Girl problems

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Kellin pov.

I left the PTV bus and  headed over to mine. I knew  right when Vicky barged in that  I shouldn’t be there any longer. I had a feeling earlier that i did something wrong to Nikki.  I knew she lied when she said that  I didn't, that she was just tired. Girls always do that. 

 I don’t understand why she just couldn’t  say it. It hurt to think we couldn’t just fix this. All I wanted was to make her happy.

“Hey bud, how come your back so soon?”  Jesse asked  though his eyes never left the  video game he was playing.

“Girl problems”   I groaned and flopped down on the couch beside him.

“Don’t you just hate that.”  he said jokingly trying to lighten my  mood.

“So what did  you do this time?” he asked when I didn’t respond.

It  took me a few seconds  but  I just let it all out.

“NOTHING, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!  I don’t even know what is going on, I cant remember. I know I wouldn’t do anything, I know for a fact I didn’t make out with anyone. I don’t get it?!, I don’t get girls in general.! This always seems to happen. You think everything is right but then  BAM!  You did something wrong but they wont tell you. Its like this mind game they play on you. Where you only have so many chances to guess what  is bothering them, and its normally the stupidest thing or by the time you do find out their over it  She flipped out,  started crying hysterically and  lied just saying she was tired.  I don’t get it Jesse! I  really don’t get it, and  I hate that I can never make her happy. It kills me inside, I do everything”  

I stopped to take a breath.  Jesse slowly  lowered his controller and stared at me.

“Damn dude. You have some  girl problems, maybe its pms?” 

I looked over at him  scrunching m eye  brows together.  Seriously?

“No, theres defiantly something she keeping from me. Im going to find out.”

Just then Justin walked  out from the back shoving a  sandwich in his mouth, he stopped and looked at both of us.

“What?” he said with his mouth full of food.

I looked over to Jesse who was looking back at me, we both knew  if anyone knew what was happening Justin would.

“ guys? “ he  gulped down the remainder of the food. “ your freaking me out, stop staring  at me”

“What is going on Justin?”

“What?”  he cocked his head to the side.

“what is going on with the girls?”

“Nothing why?”

I let  out a groat and  rubbed my temples.

“Seriously, im too hung over to play games. Tell me what  you know, why is  Nikki mad at  me? Did I do something last night.? Did Vicky say something, anything?”

He looked at me and shook his head. I was really getting annoyed at this point.

“Seriously man,  Vicky said nothing to me about it. She got a txt and said that she was going to  go be with Nikki, that she needed some estrogen. It didn't make sense to me cause  I thought her and Mike didn’t  like each other but I guess they worked past it.”

“Or theres something going on that we don’t know about! I caught  Vic and  Nikki hugging earlier and it looked like it was more then just a hug” 

Jesse  let  out a sigh and  picked up his control to start the game again. 

“Your over reacting now”

“No im serious!"

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