Cant catch a break

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Chap 33

Nikks pov

The  7 of us were walking back into the casino soaking wet.  Receiving stares  from everyone.  But it didn’t matter when you were with a  group of your closes friends.

Mike  and this fast thinking  had  pushed me in the  pool so Kellin  couldn’t see that  I had been crying. I had to thank him for that later, Buy him breakfast or something. Kellin didn’t have a clue and I wanted it to stay that way.  For that brief time we all played in the pool I hadn’t thought of Danny at all.  Until now,  I was scared. My stomach was in knots as we  walked through the building trying to collect our other friends. I didn’t want to bump into  Danny. I didn’t want them to talk. I didnt want to see him at all.

“Im  going to go get the rest of the  guys, I think I saw them at the tables” Justin announced.  While the rest of us made out way to the bar that  vic was apparently  sleeping at. 

To our surprise he was  up. Looking a lot better too.

“Feeling better amigo?” Jaime asked.  Vic  knotted as  he sipped on a  glass of water.

“guys I'm so hun.. Why are you soaking wet?”  he was so confused.

We just laughed.

“We decided to go for a little  swim” I told him.  

“Not fair, I could of  used that swim too”  he laughed. 

“Next time, I think we should call it a night though” 

We all  nodded at this. It was  around 430am and im pretty sure we were all really tired.

We headed to the entrance of the  building to  get  into our limo. Justin said we would meet up there with the rest  of the  guys. 

Kellin and I walked ahead.  He was slowly  sobering off and was resiting his  head  on me. 

“You can sleep in the limo, I cant carry you” I laughed as I tired to walk straight and hold up his weight.

“But. Im soo sleepy. I carry you” he wined.

“Yes well im not an elephant like you”  

He  laughed lifting his head to look at me.

“Hey, im not fat” he pouted,   I giggled  and  kissed  his cheek.

Stopping  dead in my tracks my  stomach dropped. My heart stopped and  I  couldn’t  breath.  He was here. Of course  he was here.  My night wasn’t going to  end  happy. My  life could never  hold on to happiness for long.

“Nikki?  Whats wrong?”  Kellin looked at my confused. 

I could  feel my  face  drain of  colour, as Danny  spotted us.  Slowly turning in my  direction from the person he was  talking to.  I felt my world slow down as he  took a step closer and  closer.  That  grin plastered on his face, those mischievous blue eyes. That sexy messy hair.

“Limo's here!”   Mikes  voice  came from beside my ear as  I felt two hands on my back pushing me to walk forward and out the door. Vicky had  a hold of  Vic and  Kellin and was dragging them out.

“We cant  be late guys!” she sang. 

“Wait isn’t that?..”  

“Jaime come on !”

“But I swear  that  was ..”  Jaime stood  in the door way pointing over his shoulder.

“We're  getting food” Mike interrupted again  giving him this face as in to say   shut up.  His mouth  formed an   Ohhh  then he ran over and in the car.

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