eww cooties!

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Nikki pov

“Mommy will see you soon baby,  I love you”

“Love you too mommy”   it  broke my  heart to hear those words come out of his mouth. I longed to hear them every minute of my life not  just when ever  I got time to call. My baby was growing up and I was missing it, I missed out so much of his life and he still loved me. He still thought of me as his mom even though he was raided by other people. He some how  knew  who I was and  excepted the fact that he had two Mommy's, that I couldn’t be there to take care of him, he somehow knew I was trying.

I hung up the  phone and  let a tear slide down my cheek.

“How is  Trevor?”  Vicky asked as she sat at the  end of the my  bunk by my feet  reading a magazine.

“He's good.”

“How are you planning to tell him about Danny?”

“Not, sure. I have the lunch with him later on. Hopefully we get to L.A before the other buss so I can slip off. Vicky  I'm so nervous. I don’t want to see him.”

She gave me a sympathetic smile. “I know love, But  trust me . You will spend an hour with him and realize  Kellin is the one.”

Kellin, how was I going to tell all of this to kellin. He was going to hate me.

I let out a over dramatic groan and threw my pillow over my head.

“Kill me now!?” 

I heard a laugh coming from outside my bunk. Making me lift up the pillow.

“Ill gladly do it”  Mike  pulled the curtain back and stood there holding a cup of coffee.

“Mike, you’re a dick. She will be fine” Vicky said hitting him lightly on the arm as she slid out. I was really glad the two of them put pass their differences and started talking again. It just made this tour a lot less awkward.

Cas pov

As soon as mike came to the bunk area  I had to leave.  I wasn’t sure why, but I just felt like I had to.  Since  Vegas, since agreeing to put everything aside and be friends, Since he kissed me and  said he loved me (Which I kissed him just so I couldn’t hear those words)  I haven't been the same.  Would I be a bitch if I said I was only this bus just to be close to him, not just for my best friend?

I shouldn’t be thinking like this, I'm with Justin.  It's Justin I want. Justin I fell for, he wouldn’t hurt me. But after learning that mike never did im starting to think  Mike would of never hurt me either.

“Boo” he whispered in my  ear while  wrapping his arms around my waist. I quickly  twisted out of the his grasp and turned to face him.

“What?”  he looked at me with a  confused face.

“No Micheal.  Don’t do that”

“What?  I was only  playing. You were fine to be close to me the other night”

“I was drunk. You know im with Justin.”

He sighed and stepped closer making my body freeze. I could smell the familiar scent of him. He lingered near my face making my heart speed up. I was so trapped in this trance state I half wanted him to close  the small gap between us and kiss me but I also wanted to run. He smirked and  leaned in,  my  breath caught in my throat just as he placed his coffee cup in the sink behind me and straightened up. He was doing this on purpose

“Im sorry, I thought we were best friends. I guess starting at friends it a good way to go”  Now he was trying to make me feel guilty and you know what, it was working.

“Ugh, mike!”  I punched his arm.

“Oow! What was that for?” he flinched back and rubbed his arm looking at me like I was a crazy.  I smiled and  pulled him into a  hug.

“It was my  excuse to do this”  I felt his body tense but then loosen as his arms wrapped around me.  Being short My head resting on his chest where  I could hear his heart beating rapidly.

“Oww la la!  I always  knew a way to a mans  heart is through his stomach but I didn’t think Kitchens were this romantic to bring to two together” Jaime walked in and stopped in this tracks crossing his arms over his chest looking very approving with the scene.

"Shut up Jaime!” Mike said. I looked up at him laughing. Wait was he blushing?

“Never!!!” he screamed   making us  jump a bit but broke into laughter. Jaime always had this weird hyperness at the oddest of times.

“So when did you two decide that the other person no longer contained cooties?”

Mike and I both looked at each other and smiled.

“When she gave me the antidote”

“What?!!” Jaime asked.

“Yeah this stuff was nasty tasting but I found some from this old witch that  lived in my apartment.


“Yeah Jaime, it worked. I mean within seconds I no longer thought she had cooties”

“Wait are you two serious? IS there any more?”  I couldn’t hid my grin, Jaime was so gullible. I knew he was eating this up.

“No sadly there isn’t, but I do remember some of the ingredients”

“You do!! What is it?!” 

“I cant tell you”

“Why not!!” he whined

“Because it’s a secret Jaime, the spell will ware off”

“I promise ill keep it a secret too”

“No im sorry dude, I cant”

“please, oh please oh please!!”  he went down on his knees and started to beg me. Mike was in a  fit of laughter . I was not expecting  him to believe me.

“Jaime get up, ill tell you”


“Its , nacho cheese,  a  tablespoon of pesto, a hair from the other persons head, tooth past, rum, barbecue sauce some salt and pepper and a  bit of water to mix”

Both boys looked at  me in disgust.

“Eww, you two drank that?”

“Sadly  I think I did.” Mike said looking over to me still completely grossed out.

"You  two are gross, don’t  talk to me”  Jaime stuck up his hand as  if to say  , talk to the hand and walked away.

My jaw was open,  I wanted to shake him and tell him it was all a lie. That we didn’t  really drink that mixture.  The sound of mike laughing  broke me out of my thoughts.

“Whats so funny?"

“Your face,  your so upset cause he thinks your gross”

“Your gross  Fuentes”  I said rolling my eyes and turned to walk away. A hand on my wrist stopped me and I turned around.

“Listen, when we get to  L.A wanna do something?”

My  insides screamed at me,  everything was telling me  no, no , don’t do it. But I nodded.

A cute smile  grew on his face.

“Great, awesome”  it  began to get awkward.

“Yeah, Nikki needs a decoy, we can say the three of us went  out”

He  nodded and rubbed the back of his neck

"Yeah, my  plan exactly”  wait his plan? 

"So im going to go shower now”  with that he brushed past me to the bunk area. I listened to the bathroom door close and shut my eyes .

Guh! What are you doing Victoria? Your being stupid.  Justin, you like Justin. Mike is your past, theres a reason why your two arent dating. Right?  But it was all just a misunderstanding?  Crap.

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