Awkward incounter

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Chapter 18

Nikki pov

We  had checked into hotel. I knew it wouldn’t be long till the guys arrived. 

I was  feeling anxious,  partly for waiting the arriveal  of the  SWS guys and also  Justin had a surprise headed this way.  My  best friend was coming to see the show later tonight.  I knew things were going great for the two of them, obviously she was keeping me updated with them.  I was happy.  She needed a  good guy in her life, not  some scum bag that went for her  looks. She may come  off as a flirt and have a  big  personally but  deep down I knew every guy broke her a little bit more.  Unlike me though, she at least tried seeing guys. I just pushed them away.

I was trying not to this time.

“So what do you think their planing?”  I asked  trying to  hide the  shakiness of my voice.

“Not sure,  knowing them something big and then this will be war.”  Mike answered.  As  he put his suit case under the bed then looked up at the two shirts he placed  in front of him.  He stood there shirtless deep in thought.

“The tank one”  I said making his mind up before  his brain exploded. 

He looked up and  smiled  slipping it on.

“Thanks,  but really. don’t worry about it. We got it covered.”

I smiled and  leaned back against the headboard letting out a sigh.  Vic came over and  jumped beside me.

“Whats wrong?you  look nervous”

“im not nervous, whats there to be nervous about?”

He  gave me a look. I couldnt hide anything from him.

“What if they don’t know it was you who kidnapped me?”  

The guys laughed. 

“Then I guess they'll feel like morons when they  do see you with us.”

I still didn’t  laugh.

“Vicky is coming” i blurt out

That shut them up.   They all knew  Vicky, we had all been friends at  one point. still some what are.

There was a fall out, about a year and a half a ago. She was  dating  Mike for a bit, but found him kissing another girl at a club we were at. He was drunk, she was drunk. It was a mess. He never got over her, she did. 

Vic cleared his throat to  break the silence.

“Why is she coming?” his voice was lower then before.

“Justin and  Vicky are close friends, shes coming to see him”  I looked over at mike giving him apologized look. He shrugged it off and walked out  to the back for a smoke.

I had received a txt  from both Kellin and vicky, but I decided to ignore them till I had a coffee. I was so tired from last nights event and wasnt in the mood to engage a  conversation.


Vic, Jaime and I went to go get coffee for the other two. We were standing in line joking around.

“So when do you think everyone will arrive?”  Jaime asked.

“if someone wasn’t  ignoring her phone we'd know”  

Gawd, I hated that vic knew everything.

“ Dude! Honestly  you creep me out sometimes. I didn’t feel like txting. Here”  I  pulled out my phone and looked at the  txt.

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