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A Lesson never learned

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Chapter 26

Nikki POV

“So I kissed  Vic”  whispering to Vicky so no one in the back could hear.  I knew she was dying to know what happened between us. She  obviously knew something was up.

Her  mouth was  in the shape  of an  O for the longest time.

“Okay your  going to start collecting flies or are you going to stay like that forever and make me feel like a cheater?”

“Bitch hold on! .  Im trying to process that you kissed your best friend  while in a  relationship that  wasn’t even 24  hours  old. You’re a number one slut.”

Sometimes she was too blunt.

“Thanks” I  mumbled. 

“But  honestly  , why ?  Like, okay so  Vic  got hard when  he saw you in that outfit. doesn’t  mean he can fall for you that fast. We all know..”

“No Vicky we've been through this more times then I can count. Either way its done and over with.  I kissed him and we agreed there was nothing there.”

She  huffed and rolled her eyes

“Fine, but  say it was Danny?” 

That  name,  it  killed me inside to heard that name.  Every time  it was as if someone  poke their  finger in a wound and wiggled it around to make it bigger. I would  forever be scarred.  Nothing to fill it.

I sank in my seat. Misary  was slowly creeping on.

“Sorry, I didn’t”

“No its okay, I don’t want to think about it.  I have  Kellin now.  I can honestly say when I kiss him, there  butterflies and sparks”

She  smiled at me,  sympathetically though.  I knew  Vicky felt bad for bringing him  up. But she was  generally happy for me. 

I was  letting  Kellin in. 

“Im glad,  though  can you imagine when you have sex. you’ll be  in  euphoria.” she winked.

“Justin is amazing”  her  cheeks turned a bit  pink making me laugh.

“I cat  tell, you two do it all the time.  Do you even talk?” 

“ We do, we actually have a lot in common. Never had a fight either”  I  knew  who she was referring to when she  mentioned fight.

“How was it last night?” 

“ he still didn’t  look at me, which is good.”

I just smiled and nodded. It wasn’t the place for  us to get on this  topic.

Sipping my coffee I could feel it was having  no effect on me.

“I think Im going to sleep for a  bit”   Vicky nodded. 

“Before you go, when we hit  LA. Do you think  you’ll tell him?”

There was they finger  wiggling in the  wound

I looked at her and  shrugged.

“I have a week to decide”

 I turned and  brought my  cup to the sink and  then headed to the  bunk area.

Taking my  pjs to the bathroom I stripped of my  clothes. Slightly  disgusted that i was the  same cloths from the  previous night  but no one had the energy to change. 

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