to me. Since the first time we met and  you gave me a nose bleed, up until now. i have  never felt  like this towards anyone. you scare me and excite me. I feel like im a different person with you and now you've given me a  son that i wish to call my own.  Im probably moving too fast but  I want you and Trevor to be apart of my life permanently. So will you  do my the honor of  becoming Mrs. Quinn?"   i pulled out the ring box and  opened it.  Both of our hands trembled and she lifted one to cover her  mouth.

"Oh Kellin.. I .. I dont know what to say"

"Say yes?" 

Tears formed in her eyes and I had stopped breathing just waiting for her to answer. 

A sob escaped her lips and she nodded.


"yes" She cried. I quickly  slipped on the ring and stood up to kiss my bride to be.

"I love you so much" I said into her hair.

"I love you too Kellin"


So this is the end. im sorry its a bit...wait.  Im sorry its crappy, but i just lost interest in it. Im so thankful for everyone that read, commented and voted. Thank you so , so much and  I wish I could of finished it better for you.  I really do.

I do hope you enjoyed it and  who knows, maybe Ill go back and add a bit more. But for know its over.

Thank you  <333  xoxoxox

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