Sleeping with Sirens tonight

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Chapter 4

At the the bowling alley, we were on teams. It was Vicky, Justin, and Kellin against myself , Jesse and Gabe.  Obviously me being the nerd that I am, our team was winning. Nerd meaning I tend to go out and play bowling or pool a lot. What can I say when your out on the road with a bunch of guys waiting for a concert to finish the only past time is either to find a pool place or bowling.

“ Whoa look at little Miss boxer go, Vicky why did I pick you to be on my team.” Justin teased both of us, I knew it was more for Vicky. Those two had been flirting since we got on the bus. It was cute.

I grabbed the ball and stuck out my tougne. While Vicky made a dramatic hurt face.

“ Im so hurt by this Justin I don’t think I can talk to you anymore tonight” Everyone just laughed.

“ What are you guys talking about, why do I have either of you on my team?! You both suck” Kellin came back with another tray of drinks.

“ Next game we switch, I don’t want to be on this team”

“ No the teams stay” Gabe said taking a sip of his beer.

“ He's just jealous cause you boys have me on your team. Another strike boys”  I said giving the guys high fives from another strike. My cockness was coming out tonight.

“ Im not jealious, I just think its fair to change it up a bit. Plus having you on their team is not an automatic win.” Kellin starting a play argument with me.

“ Oh yeah? How so? I clearly have the highest score and i'm beating yo ass”

“ First of all, im stuck with love birds and secondly I could easily kick yo ass” Everyone made the “OHH” really loud

“ Hey, we arent love birds” Vicky half yelled, I could tell she was getting pretty tipsy.

“ Really? Id like to see this. Maybe a game of billiards?”  Now standing in front of Kellin with my chest out as if we were in a street fight, it was kind of fun to fool around with him.

“ Good choice my friend, good choice”

We stared each other down for a minute and walked over the far back corner of the venue where there was a side bar and two pool tables. The rest of the gang played another game of bowling and every now and then someone would come to check on us. Kellin and I played about 4 games. Me being victorious. Though I did let him win once just so he could gain some ego back.I was starting to feel the alcholo hit me, plus I had broken the seal in the beginning of the last game of pool. Things were starting to get a bit blurry.

“ Hey you two, are you done showing off so we could head back to the bus?” Jesse came walking up and then continued to walk into the bathroom.

“ Oh my god what time is it?” sudden shock hit me that I had to still work tomorrow and drive to monteral with a bunch of morons.

“ Its about 2am why?

“ Shit , Kellin I have work tomorrow. While you guys get to sleep till your next location I have to pack all of your stuff and sit in a van with a bunch of morons.” my sudden hatred for this contract hit me and all I wanted to do was curl up and die. This of course was the alcoholo talking. But still I was going to die later that day.

“ Its ok , well go back. Ill help you. I mean I don’t think theres much to do.” I just rolled my eyes and walked to were the rest of the gang was, I really didn’t want to exsplain what all I had to do. 

We all waited outside waiting for Jesse. Im pretty sure he was barfing. I never saw a guys drink so much and keep it cool for so long.Vicky and I stood a bit away from the guys having a cig.

“ Do you think they'll let us crash the night?” Vicky whispered to me. I really didn’t even know how to answer her, cause I didn’t even think of it. I mean I packed my bags for tomorrow so I didn’t have to go back to my apartment. But I didn’t think about where we were sleeping tonight. I was thinking of just crashing in her car.

“ I don’t.. I don’t know Vik's I didn’t think of that”  She sighed. Im glad she wasn’t an angry drunk.

“ Well I guess ill just ask”

“ No don’t be so rude.” my whisper not getting a bit louder.

“ Justin! Can I ask you something?” she yelled making me cringe. I don’t know why I felt so embarrassed.

“ Sure think blondie.” he said jogging over with his drunken smile on.

“ listen we didn’t really plan out tonight…”

“ Stop right there, your Sleeping with sirens tonight”  I couldn’t help but let out a snort out a laugh.

“ That was so cheesy Justin, oh my god.”  I was nowhaving a laughing fit . Which caused the rest of them to come over and see what was so funny.Luckly the taxi saved Justin from humiliation.

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