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When everything's meant to be broken, I just want you to know who I am

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Chapter 29

Vicky pov

It had  been awhile since Nikki went to get us drinks.  I was getting  bored  standing  there watching  Justin and  kellin  blow all their  money so I decided to venture off to fine my best friend.   I missed  just chilling with her. 

After  checking the bar area and  the girls bathroom I walked into the tables area.  Tony and Jaime were at  a  black jacks table staring hard at the table as  if any  second something was going  to  burst out of the green felt and they would have to fight off the monster.

I giggled to myself at the thought.  Boy was I drunk.

“Excuse me miss, would you care for a cocktail?” a  young attractive waiter  asked holding a tray in front of me with a  few delicious  looking cocktails.

“Don’t mind if I do” I smiled.

“that will be  7 dollars”   I sighed. Everything  tasty had to come with a  price.   

Handing him a 10, he thanked me and walked off.    If  taking him to a broom closet didn’t come with a  price  , id do it… whoa  wait what ?.

Walking  futher I noticed  Vic  by the  bar.

“Hey Fuentes! Hows the  gamble?”

“ Well seeing as though I'm  ordering my … umm.. Shit  I lost count. “

“ I don’t understand why you have such bad luck?”

“That’s  because I have all the good lucky in the family”    mike came out  of no were and patted Vic on the back, who had to hold on to the counter to  keep up. 

I  stood there staring at  Mike . He spoke  to me.  We were actually looking at  each other .  I was  drunk.  He was  hot.  I wanted my brain to shut off. 

“ HA! that’s funny. When did you ever have luck? Both of you two are  unlucky”    

Victoria why are you talking to him?

He laughed 

“Since  I won 500 dollars” 

I broke out in  hysterical laughed. They both looked at me as if I was crazy

“Ohh  Really?  Nikki  won 1000”   

Both of their  eyes widened

“What!  Where is she?  I need my good luck charm!”  Mike  looked around 

“You?  I need more luck then you  dude.” 

“ No Vic you just need to not go to a casino. Stick to your day job”

Mike and I laughed. 

It was so weird  to be joking around with him again. I didn’t  realize how much I missed  it.

"Thign is boys, I don’t even know where she ran off too.  Im kind  of getting worried.”

“Ill help you look for  her”

Both Vic and I looked at Mike with wide eyes.  He looked a bit scared  from the way we just stared at him.

“Or  not?”  he mumbled.

“No  you can join me,”   why was my mouth still going?

“Vic , you coming ?”   quickly saving my ass from being with mike alone.

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