Stay for tonight If you want to, I can show you What my dreams are made of

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Chapter 5

Kellin pov

The taxi dropped us back by the bus and the whole time I was thinking about how I was going to ask her to stay the night. Even if I was giving her a bit of the cold shoulder for kicking my ass at bowling and pool. The beer was making my stuborn side soft. I could tell her it would be easier cause she could sleep in and then go to work. Ugh, who am I kidding. Anything I say would make it sound like I just want to stick it in.

“ So ladies you could take the bunks and Kellin and I can sleep in the lounge in the back, I doubt you guys would want to sleep so exsposed” I watched as Justin eyed Vicky giving her a wink. Thank you Justin for saving me from asking.

“ Oh Justin no its ok, we could take the back. Letting us stay is more then enough.” 

“ Nikki, its ok. I don’t mind sleeping beside Justin. On tour, bands tend to get really close.” budding in as i put my arm around Justin.

“ Aww you guys are super sweet but Nik's right, I think were good with the back” I think Vicky saw where this was going. She gave Justin a smile and I watched my best friend turn to mush. The only one not looking like they liked where this was going was Nikki.

“ Well girls, its either in the bunk with or without us. I don’t think we can let you two sleep on the couch”  Justin gave an evil grin and walked in the bus. I laughed to myself and followed.

“ Justin you are something else, my friend.” i said once we were in the bus.

“ No Kellin I am thee friend.” i just shook my head and grabbed a few bottles of water from the fridge.

The rest of the guys were in their bunks. When the girls came back on the bus, now in their so called sleep wear. Drunk or not I still think a girl is sexest when shes in shorts and tee. Vicky came skipping over and right into Justins bunk. I have no idea how she knew which one was his. Nikki didn’t look so happy about this.

Me guilt kicked in.

“ I can sleep in the back, I really don’t mind. This was all because Justin wanted to..”

“ Which one is yours” she cut me off. She followed me to my bunk. I watched as she got in first. We laid there in the dark, I knew she was still awake. Cause really who could sleep with all the sex noise from justins bunk.

“ you awake?” I had to laugh at her atempt to break the ice.

“ Yeah, are you?” I heard her giggle.

“ Is this as awkward as for you as it is for me?”

“ Which part". I couldn’t help but smile at myself. She hit me on the shoudler.

“ What do you mean which part? Am I making you feel uncomfortable mr Quinn?”

“ Maybe” I lied.She laughed.

“ Well do I make you feel uncomfortable is I do this”  She let out a moan and I turned to my side covering her mouth. I felt her smile under my hand.

“ What are you doing?”  i whispered harshly ,She removed my hand.

“ Making you feel werid.”

“ The only weird that’s going to happen, is me getting a boner” There was silence , and then another moan.

“ Oh, Kellin OH”  She laughed.

This wasn’t funny,

“ Stop it ”  I could hear Justin and Vicky snicker  above up.

“ Sorry this is too funny.” she whispered. Still facing her in the dark, I hit the top on the bunk and let out a moan. She laughed harder.

“ Keep it down you two, some people are trying to sleep” Justin said half laughing half trying to catch his breath.

“ Is that how you moan?”

“ What? What if it is? I didn’t comment on yours”

“ Yes you did, you told me it was giving you a boner”

“ Don’t you need to wake up early tomorrow?”

“ Toche. Well goodnight.” I felt her flip over to face the wall. I could smell the vanilla in her hair. Which wasn’t helping with my mini me.

“ Goodnight” i whispered back.

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