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Awkward awakening

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Chapter 25

The  next  morning , or should I say  3 hours later I was awoken by the  sound  of sex. 

Yup,  they were up and at it, making up for the drunken sex  they missed last night.   I slowly opened my eyes knowing I wasn’t facing them only to come face to face with Nikki. She was awake too.

Her  beautiful hazel eyes brightened when she smiled. She mouthed good morning making a smile  spread across my lips , mouthing good morning in return.

She  made  my heart race. Being this close to her and not being able to pull her in. To have her skin pressed against mine where  I could hold on to her and  make sure she  couldn’t  go was  killing me. 

The  moans from the other  two only made this worst for me.  Justin wasn’t  joking, it was  turning me  on.  No, not those two but just the thought  of sex and Nikki  in bed with me.  My  girlfriend. 

She  slowly  glided her  hand under the  sheets to  intertwine our fingers. Still  looking  into my eyes.  I brought them up and  kissed the back of her hand.

Noticing  vic shifting on the other side.

I knew he was awake, who could honestly sleep with those two moaning and making  thumping noises.

“Could you guys , not have sex this early?”   Vic  grumbled.

Nikki couldn’t hold it in any longer, her  face was turning red and she burst out laughing.

Justin and  Vicky both stopped.

“Sorry bro, am I getting you hard?”

“Justin!” vicky scowled.

“Nikki stop laughing at  me!” 

“Im sorry, I cant”  still laughing. 

Finally  I was able to move and  pull her  in.  seeing at though we were all awake now.

2  hours later everyone was  on their  tour bus and  on the road. 

The guys dragged themselves on and straight to their bunks.  Vicky sat up front with Nikki and  I drinking coffee and talking about the events of last night. It was getting harder and harder to keep my eyes from closing.

“Babe, why don’t you just  go to sleep” my eyes shot back open to two concerned faces  looking at me.

“But you two are  having this enter…” yawn “taing convertation”   yawning onces more.

“clearly,  I had no idea you were so entertained  on birth control” Vicky  rolled her eyes.

“Wait  , what?”  I actually had no idea what they were even talking about ,they lost me after  the first 10 minutes which was about hair colour cupckaes and up coming  movies.

“She joking, go to bed. Ill be there  later” Nikki winked.  I nodded and  yawned again. Bending  back down to kiss her before  I left to sleep.

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