You want some wine with that cheese

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Sorry the title has nothing to do with this chapter. i just think its the funniest saying ever. My mother said it to me this morning and I cant stop laughing :/ ....blame the coffee

I walked to side stage and watched them preform. I honestly felt more nervous after every song they finished. I couldn't even tell you what kellin was singing because I was too focused on what I was going to say. I had to come clean, Justin might even hate me but I couldn't lie to him.

"Vicky?" i felt someones hand on my shoulder. I didnt have to turn around to know it was Mike.

"Im telling him Mike. I have to."

"I know, and Im happy for you both"

"What do you mean?" i turned around.

"I love you, but I know what we had was in the past and you dont have feelings for me anymore. Justin will forgive you. Hes crazy about you. Im sorry I kissed you" Mike stood there waiting for me to respond. I didnt know what to say, I felt bad because I was to blame for this too. I wanted to kiss him, i did love him but he was right it was in the past.

"Mike, I will always love you" i said giving him a hug.

"I love you too."

We let go of each other and Mike wasn't looking at me but rather behind me. I turned to meet the eyes of the man I loved most of all but hoped he still did too.

Justin stood there with his bass  hanging from around his neck and sweat dripping down his face. His eyes held so much emotion it hurt to even look at.

He studied me , shook his head and started to walk away.

The rest of the guys were behind him making hand gestures for me to go after him.

Honestly it was hard to move me feet, but I loved him and I couldn't loose hIm.

"Justin ! Justin please just wait! Stop!"I called jogging down the hall to reach him. When I caught up, I was once again blocked out by a slamming door to the face.

I banged my forehead on it and stayed like that letting out a sigh.

"Justin I'm sorry" trying to project my voice loud enough for him to hear. It was hard since I was crying.

"Justin It's true. I kissed Mike, I kissed him in Vegas but it was an accident."

I stopped cause it just sounded stupid.

"It's funny.  Everything is an accident right? Like how two people lips just randomly bump into each other and it's called an accident. I won't lie to you and tell you it was an accident cause it wasn't. It was a test I guess you could say. I test to see if I still loved him. And you know what? I do."

I stopped to take a deep breath.

"He's a part of my life that I shared with for a very long time, but my love for him is nothing compared for how I feel about you. I never felt this way when I dated him. Mike is like a brother to me now, a bestfriend. When you saw us in the streets we were only there because of Nikki. Justin , I .. I don't want to loose you, I never meant to hurt you either .

You shutting me out and not talking to me. Well, I guess I deserve it. But if you love me too you'll at least let me try to fix this."

I put my hand on the door. Hoping he did hear all of this and would want to fix it.

Every second pass was a bit of my heart crumbling to the ground. No sound came from behind the door. So I decided to stand  up.

I turned to walk, taking a step when  someone's hand grabbing a hold of mine.

He spun me around and pulled my into a hug.

"I love you Victoria . I love you so much."

My body shook as tears ran down my cheeks. Justin forgave me. I had him back.

He pulled my face up to his and pressed his soft lips to mine.

"I love you, Justin I'm so sorry"

"It's okay, I just want this put in the past. I hate fighting with you, it was the hardest thing to do"

I nodded and we began to kiss again only be to interrupted by people clapping.

Looking over we had an audience of Pierce the veil and Sleeping with sirens .

"That, that was so beautiful " Jack pretended to wipe a tear. Then him and Jaime both broke out Iin tears (pretending of course )

"You guys are so lame" I said laughing at them.

"Not as much at . I love you , no I love you more" Jesse mocked our voices. We all laughed cause honestly from the outside it probably sounded like a cheesy love movie.

I looked up at  Justin. He was everything to me, I was so happy he forgave me cause I wouldnt know what to do if he had told me to screw off. It was kind of funny how everything played out, I  mean I only came out to chill with Nikki that one night and  now I think I found the love of my  life. I just hope Nikki and  Kellin dont fall apart.

"Wheres kellin?" Justin spoke from my side, breaking my train of thought about him to our now  missing person. the guys all looking around like they hadn't even noticed he was gone. I smiled.

"Why are you all smiles?" Justin kissed my cheek asking. 

"I know where  he went"

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