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kellin pov

I ran. After we got off stage I saw Vicky and knew she came to get Justin back. The whole time when I was preforming everything was running through my head. I was somewhere else, nothing made sense. But it hit me, when i saw Vicky in the hall talking to Justin through the door and how much she did love him. It just clicked. I loved Nikki and nothing, no matter what happened in the pass or what that she never told me about Trevor could ever change the way I felt about her.

So I ran. Ran to get the girl I loved back.

I knew where to go, I hopped in the nearest taxi and even tried to bribe him to drive faster. It didnt work. Finally we pulled into the drive way and I practically jumped out of the car , throwing money and thanking the guy as I marched myself up to to the door. Ringing the door bell I could feel my heart in my throat. i didnt have a speech prepared, I had no idea how i was going to start this. Even If i did have the car ride over its not like my mind was fixed on making up some sappy speel on getting her back, I couldnt even think. All i know it that, when she opens that door. I'll know exactly what to say.

"Hello?" A voice came from in front of me. I guess I had zoned out to even realized the door had opened. I looked down and my mind went blank. It sure wasn't who i thought was in front of me.

"Can i help you?" The girl no older then Nikki's age asked. Still i couldn't think of anything, I knew I had to.

I mean this was the house i was at earlier. Where was Nikki and who was this?

the girl looked scared and took a step back ready to close the door. When I heard a child call. Something then snapped in me and i put my hand out to stop her from closing it in my face.

"Nikki, Where is Nikki?" The girl looked panicked but her face started to soften. I guess she realized who i was.

"Kellin? Kellin Quinn?" she asked. I nodded.

"Why didn't you just say that before. Come in, please make yourself at home. She just went out to the store."


"Do you want anything? Please come in. Don't mind the mess, its hard having a toddler around and expect everything to me clean." She ushered me into the living room were Trevor was playing with all his toys. My breath caught in my throat. The only time i had seen him was when he was sound asleep in Nikki's arms. Now here he was, awake and smiling away.

He was adorable, he looked like both of them. I was jealous that Danny and Nikki had made this beautiful little human being together.

"He's a handful" The girl came up from behind me. She held out a glass of water for me. I took it and thanked her.

"He looks just like her"

"He does. "She said looking down. She seemed sad about it but I guess when you have a child you hope that it looks like you even if you love them unconditionally.

"Im Josie." She looked back up and smiled holding out her hand. I smiled and shook it.

"Kellin Quinn. Thank you for letting me in."

"Well i wasnt going to shut you out and make you fix this outside."

"Well you were going to shut it in my face."

"Thats because you stood there like you were on drugs. " We both laughed.

" Thats true. I just.. I thought.."

"Nikki was going to be here?. I know. But she'll be back soon. Want to meet him?"

The question caught me off guard. I mean, I know if she forgave me i'd meet him either way. i was just nervous. I wanted Trevor to like me.

"Trevor" Josie had taken me by the hand and led my over to him. Trevor stopped what he was doing and looked up. His deep blue eyes looked at me, questioning who I was.

"Trevor, I want you to meet Kellin. He's a good friend of Nikki's. He came to play batman with you"

she smiled at Trevor and looked at me, nodding in his direction to go do something. So I got down on the floor crossing my knees.

"Hey Trevor. Im Kellin."

"Hi Kellin" He said in a small voice.

Nikki Pov

"Jesus Christ" I growled as i picked up the last grocery bag and felt the weight of it all. It was a stupid idea to take all of the bags but I honestly hated doing two trips. So one brutal walk to the door was like a quest to Mordor.

Struggling up the front steps I sighed when I reached the top. Here I could lay the bags down, giving my hands a break as I unlocked the door.

It was quiet when I walked in. Really quiet.

"Josie? Trevor?!" I called out. Nothing.

Deciding to make a detour and not go straight to the kitchen to unload these heavy bags I turned into the door way of the living room. Seeing if my baby boy was there playing, too interested in his toys then to answer me back.

Clearly he was too busy. Too busy playing with my so called boyfriend.

My body froze and the bags in my hand seemed to fall to the ground. Letting out a ear piercing crash from a few glass jars.

Both the boys on the floor turned their heads in my direction.

Two pairs of bright eyes pierce through me. My breath caught in my throat, my heart drowns out the noise. This isnt happening, he isnt here.

Just like that reality sets back in.

"Nikki! Your foot is bleeding!" Josie's voice shot through me. I looked down and theres blood spilling on the floor, along with broken glass around me. Shes down on her knees trying to clean up. Im still paralyzed.

Kellin is here. He's in Josie's house, hes with my son. Why? Why is this happening?Why is he chasing after me?

I hate picking  title names lol I honestly dont even know half the time what to say :S

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