The Kidnap

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Chapter 16

Nikki pov

I felt like a  pile of shit as I slowly woke up.   I swear there's a  time frame were you can nap before you wake up like  poop.  I don’t even know what woke me. 

I was  in the same spot I fell asleep in,  snuggled up to Kellin. He still help my hand  on his chest.  His heart was calmer then before. He looked so peaceful.

Just then I heard a rustling nose.  I figured it was one of the guys but everything was quiet.  A  bit too quiet.

I held my breath if I could hear it again.  

The rustling noise came again,  I slowly reaches over  Kellin and  pulled the corner of the curtain over.  No one was in their bunks, the tv wasn’t even on.  No one was there. 

I decided to go an investigate.

The bus wasn’t moving either.  I walked to the front  hoping our driver was just getting food from the kitchen. Nothing.  Now I was starting to get freaked out.  


I jumped and froze in place, the sound came  from the back.   I grabbed the first thing I saw  laying on the the  counter and  tip toed towards the  pulled curtain.  It was dark.   I had my phone ready in my hand to call the cops,  my other held a ladle.  So many things popped in my head.  What if the guys where murdered  and I was about to  walk into a blood bath. How did the  robbers  miss kellin and I?

I stopped at the curtain.  Closing my eyes  to calm down my breathing.   I swear I never learned anything from watching horror movies.  I slid my phone into my back pocket so I could  start swinging my weapon. 

On the count of three  1.…2.….

AHHHHHH” I screamed as I pulled the curtain open.

I stood there  wide eyed. No one was here.  I heard Kellin move in the bunk.

I lowered my laydel and  turned to go back.   Wow im loosing it.

GET HER!”  someone yelled. I felt arms wrap around me and everything went  black.

I tried to struggle as I was  being  picked up and  carried somewhere.   

“What the fuck!?”  I heard Kellin yell.

That was the last thing I heard.


“  Shit, I think I really knocked her out”    somebody said.  I was slowly gaining conscious. My head  was pounding.  They must of hit me over the head or something.  I kept my eyes closed. Not ready to face my  kidnappers.

“ Honestly dude! Watch where your going.  You almost hit me in the head with her foot.”  someone else said in an angry tone.   I felt as though I knew the voices but couldn’t put a  face to them.

“  Both of you, give the girl some air. Vic went to go get some ice.”

Vic?  Wow they didn’t.  My eyes  shot open and I sat right up. Making  both Jaime and Mike jump.

“Shes awake!”  mike yelled and hugged me  “ We were worried Jaime hit your head too hard to the wall”

“He did what? Guys what happened?”  I said confused,  squeezing my eyes shut and pinching  the  top of my nose as a sharp pain shot through my skull.

“Well we got you back! It was our turn.” Jaime pouted

 I just looked at Jaime still confused.

“We missed you and they weren’t  giving us back our Nikki, so we had to go to war and steal you.” he continued.

 I couldn’t  hold it back anymore, I burst out laughing.  I really did miss these guys.

“What did you  do to the guys?” 

Just then  Vic came back with an ice pack and handed it to me, he was  dressed in all black. Actually  they all where. In the corner  laid their masks.

“Well,  they don’t exactly know,  we waited till they went go get food. Kellin on the  other hand is  tied up in the chair. Awaiting their arrival.” Vic  explained.

We all burst out laughing,

“you know this is only the beginning?”

 They all nodded at me.

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