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Its vegas time

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Chapter 28

Mike  pov

“Are you guys  ready?” I called  from the  front of the  bus.   After the show everyone had  gone back to their  buses to get ready for tonight.  The guys and I had all rock, paper , scissored  over who got the shower first.  Since we  knew  by the time the last person got in, there was goingo be  no hot water left.  I felt  bad  for Vic.  The poor guy was screaming like a  high pitched girl the entire time he was in there.

I was the first one done.  Tony second, he sat at the table  on his  phone  sipping on a  beer.

“Ready to win some big  ones  bro?” he asked. 

“ sure am amigo”  

A  few minutes later  Jaime and  Vic appeared from the back in their  tux.  Yup we were all  formal tonight.

“AH- HA Lets go!!” jaime screamed

Pulling up to the casino in our  limos .. Yes we went all out tonight. We  got out.  Everyone had shared a  few  bottles of wine on the drive here and we were  ready to  start this party.

I must  say all the guys looked good tonight, we all had  tux's on and our hair  done nicely.  Kellin and  Justin had  the  pretty ladies, who were just stunning tonight.

Nikki had on a short  black dress,  it was a one shoulder piece so  her  bird  tattoos  where showing on her  exposed shoulder.  Her hair was left  long  but was  wavy with smokey eyes  to highlight her  hazel eyes.  She was  stunning tonight, kellin  couldn’t  keep his eyes off her. I found  it  funny when  he would  shoot death stares at  other  guys if they looked at  her. But  Kellin wasn’t the  only one who couldn’t keep  his eyes  off of her.

“hermano, dont let  me  go crazy tonight”  that’s  right  my  older  brother.  I looked down at him and smiled.   Watching his eyes  flicker  over  to the  happy couple.

“What crazy are you talking about?”  I teased.  He  knew  I saw  it.

“Money,  you  know  how  I  love  gambling”

“surrree..  just the money ....righttt”  rolling my eyes. 

 He  punched my shoulder.


“yes im talking about the money! Here, im  taking  200 , keep my wallet  for now”

I laughed.  Knowing  he would loose it in the  first  half hour. This guy had no  luck. The  last time we were  here he went through a thousand with in the first hour .

Nikki and  kellin walked over.

“Finally  taking my advice  eh?”  she  spoke to  Vic.  He  nervously laughed and  rubbed the back of his neck.

“Yeah, I don’t think we need another  episode like last time.  We all laughed.

"Nikki, come on! We need to hit the slots.”  Vicky came running over.

My heart stopped.

Vicky was  in her signature  blue  coloured dress. It was a one  shoulder  like  Nikki's  but low  in the  back.  It  hugged her  body perfectly and her hair was done  up in a  loose  messy  bun. She had  blue  eye shadow on and  soft  pink  lipstick.  She was looking at Nikki so I was able to keep my eyes on her.  I missed her.  Having her  on this tour killed me, as  much as  I couldn’t let  it and I knew I had to get over her, I couldn’t. she was my heart and soul, I regret  what I did everyday of my life.

“Mike , you okay?” Kellin spoke, making me tear my eyes off of the  Vixen that stood in front  of me.

“Yeah,  lets  get this party started!”

Nikki  Pov

“JACKPOT!”  I screamed.  When four  7's  line up on my  machine.  I had just won  1000$  this  night was amazing. I was doing so good.  Kellin and I hugged and pumped up and down as  my machines  light went  off.  Vicky and  Justin were at the machines a  few down from us and came running over.

“ OH MY  GOD! Your sitting with me from now on” Justin  teased. 

“ No! shes my good lucky charm” Kellin  pulled me in close and kissed me. I laughed.

“Guys  im my own  good lucky charm.  But  I'm taking a break, I think im  due for more martinis”

I offered to bring back drinks. Since  I also had to run to the little girls room. 

finishing my  business I noticed Jaime and  Tony at a  black jacks table. It was so cute they were so concentrated. Jaime's  leg  was bouncing 1000 times a minute. He was always so antsy.

 I walked over and  slid  my  arms around them both causing them to  jump a  bit.

“Nikki you scared us.”

“ sorry,  are you winning?”  Tony  just  looked at me.  I broke out in a  laugh.

“ I take that as a no.  need a drink?” 

They  both nodded .

“Hi, could I get  two scotch on the  rocks, and sex on the  beach,  two mojito and a .. actually  make that three mijitos”  I asked the bartender.  He  nodded and got to work. 

I sat there at the bar and looked around.  We  ended up going to  Caesars palace

It was huge and very  pretty. I loved the roman theme. 

I was watching this  guy who was  dressed  in purple  pimp suit with  zebra  prints walking  towards the bar with two big breasted girl in low  cut dresses.  I suddenly felt self conscious.

“Hello there beautiful”  

“Hi”  my  voice was small. I felt very uncomfortable.

“You  look lonely tonight, care to join?”  he cut to the chase, I knew what  he meant and the  girls he was  with  seemed to be very open to the concept of adding  a third.

I gave my  best attempt of a smile

“Its okay,  im actually here with my boy friend and friends”

 He raised his eye brow

“Are you now? Where  is he?  I don’t think a pretty  little thing like yourself  should be kept  unattended. if  you where mine,  id be watching  you like a  hawk.”  he started to come on to me,  slowly brushing his finger  up and  down my arm.

Where were my drinks?.

I gave  a  nervous laugh.

“ oh he just went to the bathroom, he'll be back any minute” I looked  around for any one  of the guys to come and  help.  But of course the one time I needed them no was  to be  found.

“ Are you lying to me kitten?” 

I took a step back , bumping into someone.  Thinking  fast I turned around and  pulled the stranger into a kiss. 

Then turned to face the guy

“Here  he is! See  I told you he'd be back”  

The  pimp  grimaced,  held  out both of his arms for the  girls to come and  walked away in a huff.

Now  time to face the music.

I was still holding on the strangers arm making sure the  guy had left and, taking my  time to look up at him.  

“Your drinks, miss”  

“ thanks,”  quickly I let  go .  Without  looking up I went to grab my  drinks.

“im so sorry I had to use  you as my boyfriend but I..”

The stranger  put  his hand to my outstretched arm.

“Its been time, love”

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